June 19, 2018
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Thursday, March 22, 2012: Abortion, ‘Newspeak’ and road studies

Abortion and Republicans

Abortion was approved on Jan. 22, 1973, by Republicans. Richard Nixon was president, Congress was controlled by Republicans and a majority on the Supreme Court had been appointed by Republican presidents.

How did this mess get blamed on independents and Democrats? I guess if you are a conservative you can say anything and it becomes truth.

Our churches don’t approve of abortion but they vote for those who gave it to us, the ones who haven’t done anything to correct it. President Ford followed Nixon and did nothing about abortion. President Reagan did nothing to end abortion, nor did President George H.W. Bush and President George W. Bush. Over almost 30 years of Republican control and nothing was done, yet our churches continue to support them.

Are these churches going to vote for a Mormon?

We have a lot of people in our churches who would be on the street if it it wasn’t for poor people willing to help them. Those who claim to be Christian should do as Christ said, “Be merciful and do charitable deeds of kindness.” We have too many takers and not enough givers. I believe we need to show more kindness and true love to the less fortunate.

Go to the polls, think right and then vote. God bless America.

Rev. Jesse F. Merchant


New, ‘New Speak’

“Language Lesson,” a letter to the editor from Carole Whelan (BDN, March 13), reminds me of a book I read about 60 years ago. In the novel “1984” by George Orwell, the personnel of the political establishment employed a method of communication that Orwell referred to as “Newspeak.” The terms used in Newspeak referred to other than their literal meaning. Carole’s letter struck a note in me. I remember when the word conservative meant “conservation.”

John Langerak


God-sent doctor

I felt sad to see that Dr. Klasson of Newport passed away Feb. 29, at 46 years of age. He was a very loving, caring doctor.

My mom, Edith Parsons, was in Eastern Maine Medical Center many times before she died there. Dr. Klasson was her doctor two different times. He showed great compassion, concern and love to her.

As mom was dying, Dr. Klasson was on his knees beside her bed. Taking her hand in his he whispered, “Edith, I love you and your precious spirit. I’m going to use your contentment as an example to help other patients. I’ll never forget you.”

Mom’s family praised God; He sent such a loving doctor to care for her those final days.

Janet Cronkite


Study existing road

I have been a lifelong resident of Lambert Lake, six miles from Vanceboro in Washington County. Every year I watch as Route 6 (the only road through our area) deteriorates, with the sides breaking off and the formation of many potholes, probably due to heavy wood transport to local mills.

The economy of our region depends upon this road for general commerce, transportation of students to school, delivery of goods, export of raw materials and access to medical facilities.

How can we impress public officials to appreciate the importance of road conditions to our survival as a community? In the present economic climate of no bonding, reduced transportation budget and reduced General Fund budget, our roads are deteriorating faster than they are being maintained. Will we have to wait until we lose our paved roads to get the needed attention?

Why not do a feasibility study on the route between Fredericton and Bangor to upgrade Route 6 so that we can encourage tourism and commerce in this region? I am sure that $300,000 of public funds would be adequate for the study and the results would be useful to all of us, in contrast to the feasibility study for an east-west highway that would only benefit private interests.

My frustration is particularly high when I read about the possibility of public funds going for another study of the already studied-to-death east-west highway when our community so badly needs the economic development that would come from repairing Route 6. Our residents deserve this attention.

Otis Dyer

Lambert Lake

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