June 19, 2018
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Easy recipe makes perfect farmer’s breakfast

Sandy Oliver | BDN
Sandy Oliver | BDN
Farmer’'s breakfast not just for the morning, depending on how you vary the recipe.
By Sandy Oliver

Farmers and other folks will like this dish for breakfast or brunch or, come to think of it, even supper if you add salad or vegetables alongside. I met up with it at a diner eons ago, and whenever I cook potatoes, I make sure I cook extra so that I can have already cooked ones for home fries which are the basis for this recipe.

This recipe is super-flexible, more a good idea with variations than a set of instructions with specific amounts. Start with sausage, either links that you cut into small pieces or bulk sausage crumbled up, and cook those. You will probably want to drain some of the fat off before you add cold, cooked potatoes cut as for home fries. Make sure you put in chopped onions. When the potatoes are golden brown and onions are soft, you glue it all together with beaten eggs, then toss grated cheese on top. Bang, that’s it.

If you like mushrooms, a few of those chopped up are wonderful. So are chopped green or red peppers. If you like capsicum heat, use hot peppers, chilies or jalapeno. Substitute leeks for the onions. Add scallions, garlic. Fiddle around with the cheese selection, use Swiss, cheddar or smoked cheese. Instead of sausage, consider ham, bacon or even shredded salami. Use sweet or hot Italian sausage. Leave out the meat. You get the picture.

I usually calculate amounts by imagining each of the ingredients as a single serving. I cut up, say, half a large potato per person, calculate on a couple ounces of sausage for each, or one or two links, one egg per person, and so on. (That is actually my method for other dishes, like potato salad or chowder or shepherd’s pie. One can make a meal for fifty using that principle.)

Farmer’s Breakfast

Your choice of breakfast meat: sausage, link or bulk; ham, bacon

Cooked potatoes



Cheese, grated

Optional add-ins: peppers, garlic, mushrooms

Salt and pepper to taste

Cook the breakfast meat on a shallow frying pan. Drain off excess fat, and add the potatoes, onions, optional add-ins, and cook until the potatoes are browned and onions are softened. Beat the eggs in a separate bowl and pour over the ingredients on the fry pan. Add salt and pepper. Allow the eggs to cook and thicken, turn once, and when they are firm, top with the grated cheese. Run under a broiler briefly if you wish.

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