MTBR is a one-stop shop for all things biking

Posted Feb. 15, 2012, at 1:31 p.m.

If you need a bike, are looking for some parts or gadgets for your bike, or you’re just looking for a new trail to hit, MTBR (mtbr.com) probably has your answer.

MTBR is one of several lifestyle sites run by Consumer Review. While the site does feature reviews by professionals, the majority of the site’s reviews come from the readers of the site. The site has a substantial listing of bike manufacturers, necessary parts, protective equipment and clothing, and accessories like GPS units and cameras, all complete with previews and reviews.

Reviews extend not only to the bikes, parts and accessories, but also the trail listings as well. The trail reviews are the site’s best feature; the trails are broken down by state and are rated on three categories: aerobic difficulty, technical difficulty and overall experience. Each trail’s page comes with an embedded Google Map to show the location of the trail, and some may have photos of the trails as well.

While the site is definitely good for finding trails and sharing photos and video of bike rides, it’s not built for the casual audience. Many of the products reviewed are geared toward hardcore, regular riders and, as such, are too high-priced for the casual rider (for instance, the most recent bike review was priced at over $3,000). However, the depth of the site could turn a casual rider into one of those hardcore ones.

For the avid rider, MTBR is a must-visit site. For the casual rider looking for a new trail to ride on or some new gear, MTBR is a great place to start.