May 21, 2018
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Comments for: Will sparks fly at Maine GOP’s weekend convention?

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  • EB

    What about the GOP announcing a Romney speaker for the presidential dinner and no indication of a Ron Paul speaker?! Is there going to be one? “We have scheduled a high level surrogate from the Mitt Romney campaign as the Keynote Speaker. ”

    • They sent me an invitation for a Rick Santorum dinner in Ft. Worth, Tx the night before the convention.

      $150 a seat, 2 seat minimum.

      I just wrote another check to the oRn Paul campaign.

    • Ron Paul is supposed to be here. At one time he was going to speak at the convention. I guess the ‘leaders’ decided they didn’t want to have him speak after all.

  • Flip Obamney

    It’s obvious to anyone paying attention, Charlie Fraudster is at it again…

    • Vigilantis

       He is and he will not be allowed to get away with it this time

  • It would be nice if 
    Charlie Webster stepped down.  He has become a liability.  

    • Anonymous

      Let him stay! – Lifelong Democrat

    • Guest

      A liability?  He is a criminal, a liar and a fraud.

  • Yup, sparks will fly again until the GOP learns to play by it’s own rules.  Ron Paul 2012!

    • They only play by the rules when they think they can win.  If they think there’s a chance they could lose, they cheat.

  • Anonymous

    I thought the GOP platform was simply to dismantle government but the party of limited government wants to legislate morality.

    Someone needs to tell them that the sanctity of life continues after birth, and shunning the poor and neglected is an insult to anyone’s god.

    The state should regulate and sanction civil unions only. Let the religious define marriage for themselves and let them puff up and wallow in their smug self righteousness.

    We need to protect and separate the American legal system from all religions…including Islam, Christianity, Judism and Greed.

    • Shunning the poor and neglected? OH… you mean working my butt off so the government can take a huge chunk of my money and give it to people too lazy to work themselves… I think they call it redistribution of wealth, yes? Because there are a small minority of poor and neglected people sucking from the government tit these days. There are only people looking for the government to take care of them from cradle to grave. Personal responsibility is dead in this country, and people who work minimum wage jobs think they are entitled to live like the Kardashians thanks to reality TV. Please. 

      • Anonymous

        You drink cool aid, don’t you?

      • Anonymous

        Ya, bash the poor and then jump up and down and celebrate millionaires like your buddy Mittens RoMONEY hiding his millions in the Caymans, destroying jobs at home, sheltering money in Swiss bank accounts, and using disgusting loopholes to pay half the tax rate you pay yourself.  Keep watching FAKE News and listening to Rush Limpmind, then you too can become entirely brainwashed by the evil right wing bent on destroying this country and selling it off to the highest corporate bidder.  Jesus Christ would be SICKENED by the fascist American right wing.

        • Do you blame the vultures and maggots for killing the elephant (etc) they feed on? Romney is not my candidate and I have plenty of criticisms for him, but as a private individual trading (as we ALL do) in one’s own self-interest, I can’t blame him for the innocent things you seem to hold against him.

          Why should it be a crime to protect one’s income against taxation or theft? Do you volunteer to pay more than the govt asks of you in taxes? Do you forgo deductions to which you are legally entitled? If a few strokes of a pen could save YOU millions in taxes, wouldn’t you do it, and try to do something better with the money than the govt would?

          Why don’t you blame the MIS-managers of the dead/dying assets he found and bought up? Do you believe that no job should EVER be destroyed?  I think if the affected workers’ are productive, their jobs won’t go away. And if they aren’t productive there, then liquidating their job will encourage them to find something more productive to do.Would Jesus Christ vote to have his neighbors do good deeds on His behalf, instead of just going out and doing them on his own? He would be equally sickened by the totalitarian left-wing that thinks it can fund its doing of good deeds with evil like violence and theft and still claim moral superiority. Jesus didn’t make anyone do anything against their will.

      • Anonymous

        Nationally, only about 9 cents of every TAX dollar goes to safety-net programs.  If you’re paying 15% income tax, then only about 1 penny of every TAXABLE dollar you earn goes to welfare.

      • Briney

        The fun has yet to begin.  Wait until you retire after working all those jobs and the government cuts your Medicare, your insurance rates are doubled, you can’t afford surgery and treatments because of exorbitant medical costs.  Meanwhile Mitch McConnell, Ryan and Boehner joyfully announce they have killed Social Security.

        Meanwhile, oil billionaires get richer with subsidies and tax breaks, and speculators push up the price of gas so that you have to drive a horse buggy.  Our biggest welfare frauds include some of the major corporations. 

        Looks like we’ll all be emptying spring water bottles behind the supermarket and trading bottles in for a can of Spam.

    • Conservative Christians give more to charity than anyone else.  Ron Paul did charity medical care for decades, delivering thousands of babies from all walks of life.

      I agree with a lot of what you are saying, actually, but I think that your faith in the State to care for us is misguided.

      • Anonymous

        Bigotry wrapped in prayer is still bigotry.

        •  Thinking all Christians are bigots is also religious bigotry.

          • Anonymous

            Freedom of religion means freedom of ALL religions or no religion, not just freedom for conservative Christians. 

          • You sound like you define freedom as ‘holding political power over others’, at least when talking about your opponent. Of course, if you held such power, you’d be perfectly altruistic, huh? Because that’s what power does. It makes one altruistic.

          • Anonymous

            Maybe your just a conservative Christian and I’m not.

  • StillRelaxin

    The GOP/Tea Party is coming to town.  These guys don’t like anybody and can’t even agree with themselves. If LePage shows up to “inspire” this group as he has for the last year and a half the National Guard will have to be called upon to pull them from each other’s throats! That’s what happens when you put this many people together who live by the code of “I’ve got mine, to hell with everyone else.” Anarchy!

    • Anonymous

      I wonder if I could buy the tv rights?

    •  You have no idea what you’re talking about.

    • Wait a minute, Lepage Says he isin’t a Tea Party Member,


    • Interesting thoughts.

      Also interesting is the fact that the right-conservative protest, the TEA Party, was totally non-violent, civil, and clean.

      The left-progressive protest?  Occupy Wall Street?

    • Briney

      Le Page is in tandem with other tea party –  financed governors.  Their main goals include destroying unions, wiping out Social Security and Medicare and Medicaid.  This is the world according to the Koch brothers – a Plutocracy.  Simply put – a country run by the rich for rich.

  • Guest

    You can have Charlie Webster.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t want to see the Republican Party ride to political victory on the Four Horsemen of Calumny – Fear, Ignorance, Bigotry, and Smear.  – Margaret Chase Smith (Republican Congressman & Senator from Maine)

    • Anonymous

      The Republican Party has been taken over by a parasite party that can’t seem to muster the courage to stand on their own.

      • They have to lie, cheat, murder, and commit fraud to stay in power.  People are seeing thru their scam, now.  It’s gonna get ugly before they’re finally cast out of the GOP.

  • Anonymous

    “Cragin has a reputation for fairness, objectivity and integrity” …………………………. just what Charles Webster “DOES NOT” have!!!

    Maybe Cragin should be Chairman ………………………

    • Did I miss the sarcasm wink? If Webster doesn’t have those qualities, why should his endorsement of those qualities in another carry any weight at all?

  • Anonymous

    Shariah Law? What’s the problem there? Can anyone guess?

    Muslims have the right to follow their religion, just like Christians, Jews, Bhudists, etc. I think that a good many religions call for stoning to death those, usually women, who are deemed sinners. Unfortunately for the practitioners, or fortunately, It is against the laws of this land. If they have a burning desire to live strictly by their religious laws they will have to find a country that will allow this.

    This is an opportunity to bring sanity back to the Republican Party.

    • And even if an enclave of Muslims did form, and tried to oppress local christians with Sharia law, the appeals process would put a check on the situation.

      • So would the Second Amendment.

  • Anonymous

    Okay republicans. Everyone stand in a big circle. Draw your guns and start firing straight ahead. 

    • No problem. They just faced outward.  The liberal yukking it up nearby thought he had all the answers, right until the very end.

      • Funny how liberals are all about banning guns, then have these witty euphamism about Republicans shooting each other…

  • William Lund

    Well the Charlie Webster hand picked chairman will last a minute. If they break robert’s rule of order and shut the convention down. Then the Paul delegates which is about 70 percent will go outside in the parking lot. Create there own set of rules and replace Charlie webster as chairman. They only need 2/3 to change the rules of the party. BYE BYE Charlie you are a goner this weekend. The first rule change I would make is to replace Charlie Webster. Remember all you need is a 2/3 vote.

    • Anonymous

      Agree with the distaste for Mr. Webster. A correction to note however, if I may- Ron Paul supporters/delegates (and others who abide by the rules in place) will not change any rules, they will simply hold the GOP accountable for following them. People need to get it thru their heads that it is OTHER politicians that don’t.always have integrity, Ron Paul represents earning things the honest way.

  • Superuser23

    A good read for anyone that thinks Charlie has nothing to do with fraud…..

  • Anonymous

    In answer to that question, signs point to yes.

  • The gang that couldn’t shoot straight.

  • My calendar has Friday-Sunday as May 4-6, not May 3-5.  Is anyone else’s calendar defective?

  • Charlie, that mirror is lying bro  – you are NOT the fairest one of all…

  • When I watched this guy reporting the caucus results a few months back, his body language told me he was LYING.

  • Carter Jones
  • Scott

    34,385,068 people in Afghanistan ! 4 trillion in Aid . over 2000 American lives !
    Ron Paul or America goes Bust

  • Anonymous

    Sparks will fly? What are they going to enjoy the new Fireworks law there too?

  • Anonymous

    Obama continueing to rise debt, Romney will definately take care of himself and his buddy’s,he makes a living out of putting Americans out of work.Ron Paul is the only option I see worth voting for.

    • Do I have this right? We had a huge budget surplus when W took office, a huge deficit and staggering job losses as he left office.  At what point do you begin to figure out who is doing what and who actually works in your behalf. Are you part of the 1%?

      • WTF? Are you still trying to decide whether or not to vote against Bush? We have a president who had made nothing better and many things worse, just like his predecessor. And the current front-runner to challenge him is little or no different.

        Or are you collectivizing ALL republicans, to include Ron Paul with the likes of Bush and Romney? I thought liberals were against judging people based on such broad classifications?
        The idea that Democrats are good and Republicans are evil is a gross oversimplification used to bolster support for a corrupt duopoly. So is the one about Republicans being fiscally conservative, and also Democrats being anti-war.

      • “Huge budget surplus”?

        Under Clinton?  The guy who “borrowed” from Social Security to “balance” his budget?

        Don’t get me wron, Bush was bad, and his daddy was bad, too.  But Bill was no better, Obama’s worse, and Romeny’s just a younger McCain in a more expensive suit.

        Ron Paul is all you’ve got.

        • Anonymous

          More inconvenient truths.  Nevermind that Saint William cut the military by a third, enjoyed the DotCom bubble and the start of the housing bubble.  He didn’t exactly lay his hands on the economy and balance the budget.

  • Anonymous

    Goofballs on parade this weekend at the Augusta Civic Center.

  • Anonymous

    There won’t be much of a fireworks show, most of them are duds anyway !

  • Anonymous

    Keep Charlie at the helm, no matter what it takes (his working ethic), for he’s the opposition’s best friend.There is no better example of what that party has become in our time: nasty, negative and noxious.
    One might feel some empathy for the decent, rational Republicans remaining in the ranks, but at some point they have to decide whether they can take anymore embarrassment and either toss out the brown shirts or leave.

  • Feeling bad for center Republicans. Maybe they need another party and leave the current one to the wing-nuts and LePage.

  • F

    Republicans better get their act together, underline together.  Reasonable people coming up with reasonable solutions?

    • Guest

      Yes, let’s hold hands with the likes of Webster…and get our watches stolen.

      • Torches and pitchforks would work better.

  • Anonymous

    “Dan Billings, chief counsel to Gov. Paul LePage, concluded that the 2010 party platform contained “nutcase” stuff.”  Ooooohhhh the irony of LePage’s lawyer calling the platform nutcase stuff!  After counseling LePage, he’s an expert on nutcases!

  • Anonymous

    what is wrong with this picture?  The by laws say elected at the convention then that is where it should be done.  This Webster dude is a joke.  Put someone in there that can do the job and do it correctly.  Now is not the time to be floundering.  We need strong leadership in our party to take the fight all the way to Novemeber.

  • Anonymous

    Charlie Webster : The Poster Boy for Progressive politics !

  • Romney did not win the state. It was given to him. They didn’t bother to mention all the towns that voted and had 0 for their final tally or the towns that called in a tally and their town had already been tallied with fake numbers. Hopefully the truth comes out.

    • I think it just did.

      Thank you.

  • Jon Bradley

    People! If they try ANY funny business, tear that place apart!!!!! Riot!! REVOLT!!!!

    • We RP fanatics already have a reputation for that kind of thing, deserved or not.

      We need to follow Robert’s Rules, take control of the convention in an orderly way, and carry on with business.  Period.

  • Jon Bradley

    Only Ron Paul 2012! My choice has been made, there no going back(wards)!

  • Anonymous

    Time to decide if our Party wants to be strident, exclusive, and dogmatic…or relevant.

  • “Cragin has a reputation for fairness, objectivity and integrity” If so, he wouldn’t be a party to breaking the rules by accepting a position to which he was not duly elected.

  • MarxMarvelous

    Watch for this Webster creep to try some shenanigans this weekend. 

  • He stole 13% of your voices, people of Maine, why is he not in Jail? Much less why does he still have a job? Much less why does he still have THIS JOB??? SMH, where is the outrage? 

  • Anonymous

    Two of the biggest jokes in Maine, Charlie Webster and the “Working People Vote Rebublican” slogan.
    Working people who do vote Republican are very confused indeed, something the Repubs excell at.

  • Anonymous

    To answer the headline, it depends on how much tea is served at the convention.

  • Briney

    Chief counsel for Le Page – Billings  –  says the parley contains “nut case stuff.”  Romney must be attending.

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