March 21, 2018
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Comments for: Monsanto wins dismissal of Maine organic growers’ gene-patent suit

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  • Anonymous

     Monsanto is fiddling with Pandoras Box.

  • Anonymous

    Monsanto is evil.  They sue farmers for patent infringement because their crops are cross pollinated with pollen from a nearby farm using Monsanto seeds.  If you don’t buy seeds from Monsanto you risk getting sued for infringing on their intellectual property.

    • kcjonez

      Agreed.  Generally, if you buy seeds or flats from big box stores there is a high probability that you are getting Monsanto seeds.  Buy local, buy organic.  It is not easy to eliminate the evil Monsanto empire from your life.  Here is a brief primer–

      Here is a starter list of seed varieties to avoid–

      • Anonymous

        Save your receipts then sue Monsanto if their frankencrops rape yours. 

        Extreme, sure,  but someone has go inside and sit down at that lunch counter, sooner or later. 

        • Anonymous

          The first vegetable to be licensed was the hemp license, it was discussed in “Hemp For Victory”, a dept of Agriculture film from 1942.  This was the beginning of the legal downfall of the vegetable kingdom. Monsanto took advantage of this precedent and we are now paying it.  The drug war is a total fraud, can you see it? 

    • Anonymous

      hence the immorality of intellectual property rights

  • Sidney Bob

    Justice – bought and sold by corporations. Welcome to our “democracy”.

    • Anonymous

      been this way ever since the 14th amendment…nothing new here

      • Anonymous

        Stop commenting until you come back to planet earth.

        • Anonymous

          I’m sure the world would be a much better place if we let you run it.

    • Anonymous

      not at all
      the judge said that there was no case or controversy… a judge cannot simply take a hypothetical situation and make a ruling that if the situation were ever to occur, that HERE is how the case must come down.

      ya wanna go get an injunction against Bigfoot from ever destroying your house?  Go try… the court will dismiss the case.

      • Anonymous

        Not exactly.. while this may apply to the concept that farmers require pre-emptive relief from future Monsanto actions it may not apply to the theory that the original patent was injurious and therefore should not have been granted.  This is a point of fact that the plaintiffs should be given the opportunity to present.  Is injury required in order to bring an action to invalidate a patent on the grounds the government made a mistake by originally granting it?  Maybe these folks need to sue the patent office and not Monsanto?

    • Anonymous

      The corporate person now rules. 

      Personally, I’m not buying into the idea of corporations being “persons” until the State of Texas executes one.

  • poormaniac

    Another shining example of how lawyers for huge businesses can always beat down the little guy ! 

    • Anonymous

      we let them…what do you expect?

  • Guest

    27 to 30 million acres, an increase of 10 million acres.   If the government will not step in directly to combat this monopoly, then we will have to refuse to purchase any corn and soy products and by-products as a nation., unless we can identify their exact source, and know whether Monsanto seed, (by any name), was used.   This, or course, necessitates labeling.

    I had comforted myself somewhat with the mistaken belief that the seed saving bank in Russia was a good sign.  Now, I see that that, too, has ties to Monsanto via, at minimum the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, if one can believe anything that one reads on the internet, and in this case, I do.

    Thinking within the confines of this medium about having good food not ruled by any monopoly is somewhat helpful, but what needs to be done is to take direct action by contacting legislators, refusing to buy many things that are well-liked and easy, and taking a tough stand against what surely appears to me to be, at the least, unfair business and trade practices.

    Then, there is the ubiquitous use of sugar beets in human foods, and people foods. I’ve known about it, but the dog’s food has it. It took many trials before finding a food that didn’t make her ill. But I was confounded/lazy? desperate, and even though I knew the history, bought the food anyway. Then, as wearisome as it is, news of this Monsanto business does work as a bit of a head-slap, and, of course, the internet will provide.. as in

    Tell me that Monsanto’s hold on sugar beet seeds is within the law.

    And, it’s not just a matter of the Monsanto’s — we are given prescription and over-the-counter drugs the full ingredients or which may well be completely contraindicated. Even Red 40 dye, and the like, can have very bad effects. People can argue that objecting to this is hypersensitive, but here is the bottom line: so many of the ingredients used, the pesticides used, etc., are not needed. The only reason to include them is, what?

  • Anonymous

    …Monsanto is a bunch of sick greedy bullies attempting to hijack the whole food growing system of the world…they have the money to afford an army of lawyers to intimidate and push farmers around…another example of run-amuck corporate sleaze…

  • Anonymous

    Definitely don’t think that DNA should be given patent rights.

    • Anonymous

      DNA itself is not patentable.
      not DNA that is found in nature.
      the method of purifying it CAN be patented… sorry to burst your bubble.

      do some real research before going on about all this… I hope you do not think that Ron Paul is a racist too, just because someone said he was?

  • THERE is your 1% at work…….

  • Nothing Monsanto does should be allowed in any country. They should never be allowed to get patents for any animal, nor should they be allowed to put hormones in our food, milk, or be allowed to sue over any plants or crops being found in any field that Monsanto claims a patent  for.

  • Anonymous

    Monsanto bought Blackwater aka Xe which is the mercenary force used in Iraq and Afghanistan, private contractors.  Watch out!

  • Monsanto thinks they are the Wal Mart of garden vegetables and anything organic, which they will turn into intellectual property for their own profit. Please find another company to buy seeds from. They will soon become a real threat to democracy in this country.

  • Anonymous

    I believe this is just a nuisance lawsuit brought on by organic farming interests.  They aren’t worried about being sued by Monsanto for the incidental growing of Monsanto seed on their properties.  They are worried that their properties will become contaminated by Monsanto seed.  Perhaps a legitimate concern, perhaps not. So I suspect the long term strategy of this lawsuit was to “encourage” Monsanto to not plant near organic fields.

  • Anonymous

    See the video documentary: “The World According To Monsanto”

    Do these multinational corporations make you feel like we live in a HEALTHY “republic”?

  • April Rainfrette

    Thankfully Monsanto has a cheerleader as head of the USDA, courtesy of Barack Obama.

  • Anonymous

    Sensible ruling.

  • Anonymous

    Im glade that this article was out in the BDL, you should put more articles like this in the paper. This is important stuff and it doesn’t get talked about enough!! Thank you..

  • Anonymous

    Praise the lord, and pass the GSO.  Thats Genetically Superior Organisims.  GMOs  are better and more productive in every way.  Gerritson and his band of luddites can march back to their own farms and wring their hands and pull out their own hair and leave the rest of us alone.  Your attitudes of whats mine is mine, and whats yours is mine, doesnt play anymore.  The early adopters of technology in this country are the ones who put our economy out front and provide the world with the most robust ag economy ever seen.  If you want to grow vegetables and grains and sell them out of your pickup truck at the local farmers market I think thats a worthy exercise and worth your time.  But dont tell me on my farm what to do, we have 6 families that live and work here and depend on new technology to make it happen every day.

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