June 23, 2018
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Monday, March 26, 2012: Same-sex marriage, loon population and birth control

We are Americans

Messrs. Heath and Madore have announced their No Special Rights PAC. Mr. Madore, in his gentle Christian way, will “take off the gloves.”

“It’s going to be a fight,” he said (BDN, March 21).

Aside from their crusading PAC, they both could do well to study both the citizens’ initiative language and also the U.S. Constitution.

First, marriage is a legal, civil contract entered into between two consenting adults that meets the statutory requirements of the state in which they reside. The contract’s foundation is the lifelong commitment of two people for each other. Attendant to this contract are approximately 1,300 protections and responsibilities at the federal and state level.

Banning same-sex marriage is discriminatory to about 10 percent of the U.S. population. The U.S. was founded on the ideals of equality for all citizens. This right is explicitly stated in the 14th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

This legal contract of marriage is administered by the state in which a couple resides. It is completely separate from any religious affiliation, the same as our federal and state separation of church and state.

The 2012 citizens’ initiative, in which 105,000 registered Maine voters signed in support, is simply asking Mainers to allow same gender couples to establish a family, protect themselves through the same laws and statutes as other couples and share in life’s responsibilities, love, happiness, disappointments and challenges — all that we call life.

We want to live and love just like the other 90 percent. We are Americans.

Chris Dorion


Trees are gold mine

Has Rep. John Martin been in politics too long? Trees, of which Maine has a bundle, are a valuable and natural resource. Paper is only one of many useful and marketable products derived from trees. Maine businesses should put available trees to work creating needed and marketable products. Trees are renewable over and over again, a natural resource “gold mine.”

Richard Mackin Jr.


Loony story

The March 16 BDN article, “Mercury causes ‘foggy headed’ loons to fail as parents,” is beyond belief. The amount of supposition, guesswork, scare tactics and pure “green garbage” science boggles the mind of this reader.

For example, the writer states: “nobody is really sure how many loons there are in Maine, because the annual bird counts don’t include lakes and ponds in the northern half of the state” and “unscientific data Mainers do have show puzzling oscillations.” The writer also asserts, “uncertainty surrounding loons, and data used to analyze their health as a species” and “loon count could be heading for a cliff.” Enough already?

And this one: “If loons are not able to at least replace themselves in the population, they’re going to drop off,” Fecteau said. “It’s simple math.” Yes, if a frog had wings, it wouldn’t bump its bottom when it jumped.

Others have some difficulty with the article: “The reason Mower is conflicted is that, despite that reasoning, the loon population in Maine seems to have grown significantly over the past several decades.”

But the drumbeat goes on: “The population of Maine loons is just a tower of cards; big, but fragile, and in danger of collapse,” and “Maybe they’re not successful because they’re high in mercury,” “Maybe they’re not successful because they don’t have room.” Maybe the total loon count has never been taken.

I don’t see a loon in my backyard, maybe they’re extinct.

Jim Miller


The root of violence

In the recent BDN article, “Waldo County women living in Kenya …,” we were told of the burning of a man’s house and tribal unrest as seen by two Belfast women in Kenya. The article says that Stone, a 62-year-old Brooks woman running a nonprofit in Kenya wants to get the word out about the violent problems happening in that region. The women have been gathering information about the ongoing killings, looting, burning and other troubles they say are politically motivated.

What they aren’t saying is that the practices such as “early forced marriage, female genital mutilation and girls being taken from school at a young age” are all tenets of Islam. Women are treated this way throughout the 1,400-year history of the religion. Women are treated as property and every woman must have an owner.

No doubt these two Belfast women feel sorry about the injustice and people being murdered and homes being burned. But there is an explanation. If America would just listen to people who are trying to educate us on the subject rather than being swayed by the multicultural, politically correct narrative then their efforts might not be in vain.

Brigitte Gabrielle of ACT for America is one such a source. I read her two books “Because the Hate” and “They Must be Stopped” and had my eyes opened.

Beverly Cowan


Taxes and life

I have questions about the right to life, “thou shalt not kill” proponents’ confused and misguided outrage at the federal government ordering people to pay for something that violates their conscience — birth control, in this case.

For me, that violation of conscience by my government demands that I pay exorbitantly for another kind of killing that even staunch “right-to-lifers” patriotically and abstractly refer to as war.

I have long wondered why the outrage over killing of the unborn is not also extended to the killing of the already born, those respectfully and reverently referred to as soldiers by both sides; and worse, the innocent civilians regarded as “collateral damage.”

Where is the outrage by the “righteous right” that 59 percent of our tax dollars are spent on past, present and future wars?

In the church I grew up in, the commandment “Thou shalt not kill” was never qualified by, “except if they have different skin color, speak a different language, practice a different religion or live in a different country than you do.” Not even, “unless they threaten to kill you first.” It was always clearly and simply, “Thou shalt not kill.”

And why is it the same people who are adamant about women not having access to birth control, and birthing every baby they conceive, also are adamant about minimizing government-funded social services for those same existing and yet-to-be-born under-supported dependents? If you don’t believe in birth control or family planning, don’t use it; but don’t infringe upon somebody else’s access to it.

Kathy VanGorder

West Tremont

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