May 24, 2018
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Comments for: Old Town, Orono residents and businesses to receive ‘super-high-speed’ Internet

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  • Anonymous

    I thought Fairpoint was going to do stuff like this?

    • Fairpoint, ConnectMaine and Maine Fiber all recieved a collective $ 3 MILLION DOLLAR GRANT from the Commerce Department to get fibreoptic Internet service installed and running from UM Bangor to Houlton, then run to both St Francis and to Calais then back to Bangor, all for the express purpose of getting high-speed Internet to the local communities and business’s for community and business development. It’s supposed to be up and running by Oct 1 2012. They miss that date and they all have to pony up the whole money BACK TO COMMERCE for failure to meet grant criteria. So far all anyone has seen is the cable trucks sitting by the side of the road collecting road dust. And when Fairpoint is called all they do is shuffle you around to an eventual dialtone. October 1 folk’s ! Tick, tock, tick, tock …………..  

      • Anonymous

        Thanks Mike.

      • Jeff

        Bangor just got 15 outside of downtown Bangor.

      • Anonymous

        We had the trucks installing the new fiber optic cable up here on Route 1 in Danforth, about 55 miles from Calais, about two months ago, but I think they were linked to the U. of Maine, 3 Ring Binder Project, and don’t know if Fair Point has anything to do with it.

        I get 7.1 Mbps in Danforth, through Fair Point, and with my new ROKU Box, get an EXCELLENT Netflix and Pandora connection up here, as that’s about all I use, and do not enjoy commercial satellite television (although I do have an NPR wi fi radio that pulls in 19,000 internet radio stations, and Pandora, from around the world, as if I could listen to all of them…LOL),

        Before my old ROKU wireless wi fi box died, two weeks ago, after 4 years of use, I thought that I wasn’t getting fast enough broadband for my Netflix. The broadband speed tests I was using showed a problem.

        About two months ago, I did call Fair Point, and the operator worked with me for 15 minutes to fix a setting on my computer and the Westell router they had just mailed me, to replace the old Westell router that Verizon gave me about two weeks before they dumped ME, NH and VT on Fair Point, at an inflated price, just before the recession hit.

        The help I got from the Fair Point operator to reset my computer and router fixed the slow broadband speed I was getting. And then when I got my new Roku box in the mail, with the small, 2 gig sd chip that allows for instant playback, I’m amazed at how good my Netflix works with my HD TV (an older model I got at Sam’s, not the most modern version out on the market today). The new Roku box even allows for closed caption on the Netflix movies.

        Before I got all of this straightened out, a few months ago, I talked to a Fair point rep who lives in Portland, and he was only getting 3.1 Mbps, and I met a guy who lived in Houlton, who lived about 4 miles from the Fair Point station, and he could only get 56K. In fact, a few years ago, I met someone out in rural Linneus who could only get 28K. So I guess, in Maine, at least, and perhaps in life, IT IS A MATTER OF LUCK AS TO WHAT KIND OF BROADBAND YOU HAVE ACCESS TO.

      • Mike — Wrong again.  FairPoint and ConnectME have nothing to do with the 3 Ring Binder project.  Maine Fiber received $25 million (not $3 m)  from NTIA and they are more than half done.  A lot has already been lit by private providers. See their website for accurate information,

    • Anonymous

      Gawd, if only I had the opportunity to drop Phailpoint.   The max we can get is 3mb/700k and when people in the area start to download Netflix movies we’re lucky to get a meg if that.  They oversold their network and don’t have the bandwidth in Maine or in their primary backbone pipes  into Boston.   Don’t expect them to meet the deadline and don’t be surprised when they go bankrupt down the road.

      • Jeff

        I have 15 down and 1 up in bangor and normally pull 14.69 down with a 1.00 up

    • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Nice! Now Bangor area residents can fully utilize the internet for it’s sole purpose………..Downloading Adult Content.

    • Anonymous

      Just saw Avenue Q off Broadway. Best song: “The Internet is for Porn”

      • Anonymous

        Nothing like high speed porn…

  • Jeff

    what about Bangor?

  • This article is a mess.  
    Current services top off around 8,000 kilobits, not kilobytes.   1 million kilobytes is a gigabyte, not a gigabit.  

    • The article has been updated since you commented and that has been cleared up, it was a matter of mishearing “bit” vs. “byte” during the press conference. Cleared up the confusion after the early Web version you saw was posted. 

      Nick McCrea

  • Anonymous

    Lucky buggers.  Hopefully Bangor will find a way to tap into this deal

  • and_then

    sigh…50.2k dialup here, better than the 28.8k that we had in 1998.  
    There is the option of Failpoint “Broadband” (DSL), not guaranteed for any speed regardless of what speed you pay for…(and yes, FP calls it “broadband” now because the FCC allows them to even if it fails to reach advertised speed.)

    Can you folks help us out and stretch that there fiberoptic stuff some so it reaches Waldo County?

    • Where in Waldo County? Have you contacted the folks at ConnectME ( )?

  • Anonymous

    We live in a part Belfast that can’t even get DSL. TimeWarner offered to run cable to our home for 10g’s..

  • Narsbars

    TDS Telecom, in my town. No broadband, no cable, the company refuses to say if they will put in anything. The PUC says TDS is protected by law, they don’t have to give you any way to call the corporate offices. TDS still sucks down a guaranteed profit since they are an independent Telco. No matter how badly they run their business the PUC lets them add 10% profit. This is the Republican dream, unregulated utilities bringing you whatever they want at the price they want to charge while not allowing any competition.

  • Anonymous

    What about Greenfield?  Still have dial up there.  You can get a satellite hookup but it costs mega bucks.  Would be nice if someplace as rural as Greenfield could get it but we can’t even get cable there….but would be nice!

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