June 21, 2018
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Monday, April 30, 2012: Bonds, Bangor library and free speech

Bond agreement

I agree totally with Gov. LePage’s stand on bond issues. Some are needed and some are not because of timing. I find that sometimes it’s just another way to spend taxpayers’ money in the future.

Our debt on bond issues is surprisingly high, and when bond issues come before the voters the cost should always include at least an estimate of the total, including interest.

Carl Savage

Eagle Lake

Free speech zone

Barbara McDade and the Library Board of Directors should be congratulated and thanked for assuring that the library and its grounds are free speech zones. Without open and often difficult discourse, societies like ours wither and perish.

Perhaps some city leaders, do not like the politics or message of the Occupy Movement, but as a resident of Bangor it is my hope and expectation that the right to free speech will be defended and that those who support it will not be threatened with fiscal consequences. That just isn’t right.

Robert Q. Dana


Rights of the governed

In reference to “Constitutional Rights” (BDN, April 23), the basic foundation of the U.S. Constitution comes from divine principles, truths and revelations embodied in the Judeo-Christian faith system. Rights of the governed are divine, inalienable ones. Any perceived rights contrary to our moral nature are not true rights. All human rights set in law originated with our creator.

Gay rights are contradictory to our nature. Why? Against the author of life. See Romans 1:18-32. Also, 2 Timothy 3:16-17. Government authority is of God: Romans 13: 1-10. Yes, we are free moral agents, but totally morally responsible to our God. (2 Thessalonians 1:7-9).

So, this unholy, unauthorized, ungodly living arrangement between same gender as husband, wife is certainly to be avoided.

We have our choices to make, but may we do so wisely, because eternity cannot be stopped or avoided if we make the wrong choices.

Elmer Morin


Library shining light

The Bangor Public Library is a shining light in Bangor, providing public access to information through books and computers, not to mention all the programs, children’s activities, art exhibits and community meetings it offers.

I don’t like to see it threatened with loss of city funding because it stood up for free speech last fall. Information and free speech are absolutely essential to democracy — priceless. For that reason, I support the library 100 percent.

Christina Diebold


Concert free speech

The BDN Editorial stating that to protest Ted Nugent’s comments it suffices to not go to the show presumes the false limiting premise that only fans of Styx, REO Speedwagon and Mr. Nugent have just cause and standing to register opposition to Nugent’s statements.

Given Bangor’s close association with the concert series, the larger Bangor community has cause to be concerned and a rightful expectation that their city will not be associated through silence or otherwise with such repugnant statements.

While Nugent’s statements were determined to not cross the criminal line, these same statements necessitated criminal and threat level inquiry. In other words, on their face these statements gave rise to the reasonable inference that violence may have been intended against the President of the United States. That is of course not the only possible inference that Nugent’s statements gave rise to and that may be one of the reasons why the appropriately high criminal standard cannot be met in this case, but he has criminal line chalk on his shoes.

The City Council should promulgate a resolution clearly stating that Bangor is a city where incivility and insinuation of violence is not welcome.

Mr. Nugent is not the only one with freedom of speech; the City Council speaks for the city of Bangor. The council should make clear that the Bangor community is not to be mistaken by association to approve of Nugent’s statements. Styx, REO Speedwagon and Ted Nugent fans would then be left to make their own decisions about whether or not to attend the show.

Patrick Downey


Occupy Bangor

I am troubled by Cary Weston’s opposition to the Bangor Public Library’s tolerance of the Occupy protesters.

It was a free speech issue. Those of us who found nothing of value in the gathering believe those people had the right to peacefully gather.

The library’s respect for that principle likely accounts for its quiet end when the protesters were informed of the library’s liability concerns.

Mary Lingley


Recruiting foreign students

The Bangor Daily News published a front page article on April 6 about a group from a public school going on a recruiting trip to China in hopes of recruiting 20 students to come to Maine. Was this recruiting trip paid for by the public school funds or privately funded?

Was this trip made due to the problems that particular RSU is experiencing? Is this really a good fit for high school-aged students to be housed on a college campus? How does the high school handle the students who come from abroad and wish to play varsity sports? Will the MPA investigate their recruiting practices?

What about the “local” kids who cannot play a varsity sports because a foreign student has taken his or her spot? How will your school handle finger pointing and blame aimed at the students from abroad by the parents of the offended student? Will your neighbors embrace your attitudes toward foreign weekend guests?

If the influx of new students and money can cause better academic offerings and the local students can embrace the idea that they may have to practice harder to excel, this may work to the school’s and the students’ advantage.

Hopefully, everything works out, if not a few private schools that have been successfully building their international programs and educating foreign students, will be left trying to put the pieces back together. Good luck in your endeavor. I sincerely hope the students are the winners in the end.

Len Saba


Wealthy residents?

RSU 13 board puts $250,000 back into budget (BDN, April 25).

Once again, the RSU 13 board is under the illusion (or I should say delusion) that Rockland and the other local communities in RSU 13 are full of wealthy taxpayers such as those who inhabit the affluent communities of Scarsdale, N.Y., Greenwich, Conn., or Wellesley, Mass.

Richard W. Sykes


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