March 24, 2018
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Comments for: Transportation Committee passes bill for east-west highway study

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  • Anonymous

    Finally something intelligent coming out of Augusta.

    • Anonymous

      There’s a parallel privately-owned and privately-funded railroad already existing.  Why not use this and capitalize on this?  East-West Highway is the highway to hell.

      • Anonymous

        There is always two sides to every story. Pro and con always have legitimate arguments. It goes way to deep to get into technical issues here. Basically in a nutshell Maine sits up in the North East corner of the country. Is the only state that touches one other in these Continental United States. So basically nobody really cares about Maine. So if Maine is to get help then she needs to help herself. Maine’s disadvantage can be turned into her advantage. Maine’s position makes it ideal for a shortcut between Canada’s Maritime Provinces in her Western Provinces for service. Now Maine can sit on her hands and do nothing become more stagnant and continue with her economic decline. Or she can choose to move ahead with broad far-reaching in brave economic goals for her young. Or she can continue to be a growing welfare state. I would personally even advocate bringing `back Dickey-Lincoln. However I was a visionary and believed in economic progress and that’s why I was able to retire at 55. Now live comfortably out of state. So if Mainers want to become and stay a retirement community, a Park, a dump for the rest of the Northeast , that is up to her. However this thinking does not leave much opportunity for her young.

        •  HA HA….Maine’s “problem” isn’t geographic…’s the poor attitude concerning “outsiders”. Why is anyone going to help a State that scorns Americans because they are not from Maine ? It’s the most anti-American state in the union….and everyone knows it. Just wish I did before I moved here. Big mistake.

  • Anonymous

    We can’t seem to have money to FIX roads, yet “we” can come up with $300,000.00 for a pipe dream we still can’t afford!

    • Anonymous

      It’s ok we spend Hundreds of Millions of dollars supporting the bums who collect Welfare.  But we can’t upgrade our infrastructure to create jobs in the 2nd District.  Maine and Liberals have a backwards mentality and priorities.  This will move the process along that finally we might get to see in our lifetime this road being built.  That will help Maine connect to Quebec, Canada (Sherbrooke area), and New Brunswick, Canada with possibly New Hamsphire as well.  That it will be a highway that will cut travel time, save large amount of fuel, easier to ship goods here in Maine.  That if this highway is built it will get even more large trucks off these rural roads which will help them from being torn up even more.

      • Anonymous

        Weird definition of liberals and conservatives. Liberals don’t want to spend money and conserves do? Liberals are backward? Ever read definitions in the dictionary? By the way, there was not one mention of welfare bums in the preceding comment and then you and your obsession brought it up (bet you’re getting some kind of government break, we all are!). It is so tiring to hear you wing nuts complain and complain about liberals taking away rights when many of you are the same people who would invade people’s bedrooms, have the government remove a woman’s right to choose (even birth control these days), OK government spying on US citizens as long as their religion is different from your own, and have a governor be a dictator through bullying.  By the way, I think the East-West study is a good idea (as is pprivate funding), AND I AM A LIBERAL. Quit false categorizing for once.

      • Anonymous

         So every that collect welfare a bum ?

      • darkcat33 1 day ago in reply to oleyane Your going to see alot more of me on here.  I changed my work schedule work the same amount of hours but less days total.   To you Liberals that is going to be a bad thing.   

        Get a Job!

        • Anonymous

          Excuse me I think your the one who should be getting a job.  Your the one who complains that working folks we are not paying enough taxes to keep these folks on Welfare.  How about you getting a job and those including you who love the Welfare State so much write a check to Maine Revenue Service.  Because the majority of us and those on the news have had enough of the Democrat Party.  The local tv news media and talk radio are giving it to the Democrats for their arrogant attitude last night.  They deserve everything they get after the farce they pulled last night vetoing the farce of a compromise.  You and the rest of the Libs Want your Welfare.  Well they you folks can pay for it.

      • Anonymous

        I love that people are against this, if they only knew how many dollars are spent to create green energy with windmills.  Then they complain about $300,000 that will reduce fuel emissions by half.  I just can’t begin to wrap my head around liberals, I just don’t understand.  

        •  I dunno but I consider myself leaning more to the liberal side and I’m all for it !!! I’ve been waiting 10 yrs for this. Once it gets passed this State will write me a check for 500,000 for 20 acres of land that is crucial to it’s construction ! LOL !!! Then all I have to do is find a “forward moving” state to spend it in !! So please….sign away !

          • Anonymous

            ROTFLMAO….500K for 20 acres?

            you’ve obviously never gone through an eminent domain process

        • Anonymous

          Its gonna cost a lot more than $300,000 buddy.

      • Anonymous

        Did you even read the article: 
        “We just wanted a little more time to gather information,” said Sen. Bill Diamond, D-Windham. “We don’t know if $300,000 is enough. ”

        What if we spend $300,000 and it’s not enough to complete the study.  Let me spell it out for you: WE SPENT $300,000 AND GOT NOTHING BUT AN INCOMPLETE STUDY.

        It’s not rocket science, it’s called planning ahead, making sure you’ve covered your bases.

      •  You can always tell the people that are unsatisfied in their life by their hostility toward others…Maybe you should better yourself and get a real career so those “wealthy” welfare bums don’t bother you so much ? Or if you’re THAT jealous maybe you should quit working and join them ? There’s a lot of people that could use your job…..

        • Anonymous

          Let’s continue to fund those who refuse to work while letting everything go down hill.  Welfare is more important you Liberals  than upgrading our infrastructure and improving the jobs picture in Maine.  That is why we are dead last in nearly everything while those on Welfare are going to  continue living the good life.  Spending $300,000 to start the process of bringing  jobs to the 2nd District is bad for Liberals.  Liberals would rather see our state continue to spiral it’s way downward into the abyss.   Well I don’t want my hard earned tax dollars going to someone who sits home and is lazy.  I don’t know about you but I hate having to drive through pot holes, traveling onto bridges that are unsafe that does damage not only to my car but everyone else’s.  The Liberals after last night’s vote officially  have proven what everyone with a clue already knows they are the Welfare Party in Maine.  That they went on tv last night wanting  to raise our taxes, create new gimmicks to fund their Welfare Programs.  Their supporters on here can’t deflect the truth  the Democrats basically stupidly handed Republicans 2 issues yesterday now to run in November.  This vote which was basically their bill on Welfare and MSHA/Dale Mccormick.  The Liberals could really take a pounding now thanks to their stupidity.

  • {Republicans on the Transportation Committee said the request is more than reasonable given the fact that the money already is dedicated and the project has tremendous potential.}

    . “There are investors already lined up; they really deserve a study they can have confidence in.”


    $300.000.00 Tax Payer Money for a “Private Toll Road “!

    Foul, Foul Foul!

    More “””Privatise Profits —-Socialise Losses!”””

    • poormaniac

      Back when the MTA was established this was the word going around in Augusta ” The tolls will be removed once the road is paid for “.  I’m all for an East West highway but will not be fooled to believe the state won’t maintain it !  I think the economic benefits will proove to outweigh the costs .

    • Anonymous

      Do you know how much tax money was thrown at the states paper mills to keep them open for then democratic unions?  This is going to create THOUSANDS of jobs, and bring a lot of business and taxation to small rural communities.  Take this into consideration, if this road was going to be built by union employees instead of private industry, would the democrats support it?  I believe it would be a different song.  

      • Create thousands of jobs? Yep just like the Turnpike expansion did for all kinds of construction companies out of Mass and the Maine companies that worked it were sub-contractors. Half the reason any Maine companies got any work was because the Mass companies running the project had most of their equipment committed to the “Big Dig” in Boston. Not so this time around, so sure there will be a lot of temporary jobs, but the bulk won’t be for Mainers… except for the minimum wage toll takers, those jobs they will lets us have.

        •  They can’t find any competent workers in Maine……they’re all on welfare ….remember ?

          • Anonymous

            either that or doing bong rips with you…

      • Anonymous

        If the State was building it they would be all for it. But Cianbro is looking at getting private investors to help build it they are against it.  Just shows how messed up our state is.  We can’t invest in jobs and infrastructure.  But we can give every bottom  feeder including Liberal Special Groups  Welfare Benefits & Handouts.

    •  Republican Governor…..they will steal ALL of your money before his term is up, and then blame it on the “welfare bums” for all the ignorant people that can’t add simple numbers and see the truth…..He’s makin EZ money….

      • Anonymous

        Dude, put down the bong

        and BTW, you don’t have any money, you spend it all on white russians, bowling, and weed, so can it

  • Anonymous

    No jobs a state in finantial crises and our state wants to build a round we do not need but will not fix the roads we have because there is no money. Maybe we should go ahead and fund a search for bigfoot to?

    • Anonymous

      You should google “grants for bigfoot research” I think you may find it funny. Oh, also google “bigfoot trap” you may find that funnier.

  • Anonymous

    Dunno why we need another study, dust off one of the many sitting on shelves at the DOT.  
    I remember in 1970 the Maine Turnpike was proposing expanding the MT to include an East/West highway so they would not have to “end” the turnpike when the bonds were paid off (which at the time was expected to be in the mid-70’s).  Recent headlines show that they found other ways to keep spending the toll money!

    •  It’s a cover to allow LePage and his GOP pals to soak 300k from the tax coffers….oh yeah….it was the welfare people….they did it !!

  • Anonymous

    Utterly disgusting and JohnInBrewer says it best.

  • Anonymous

    Give it up. Never will happen. Build a highway through Maine for Canadian Truckers. NO WAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    All this road will help is Canadians, and they will  not have one cent in it.What a waste of our money.

    •  No it will be a huge boon to Cianbro and Paul LePage….all paid for by us : )  while 65,000 Maine residents starve because LePage says THEY are draining the budget.

  • Anonymous

    One Highway will never fix Maines economy, It will line Cianbros pocket and who ever approved the  300,000 fee for feasibility study ! And if you think a private highway isnt a future problem for the taxpayer ! What happens when the private owner dont make the money they want to and stop making repairs to the highway and then abandon it after it fails miserably ! I know many people who will run rte 9 and the rough rte 2 to avoid a toll rd even if it is smoother for 4 years ! Not to mention the toll fees that the private company that built the road will have no restrictions on them what so ever !

    •  Hey….someone else sees the truth ^

  • Anonymous

    Roads have been the arteries that have carried commerce, development and civilization to undeveloped places since the days of the Roman Empire.  But that time tested and validated  principle does not hold true in Maine says something called “Defending Water for life.”  My advice to them, take a drink and see if your necks leak.

  • Anonymous

    That’s $300,000 that could be better spent paving a rural road somewhere, or putting it toward the cost to dismantle the old Waldo-Hancock Bridge.   Maine simply doesn’t have the financial ability to support yet another interstate and the Maritimes and Quebec aren’t going to bother going across our state because CBP officers would tear their vehicles apart just for them to go from one part of Canada to another.   The most cost effective thing is to upgrade that existing east-west rail line from Vanceboro to Montreal and put more trucks on it.

    • Anonymous

      Is that what happens every time a truck comes across from Canada  ?

  • Anonymous

    America needs to bring back it’s rail system! It just makes sense. Especially as we look into the future.

    • Anonymous

      Yes but the government would half to  GIVE the railroads in Maine money to fix there tracks so they can do 35 to 40 mph right now that can only go 10 mph any thing faster the tracks are not safe

  • Guest


  • Anonymous

    This a great idea. Something could bring in new revenue for small town along the way. Peter Vigue is someone  we should listen to.

    • Anonymous

      How much new revenue, and at what cost?

      And while we’re at it, I’ll gladly sell you a crisp new $5 bill for $20.

      • Anonymous

        I have a quarter to sell you for a dollar. It will be worth a million in 100 year. I’m not as naive as you think. If you don’t do anything nothing  happens. I know the environmentalists won’t like it because birds will fly south to north and the road goes east to west. The answers to those questions you asked  cannot be answered yet.

  • Anonymous

    Reading the BDN comment section depresses me.

  • Anonymous

    How about including in the study an alternative to a mode of transportation that is energy intensive and slow? How about including in the study, a railroad! What, replace a mode of transportation that gets 4 to 8 miles per gallon with one that gets 400 miles per gallon? Not in Maine. Not in my lifetime. Too bad.

  • Anonymous

    If Chianbro thinks this is such a sure fire money maker – they can fund this study themselves.

    $300,000 for a PRIVATE toll road?

    Corporate welfare republicans strike again.


  • Anonymous


    By the time they break ground for this road, gasoline and diesel will be ~ $7 a gallon.  By the time the road is done, those fuels will be knocking on double digit prices and road traffic will be off 25 percent.

    Heck, US drivers are already cutting back their driving:

    World oil production has been flat for 6 years now, despite record high, average prices.  The only thing that has increased at all is other liquid fuels, such as biodiesel and ethanol, and so-called natural gas production liquids and these latter have barely kept up with world demand (as indicated by skyrocketing gasoline and diesel prices.)  See the 5th paragraph here for verification:

    Then too, production of biofuels such as ethanol and biodiesel cannot be readily increased all that much more because we’re already whacking food prices by feeding *half* of our corn crop to cars as ethanol, already.

    And all those pie-in-the-sky cellulosic ethanol stories will continue to remain, in a practical sense, laboratory curiosities if not outright science fiction.

    Compressed natural gas and electric trucks just won’t come online and/or be practical enough to save long distance trucking from giving ground back to railroads in this post Peak Oil era we are now entering.

    What a waste of time and money a new highway will be in the 2010s and beyond.

  • Anonymous

    The economic benefits of this are limited at best.

    This simply will NOT be a major transportation route.

    The largest city in Maritime Canada – Halifax – is only a bit larger than Worcester, MA.
    Its commercial port deals in roughly the same amount of tonnage as New Haven, CT and Gary, IN.  aka “not much”. 

    Most canadian freight travels via the St. Lawrence Seaway, with direct access to Quebec, Montreal, and Toronto, and navigable all the way to Duluth, MN.

    The remaining population centers – Moncton, Frederickton, St. John, St. John’s, and Charlottetown – are not very large or industrialized.

    Summary:  Road to nowhere.

    • Anonymous

       Halifax has deep water.  The value is that the ports of NY/NJ and Los Angeles/Long Beach, to name just two, are nearly maxed out.  South Louisiana is at the mercy of a Mississippi River course change, which is inevitable.

      The goods of Canada and the US travel to and from ports.  Not many folks expect the shipment of goods to shrink over the coming decades.

      All modes have a place.  Rail has a place, for bulk goods that do not need to be shipped in a hurry, especially when those goods travel long distances.  Highways move goods more quickly and are needed for just-in-time delivery.  Rail and Highways can be built in many places.

      Deep water, unfortunately, is more scarce.  Halifax has it.  It really does not matter how large a city it is, since the goods will neither originate or be shipped to Halifax as a destination.  Instead, it is a point of transfer from one mode to another.

      Searsport would also serve such a purpose, if people could understand that Searsport exists historically as a seaport – it is its whole raison d’etre.  Unfortunately, many have forgotten this and desire it to be Wiscasset II. 

  • It would certainly make travel across Maine much better.  At this point to go to NY, we have to travel 5 hrs south just to turn and go north 3 more hours.  It would probably cut at least a few hrs to go across if the road was better.

  • PaulNotBunyan

    Study the interstate system map before you get too excited. They could build a divided highway all the way to I-93 in NH and you still have to drive a long way south to hook up with I-90. If our population and traffic had been a lot higher, the original interstate build would have included something running diagonally across ME, NH and VT towards the Albany NY area.

  • Anonymous

    The guvnah should veto this bill

    • Anonymous

      Not going to happen this road will eventually be built as soon as early next year if things go right.  We need the jobs and economic growth that an East-West Highway would bring. Doing nothing will continue to lead to no job and economic growth while everything else continues to fall apart.

  •  so we spent millions to fix up route 9 to make is safe for trucks and now we will spend million to take trucks off of route 9. Why cant I 95 near Cianbro in pittsfield have a road like route 9 going west instead of an all new road.

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