June 20, 2018
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Comments for: Trayvon, and the appalling reaction

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  • poormaniac

    Thank you for the sure to be unpopular atricle. Seems to me that Zimmerman has been tried and found guilty by the media already. The damage may just get in the way of a fair trial. I’ve said this from day one , get all the facts please.  To quickly someone played the ” race ” card , everyone wants to be politically correct but in this case jumped to a conclusion way to early. I still can’t believe that even the president got in on this. I think popular is dumb !

  • Anonymous

    How can there be a “race card” when both people involved were what the goverment refers to as minorities–Zimmerman’s hispanic and Martin is black.

    • Because it is silly that only white people are fear full of other races. 

      • Steve Anderson

        Please tell me that you’re not actually ignorant enough to believe that. 

        Even a cursory glance at race relations in this country shows that every other race fears violence from whites far more than we fear violence from them. Whites get away with assaulting and murdering minorities far too often, but a minority getting away with attacking or killing a white person is almost unimaginable.

  • Anonymous

    What is truly appalling is writers like you who state you do not like the rest of us know what happens exactly but throw out all kinds of things like race. We do know this is a matter for the police to investigate the DA to evaluate and bring charges if so convinced they are appropriate and a jury to decide.

  • Anonymous

    1st zimmerman should have stopped following when told to do so, 9-11 call, 2nd he should not have gotten out of his car if he was in one, and would not have been attacked if attacked by Mr. Martin, zimmerman had hand cuffs on, why he was let go is beyond anyone’s understanding, I think he is safer in jail.  On St. Patrick’s Day in Chicago 49 people were shot 10 killed one was a 6 years old girl, where are her headlines, this should be just as much outrage I think even more then the FL case., but in Chicago there is no race to complain about so no headlines, 17-25 year old boys/men are killed in gang violance almost every day, but again no headlines, there is no race issue here but it is made up by the media and al sharpton and jessie jackson, president obama, it pays well in an election year.  

    I think zimmerman should be in jail, based on the 9-11 call, do not follow him, PERIOD.  

    P.S. 9 month old shot and killed in Detroit, no Headlines again.

    • Harry H Snyder III

      Dispatchers at 911 do not give orders. they give advise.  Failing to follow the directions of a 911 dispatcher might be foolish, but it is not illegal,,,,anywhere.

      • Anonymous

        your right, it’s not illegal. but paranoid armed adults chasing unarmed kids and shooting them probably is.  self-appointed armed individuals or groups patrolling the streets questioning anyone they find suspiscious scares the crap out of me.

  • RoostookGuy

    Thanks, NRA, for pushing hard for the Stand Your Ground laws that encourage freaks like Zimmerman to stalk and murder an unarmed 17 year old !

    It’s just too bad some of the freaks that conceal carry and stalk people don’t shoot each other for a change, instead of unarmed people they suspect of having done something wrong.

    • Harry H Snyder III

      You have something against “standing your ground” in the face of thugs thieves and rapists? 

      The “Stand your ground” law in Florida has NO BEARING on the Martin case,  Stand your ground, only applies when someone approaches you with the threat of deadly force.  It does not apply when you are stalking a person and then that person reacts. It would also not apply if the authorities instructed you to back-off and you chose not to heed their advise.

      Zimmerman’s lawyer would be a fool to invoke “Stand your Ground.”.

    • Anonymous

       And speaking of freaks…

    • Anonymous

       I think your mixing up the NRA and the Constitution of the united states. Your outrage is understandable as a person was shot. I however would point out that there are hundreds of shooting DAILY of innocent folks by CRIMINALS using firearms they have stolen or attained through illegal means. The one guy who has a permit to carry is the one everybody talks about though? Your stance that the NRA has anything to do with this person is flawed. If he is found guilty of a crime then punish him. However as there has been no trial yet he is INNOCENT and the fact remains you, me and everybody else who did not witness it with there own eyes does not truly know what occurred.

  •  First thing is that neighborhood watches are not policemen and most are forbidden to carry weapons.
    “Neighborhood watch groups were designed to be the eyes and ears of
    police — passively observing what they see and reporting back to law
    enforcement — not to enforce the law themselves.”
    Zimmerman, a connected son of a retired judge, wannabe cop, Walter Mitty, type A personality should NEVER have been SELF APPOINTED HEAD of the unorganized neighborhood watch. Why did the……… oh never mind there are more questions then there are answers.  Will there be any justice here, ah no, the crime scene has already been swept clean and the good ole boy network is fully engaged to protect one of their own, right Mr. Wolfinger??

  • Search online for trayvon’s last 3 months on twitter, there are detailed reports.

    I can tell you, at 17 i would never talk like that or even act that way. If the author of this thinks that this is ok for 17 yro “men” to talk like this, we have a problem.

    Also, i am not racist. I am engaged to a black woman. I must point this out, because if you do not go w/ the flow, you are labeled as an insensitive person who possibly may be racist.

    • Anonymous

      ok. the kid had a potty mouth so he deserved to be shot? btw you don’t need to throw out your “i’m engaged to a black woman” creds to prop up your opinion. it sounds like the “i have lots of black friends but…” line people always use. just state your opinion, your not a racist for having it.

      • Anonymous

        “the kid had a potty mouth so he deserved to be shot?”

        No.  It shows that there is likely more to the story.  Like this kid was a punk, a thug, and out looking for trouble.  Show me pictures of him at church or helping an old lady across the street.  Then maybe he will get more sympathy.

        • Anonymous

          How can you conclude that “the kid was a punk, a thug, and out looking for trouble”? Was it the skittles or the iced tea?

  • Here is his twitter feed and you tell me he was only out for skittles and an ice tea. If there is even a slight chance of doubt, would you want to sentence a man to death or hold him for life if there is chance he did not did it.


    • Anonymous

      Certainly not the innocent boy the media are portraying. I was disgusted by the tweets, and could not finish them. Can you imagine someone talkig to your daughter like that? It is hard to respect someone who does not respect themselves.
      I had assumed Zimmerman was in the wrong, but after reading that I have to wonder if Martin didn’t try and “go Gansta” on him.

  • Anonymous

    Unfortunately this sad story has been exploited by Obama and the other leftist racists who want to use this story for their own political gain, even if it results in the type of reaction that the Rodney King story did.  Hopefully the truth will eventually come out and offset the efforts of NBC News, Obama, Jesse Jackson, and the other race-based politicians who choose to exploit this issue.

    • Steve Anderson

      The people calling for justice for Trayvon are by no means whatsoever racist. The only racists here are those who deny that blacks still suffer from racist persecution in our country, and those trying smear the good name of an innocent black teen murdered outside his own home.

      • Anonymous

        Those on the political left have tried to use this incident to stir up racial discontent.  NBC News started it off by altering the 911 recording to make Zimmerman appear to make a racist comment, when in reality he was just answering a question posed by the 911 dispatcher.  From there, Obama decides to give national presidential attention to this issue before the real facts of the case are even known, most likely to deflect the country away from rising energy prices and his unpopular healthcare plan’s pending defeat at the hands of the Supreme Court.  Then Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton get involved, seeing an opportunity to stir up racial animosities that had largely been squelched with the 2008 election of Obama.  The bottom line is that all of these leftist groups or individuals are looking at this issue as a means to motivate their political base prior to the 2012 elections. If this country ends up experiencing racial violence like it did after the Rodney King incident, it doesn’t matter to the Left, as that would be a small price to pay to keep them in power for 4 more years.

      • Anonymous

        People are reporting what this kid wrote on HIS OWN twitter page. In his own words. If Zimmerman had posted on his twitter page the EXACT same words I bet the outrage would be astronomical.

        That all said again you call the kid innocent. You me and the rest of the world who was not there to SEE what happened with our eyes do not know what occurred. I also wish people woudl remember that people are INNOCENT until PROVEN guilty in a court of law. This is still America..

        Racist in degrees is always going to be there. Humans take note of differences on others. I am a Jew and have been treated to this personally many times. Talking to me everything is fine but as soon as they hear my name they change not everybody though as most people do not care.

  • Anonymous

    Are you sure Zimmerman isnt Amish??????? Zimmerman is an Amish name…LOL…..

  • tag

    It sure is a good thing Obama had to interject himself into this situation, once again showing his lack of intelligence by jumping to conclusions before the facts are known. This is a common problem for Obama and it demonstrates a major lack of competence. Now we find out that Obama does not have even a basic grasp on the history of the US Supreme Court or the contents of the US Constitution. Yet women and minorities still support him. These are scary times.

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