March 24, 2018
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Monday, Feb. 27, 2012: Contraception, Green Independent Party and home invasions

Whose choice?

In response to Kathy Walker’s letter to the editor regarding choice (“Women and choice,” Feb. 21), I would point out two things.

First, I believe we still live in a society where freedom of religion is valued. When the Catholic Church resists Obama’s mandate to provide insurance covering contraception it is making a choice to follow the tenets of its faith. Or is it only women who deserve choice?

Secondly, if a woman feels this is unacceptable, she can choose to purchase contraception or work somewhere else.

Peggy Soneson


The Green alternative

In response to the Feb. 21 editorial, “What’s more important — presidential or party preference?” I would like to point out that there are more than two political parties in the state. There are three, including the Green Independent Party, and there is also a fourth now with Americans Elect — a party in Maine only due to ballot access.

As chairman of the Green Independent Party, I can tell you the caucus requirement can be a good organizational tool if there are a good amount of Greens in a particular municipality. However, in rural areas where we have not been very active, it can be challenging. Those who are registered Green, show yourself and get active. This is a good year for our party — we have a number of people running for state representative who can help our state get back to serving its people.

We also have candidates for president and you can help choose the nominee if you hold a caucus or go to one. Roseanne Barr is running for the president, along with Jill Stein and Kent Mesplay. You can also register Green Independent at any caucus just by showing up and being involved.

To attend or host a caucus, go to and click “Caucus 2012.” If you are interested in finding out more about the Green Independent Party, visit our website or find us on Facebook as the Maine Green Independent Party. Contact me if you have any questions at

Nathan Shea


Take back control

Every week another report comes out on how the super rich rig the system against the rest of us and jeopardize America’s future.

There are plenty of solutions to our monumental problems, but they cannot be explored, debated, funded and implemented because of the undue influence of a powerful few. We need to wrestle back power from Wall Street, big banks, big oil, big pharmaceuticals, the military-industrial complex, the super rich and their puppets in government. They work every day to undermine solutions for our economy, environment, education, food safety, infrastructure, jobs, health care, manufacturing, research and development, tax system, national defense, world standing and ultimately democracy itself — all for the sake of obscene profits.

Washington will remain tone-deaf to growing movements to get the big, secret money out of politics, unless we all demand it. Congress would rather protect the status quo and big contributors who bleed this country dry. Politicians perpetuate a smokescreen charade of bickering over inappropriate, divisive issues, pretending to serve us while letting crucial problems go unsolved and our republic slip away.

America is not broken, just our politics. We have everything we need to solve our problems, except a level playing field and a collective will. We can fix everything if we get the money out of politics and keep it out. The Internet’s ability to root out and immediately expose corruption now enables us to do it.

Let’s stand together and take back control of our own destiny.

David Estey


Jail’s revolving door

What is wrong with this picture? A man gets shot during a home invasion, gets released on a token amount of bail, gets arrested again for burglary and then is released on bail again. Maybe the system is waiting for him to commit a major crime so bail can then be refused.

It is no wonder that we have so much crime. If the courts can’t hold a dangerous person then maybe we should all get concealed weapons permits so that we can all protect ourselves.

John L. Clark


Vive la difference

It was distressing to read the letter to the editor “Christmas Is Over” in the BDN on Feb. 21. I felt sorry for the writer in that she has not learned the most valuable of lessons that differences are different not right or wrong. She may not keep her decorations up into February but that doesn’t mean everyone else should take theirs down.

I once went to a Valentine’s party where the activity was undercoating the Christmas tree. That may not be the way I would do it but that didn’t mean it was wrong for that individual. Isn’t this where many problems begin, when my way is the right and only way? Please be generous and allow individual differences.

Elizabeth M. Fauver


Your balance is my bias

I wish to thank state Sen. Roger Katz for writing and the BDN for publishing the op-ed article “Is Sussman a media threat?” Thank you for the best laugh I’ve had in quite awhile.

Sen. Katz is worried about the possible influence of Mr. Sussman at three Maine papers? The senator commends the reporters at those papers for being “fair, objective and unbiased” but worries about the future.

The senator obviously doesn’t worry about the present and Keith Rupert Murdock and his News Corporation. News Corp. is listed as a media conglomerate that owns 800 companies worldwide, including the Wall St. Journal, the Sunday Times, too many other papers to list here, and Fox News, which has been shown over and over to be anything but “fair, objective and unbiased.”

Thank you senator for your article and for showing me, once again, that it’s only OK if a Republican does it.

Russell Mullins

Fort Kent

Paint the town

Feeling a bit melancholy with no sweetheart on St. Valentine’s Day, I was “heartened” to read about Bangor’s mysterious Valentine’s visitor.

I took a walk downtown Tuesday evening to take in the array of hearts firsthand. Every heart had been hand painted!

A rosy glow settled inside me. Thank you, Bandit. I love Bangor, too!

Kate Tuck


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