May 21, 2018
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Comments for: Ron Paul poised to possibly prevail

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  • A great place for information on the candidates is The Conservative Scorecard, which is an easy-to-read description on the strength of the candidates on key conservative positions. 
    The ratings are based on their prior statements and positions over their
    political careers.  It can be found here:

    Ron Paul scores very well!!

  • Just say NO to Wall St / Big Corp / MIC ran government.

    Ron Paul 2012.

  • Matthew …

    Go Ron Paul the revolution is coming!!

    • Anonymous

      Revolution?  Scary.

  • I am really pulling for Ron Paul here – I have spent a lot of time in Maine and believe that he is the right guy – he sure seems to be popular up there.

    Also, I love the alliteration here – “… that their man Mitt may meander mindlessly amid a monsoon of momentum
    for the magnanimous and methodical man of the moment, Ron Paul.”

    Nice work!

    • Cj

       Finally, An Honest article about a great constitutionalist Dr Ron Paul!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    RON PAUL in 2012 is the ONLY choice worth making. The rest are just more of the same.

  • Anonymous

    “… their man Mitt may meander mindlessly amid a monsoon of momentum for the magnanimous and methodical man of the moment, Ron Paul.” LOVE IT! Well put!

    Come on, Maine, you know who is best for 2012! The INCORRUPTIBLE, honest, intellectual Ron Paul! Please give this great statesman his due!

    Ron Paul – ONLY – 2012!!!

  • Ron Paul 2012!

  • Stop Voter Fraud

    • Anonymous

       Stopping voter fraud should be a big goal of Ron Paul supporters as well as the rest of voting Americans..but it needs someone to organize the effort..any ideas anyone?

  • Challenge:  Take 3-4 minutes and listen toll-free 1-888-322-1414.  Straight talk by Ron Paul!

  • Ron Paul rides on the wave of a revolution; all the other candidates are doing well to stay out of his way. The big issue is when this wave hits the biggest obstacle of all; the media. The media hates Ron Paul, the establishment hates Ron Paul and what would take them down is Ron Paul.

    What people rarely write about is that Ron Paul can win. This race is all about delegates and Ron Paul is in this race to win. The other candidates would do well to follow him because he polls consistently well against Obama and no one else has a realistic chance of taking the White House.

    Ron Paul is the only vote for change and not only does America need change, we in Europe need change and America needs to lead the way. RON PAUL 2012

  • Does Maine have a history of honest elections? That’s what I want to know.

    • Guest

      Does Maine have a history of honest elections? That’s what I want to know.     
      We still use paper ballots here, except for big cities like Bangor and Portland—maybe Augusta.  Not sure if they use Diebold machines or the older ones where votes used to be racked up on them before being delivered to the polling places.  A hand-marked paper ballot can’t be tampered with and you’ll never have te problem of a vote counter saying “oh, but the voter REALLY meant to vote for ______, not for the person they put an “X” next to.”

      The caucus votes were all counted (on those that have been held already) and each town knows their results.  If the results are reported incorrectly, the town will step to them and correct it.

      • Anonymous

        I wish it were that simple. I had a brother-in-law (killed himself many years ago) who took home ballot boxes and steamed open the envelopes; he never got caught. He also had lots of credit cards in other people’s names; he was a criminal dirtbag. He felt that it was all just meaningless paper.

  • MA

    “All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent”
    – Thomas Jefferson

    Ron Paul 2012!!

  • Yet one more tool to help educate the unconverted and further prove support for Dr. Paul among Independents:

    Please use it.  Thanks!

  • mark how

    I am baffled that more people don’t see the light. We are looking over the edge of a cliff and we keep getting closer. Mitt, Newt, Rick, none of them are talking about fixing our 1.2 trillion dollar over-spending per year. That means we have to cut the budget 1.2 trillion dollars or bring in an additional 1.2 trillion in new revenue. It is a painful thought, and that’s probably why they aren’t mentioning it, except Ron Paul!  He is not afraid to say what needs to be done.  He probably could better his position with many mainstream republicans by toning down his foreign policy statements and side stepping questions about it. But that is not how he operates. If people listened to him more over the past 20 or so years, we may not have this crippling debt or these endless wars. We are broke and yet these other candidates a chomping at the bit to get into war with Iran. The only ones who win are the bankers and military industrial complex. Washington is broken and we need radical change to fix it.

  • Anonymous

    Seems like the farther north you go, the more informed the citizens get.
    And Maine is the farthest north.  No wonder they like Dr. Paul here.  
    What a refreshing state.

    • Harry H Snyder III

      There’s Alaska our northern-most State and Sarah

      • Anonymous

        I should have said the CONUS. 
        I’ve been to Maine, and was always impressed.  If only there were more delegates, but then I don’t think Maine’rs would necessarily want a population explosion lol.
        Anyway, go Dr. Paul.  We are desperate.

        • Anonymous

          You’re still incorrect.  See my other post.

        • Anonymous

          CONUS, continental US states. Alaska is a part of this North American continent.

          • Silky Johnson

            Contiguous United States, not continental.
            “zendae”  is complimenting your state for being intelligent people and all you can do is nit-pick…and to nit-pick something you are wrong about.

    • Anonymous

      Not really.  You forget Minnesota, North Dakota, Montana, Idaho, Washington, and of course, Alaska.

  • If we take Maine, that will be the starting flag for our campaign to really take off . 
    Vote Paul And Save U.S. A.ll

  • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      Um, uh, ya right.  Good luck with that. Bwahahahaha.

    • John Demers

      Paul/Romney?  Are you stupid? Paul/anybody is better than /Romney, /Gingrich, /Santorum.

    • Yeah, you can’t have opposite views on just about everything and be running mates. I honestly don’t know if there is someone suitable to be Ron Paul’s VP. I am sure Romney has several insiders bidding for the position under his potential presidency as we speak. 

      Luckily Ron is going to spank him in Maine and for the rest of the primary season (hopefully!!!). 

  • Anonymous

    Good Luck to Maine. I wish Ohio had a chance to make a national statement like you.

    Ron Paul for President of the United States of America

  • Anonymous

    I was going to madly love your massonance, but instead I admire your alliteration.
    And Ron Paul fighting for first is just the way life should be. Let’s let The Old Dirigo State be Where America’s New Day Starts. Go Paul!

  • Anonymous

    Will Romney’s plastic smile give you comfort when the monetary system collapses? When Social Security and Welfare disappear because of bankruptcy, will you still admire Obama’s fiscal irresponsibility? Will you worship Santorum’s fanatical warmongering when China won’t even loan us enough money to fly our troops back home after the collapse? Will you have a warm feeling when Gingrich unzips his pants so you can experience more of his trickle-down theory? Ross Perot was right about what NAFTA has done to our manufacturing. Furthermore, Ron Paul was right about the housing collapse and he is right about the impending monetary collapse. Please vote to restore America.

  • Maybe Ron Paul is just smarter than the rest who are all trying to kill one another off slowly. They can’t really go after Ron Paul because if he turns to their records they end up looking like fools. After a little more blood letting, people may come around to finally getting it that Ron Paul is the only one who can beat Obama. 

  • Anonymous

    Ron Paul is a Libertarian. He run on a Libertarian ticket in 1988.  He promises to cut 1 trillion dollars during his first year in office. A president does not have a power to cut  a penny. The power of the purse belongs to the US Congress. About 50% of his supporters are believed to be anarchists while the remaining 50% are level-headed-individuals. Less government does not mean we shoul be lawless and without a government. RP supports prostituiton and harmful drugs to be legalized at a state level. He wants the 4th amendment rights for terrorists. His reckless foreign policy is dangerus not only to America’s international commercial, diplomatic, humanitarian and political interests but to its allies as well. He has not come clean on his racist newsletters published under his name and for which he was the editor and from which he benefitted financially. He objects to America’s entry to WWII, which stopped the Nazis and communists from dominating the world. His supportes clearly state thta if he is not nominated, they will not vote for other republican candidate. They want to write-in his name or most probably vote for Gary Johnson. Some even predict that all RP wants is to have some sort of legitimacy under a republican platform to lead a movement (Libertarian). He has not ruled out to run on a third party ticket.

    Romney is not likable and also unreliable. He was for indvidual health mandate like Newt. Romneycare is the the basis for ObamaCare.  Like Newt, he was for bailouts, TARP. He increased taxes as governor of Massachussetts. Some who know Newt closely say, he  is unpredictable, arrogant and vindictive. There are many things that could be said abot Ron Paul, Romney, and Newt. Due to time,  suffice to  take the  above mentioned facts into account on Saturday, February 11, 2012 before voting for any one of them. I am not assuming perfection as no body is perefct. Compared to all of the remained candidates in the race for the presidency, Santorum has an impeccable record. Rupert Murdoch (Owner of Fox News) said Santorum is the one with a big idea.

    • Anonymous

      Sorry, but we can’t afford that war.

      Ron Paul 2012!

      • Anonymous

        What a strange and laughable idea? We are are republic. Santorum as a well trained candidate in law (Jurist Doctor), well trained in politics (B. A) and well trained in business (MBA) and a legislature and well experienced legislature with legislative victories and a man who acts based on principle will not easily take America to war.

        • So far in his campaign, Santorum has all but declared war on Iran, and their supposed allies Venezuela and Cuba. The guy is a fear monger, and claims a nuclear Iran will be the end of civilization as we know it, when they wouldn’t have a bottle rocket to attach a warhead to since they are so broke, and Israel is right there with 300 nukes armed and ready. Now we’re going to starve their people to death with sanctions that Santorum supports, creating fierce nationalism and more hatred for America. You really need to listen to the man instead of just posting his academic credentials. 

          Oh yes, and the good Christian supports torture as well. There’s someone who won’t repeal the Patriot Act or NDAA, because he supports them wholeheartedly, and has said so in the debates. There have been enough innocent Iraqi and Afghan civilians taken in as “terror suspects” and tortured to death already, do you really want them doing that to Americans too?

          But hey, even if you like war, dead women & children, starvation, torture and all other forms of geopolitical mayhem, we can’t afford it. Plain and simple. Play time is over for the American warmonger. Its time to take care of our own and stop blowing up the rest of the world. 

          RON PAUL 2012!

          • Anonymous

            People said if Reagan were elected we would have WWIII with the Soviet Union. Umm…they were wrong. Santorum would not start a war with Iran–unless maybe he committed some lewd acts in the Oval Office that required a foreign military action to divert the nation’s attention….

          • Ronald Reagan was the beginning of the end!

            The Soviet Union wasn’t our biggest threat!

            The biggest threat to the people of the United States was from within!

            Trickle Down “”Reaganomics””

          • Harry H Snyder III

            The Soviet Union wasn’t our biggest threat actually we did rather well when the Soviet Union and Communist China kept almost half the world under an economic system which did not compete with us for the 90% of the world’s resources we were using. 

            The lure of money and more customers was too much for politicians (Both D’s and R’s) so now we have a world where we must compete for the jobs which used to be ours without question.  Blame every President and congress since the 1972 elections.

          • Anonymous

            I don’t recall Reagan guarenteeing that Iran wouldn’t get a nuclear weapon. How do you think the perpeual war advocates are going to pull that off? Sanctions? Starving the poor? Reagan was smart enough to get our marines out of the mideast out of the mideast when 247 of them were killed, not double down.

          • Its the lewd acts in the oval office that are used to divert the nation’s attention away from sinister political acts, not the other way around. If there is something ridiculous on the front page, chances are there’s a page 5 article stuffed away in the corner that’s a truly shocking piece of history.

          • Anonymous

            Of all the remaining candidates , Obama cannot beat Santorum: almost no personal, professional baggages’. He won for 4 consecutive terms in a 70% democratic district until 2006, when the republican brand was hated by the electorates is not a war monger nor an isolationist like Ron Paul. Santorum is not only strong in social issues. He is strong in national security and foreign affairs. Because of his blue Collar background, democrats cannot use class warfare against him. He authored Iran Freedom & Support Act and the Syrian Accountability Act and served for 8 years on Senate Armed Services Committee. Rush Limbaugh said “everybody is guilty of some transgression somewhere against conservatism…except Santorum”. Rupert Murdoch (owner of Fox News) said Santorum is the one with a big idea. I hate wars. What evidence do you have for a death of any enemy combatants under “torture”? Please try to understand about the nature of the Iranian theocratic regime an also read about Santorum’s Iranian Freedom &Support Act and Syrian Accountability Act online.

          • april showers

            Obama can easily beat Santorum.  Santorum is hated by moderates and independents, look at his unfavorables.  Romney and Obama are the same, so it doesn’t really matter who wins in that race.  Only Ron Paul can beat Obama by pulling the independents away from Obama’s disappointed majority and he will.

          • Anonymous

            No body could conclusively say at this point who will be the nominee. I real do not think RP could be the nominee because of his foreign policy.

          • april showers

            True, it depends on whether the republicans want to win the election or not.  If they actually want to win, Ron Paul is their only option.  He is the only GOP candidate that can attract Obama’s base of voters.
            Personally, I think the GOP establishment would prefer 4 more years of Obama than a Ron Paul presidency.  They know Ron Paul very well and they know he will bring the gravy train to a dead stop.  On the other hand, Obama will continue the orgy of corruption in DC plus they get to criticize him and complain about everything he does while collecting their loot to boot!  This is their favorite position.So, if they nominate anyone but Paul, they will have 4 more years of Obama to fiddle while the country burns down.  If Paul is nominated, they will continue to fight against him, as they are now, to preserve their vainglorious “foreign policy” of empire and world domination which will eventually implode ( as all empires do) bringing currency destruction to all of us, the citizens of the US.  They could care less about us.

    • Anonymous

      Santorum’s record in the Senate was deplorable. Ron Paul is not a Libertarian. He leans that way, but he’s certainly closer to a Constitutionalist. He does NOT support prostitution and legalization of harmful drugs. He simply, and correctly states that those are not issues the Federal Governments have any business being involved in, nor does the Constitution give the Federal Government those powers. His foreign policy is neither reckless nor dangerous. His objection is to US participation in non-declared wars, which are again… unconstitutional.  I respect your concerns, as they are concerns widely shared. Unfortunately the media has not treated Ron Paul with the respect of treating his positions truthfully. You are online. Do some research. Have you been to the campaign’s website? Theres a lot of information there which addresses the issues you brought up. Give it a read with an open mind. You may be pleasantly surprised. 

      • After Santorum lost Pennsylvania by a record margin of 17 points he started woking as a lobbyist which was not surprising considering the fact that during his time in Washington he held regular meetings to discuss which Republicans are to be staffed by lobbyists on K street.
        He is an insider who’s made a ton of money expliting his contacts in Congress to benefit whichever firms he is lobbying for.
        When he won for the first time one of his main charges was that his opponent was living in a wealthy suburb in Washington while his constituents were mill workers of Pennsylvania.After he won he promptly bought a house in Washington.This is a prime example of his hypocrisy.
        Even after he left Pennsylvania he charged his children’s online school fees on that state which though legal is morally wrong.
        He supported No Child left Behind which doubled the size of the education department.
        He wants to control budget but wants to fight more wars.He proposes cuts in welfare spending.Fighting more wars amplifies the image of America as a bully around the world, causes widespread grief and the welfare cuts at home to support this wars create problems as people fall out of the safety net.In welfare spending Santorum does not want to abolish the tax cuts the rich have enjoyed since the time of Bush.These cuts were temporary not permanent.If they are abolished they would generate more revenue while affecting lesser people..
        He has said that our rights are derived from God not from Government of the day.So if we want rights we have to be ready to act responsibly.Who decides whether we are acting responsibly or not?Santorum of course.In his opinion Gays are not acting responsibly so, they lose their god ordained rights.He even faults courts who overrule anti gay legislation for over stepping their jurisdiction.
        He is anti-minority.On the eve of Iowa caucus he said “I wont let blacks live off the wages of others” In Iowa he was all for deportation of immigrants but to pander to his Latino audience in Florida he said America should put up friendly governments in Latin American countries meaning America could go for regime change in Cuba.He didn’t tell his Latino friends that he intended to deport them.

        One thing he has remained steadfast on is his religious bigotry.He said the concept of equality dosen’t come from any other religion except Judeo-Christian civilization.I am a Hindu and will be first to admit that the caste system is a blot on Hinduism.It is an indefensible social ill and all Hindus should try to rid their society off it.What I want to point out here is Santorum trumpeting differences in different religions rather tthan the commonalities in them.He aims to divide not unite.
        He said rape victims should not be allowed abortion.In todays world several couples go for abortion if they feel they cant take proper care of the baby.There are accidental pregnancies too where the couple just got reckless.Sorry in Santorum’s world there are no second chances.Will the state care for the baby? If the parents are to be responsible for the rearing of their offspring they must be given independence to decide when to have one.
        Thus, Santorum is just a divisive religious bigot who wants to garner the social conservative vote. 

    • Anonymous

      Actually, the president has the power to save A LOT of money. He can veto frivolous spending bills, eliminate cabinets, bring troops home, etc.

      • Anonymous

        Congress can override the president’s vote. President cannot create or save a job. He can create an healthy environment through a legislative process by the US Congress. A president can present his budget to be voted on by the US Congress. How come Ron Paul doe not have couple of legislative victories for the entire time he stayed in Congress?

        • The answer to your question is simple.  The idiots and money grubbers in Congress are self-centered and greedy oafs who prey upon the ignorance of the people.

          • Anonymous

            I presume that there could be many honorable individuals in the US Congress, There could be bad ones as well. Without knowing what each member of the US Congress has or has not done, it is not right to simply say “The idiots and money grubbers in Congress are self-centered and greedy oafs who prey upon the ignorance of the people.”

    • Do you really think half of Congress are level-headed?  Do you mean level-headed like Herman Munster?  Would the big government Santorum be one of those Munsters?  You need to keep drinking the Koolaid of the media into the Great Depression that is soon coming if we don’t make a drastic change in foreign and monetary policy.

      • Anonymous

        I like the zeal of Ron Paul supporters. As a Libertarian, RP will not have chance to be the nominee of the republican party. RP’ foreign policy is dangerous to US interests. Of all the remaining candidates , Obama cannot beat Santorum: almost no personal, professional baggages’. He won for 4 consecutive terms in a 70% democratic district until 2006, when the republican brand was hated by the electorates is not a war monger nor an isolationist like Ron Paul. Santorum is not only strong in social issues. He is strong in national security and foreign affairs. Because of his blue Collar background, democrats cannot use class warfare against him. He authored Iran Freedom & Support Act and the Syrian Accountability Act and served for 8 years on Senate Armed Services Committee. Rush Limbaugh said “everybody is guilty of some transgression somewhere against conservatism…except Santorum”. Rupert Murdoch (owner of Fox News) said Santorum is the one with a big idea. Please try to understand about the nature of the Iranian theocratic regime an also read about Santorum’s Iranian Freedom &Support Act and Syrian Accountability Act online.

        • Honestly, if you are taking Rush Limbaugh or Rupert Murdoch as your  sources for wisdom.  I think you should think again because there isn’t much difference from the liberal media elite and he conservative media elite, they both have an agenda.  Don’t be fooled by Santorum his record is deplorable when it comes to the Constitution and small government just look at the Congressional Record.  I think a third party candidate would win if it’s Santorum and Obama they won’t get independents, greens, constitutionalists and libertarians.  Santorum would be lucky to get over 25% percent nationally, he’s a faux religious extremist.  He will do the bidding of his masters, which means war with Iran.

        • C’mon Woreti, go read:

          Liberty Defined: 50 Essential Issues That Affect Our Freedom by Ron Paul.

          It’s a quick read and every important issue is it’s own short chapter.

          Then you’ll see. take care.

    • Anonymous

       As Commander-in-Chief he can immediately bring all the troops home and close unnecessary bases over the world.  That would be a start to CUTTING spending.  Ron Paul, himself, said it would be a long process, but there are things he could do immediately as Commander-in-Chief to get the ball rolling.  In addition, he would work across the aisle better than Romney, Gingrick, or Santorum to untangle the gridlock in Washington that we are faced with now.

      • Anonymous

        From RP’s background, what evidence do you have to make us belief that he could work across the aisle better than any one of the candidates? Ron Paul’s policy would hasten the decline of US power. The majority of Americans will not allow USA to withdraw its forces from around the world completely and leave our international and allies interests in the hands of our adversaries.

        •  Not so Woreti,

          Ron Paul will reduce the corrupting power of the executive office as it should be. Then both houses of Congress will need to get to work and take some responsibility as it was intended –no one said Dr. Ron Paul is going to fix 40 years of  government illness overnight, but at least we have a prescription.

          • Anonymous

            Thanks for your response. How is he going to reduce “the corrupting power of the executive power?” Santorum as a member of the “Gang of 7” exposed the scandals in US Congress and is also strong in national security and foreign affairs – none of the remaining candidates including Ron Paul have such credentials. He authored the Iran freedom and support Act and the Syrian Accountability Act in 2004 and have legislative victories. What are RP’s victories?

          • In November of 2011, Senator Santorum compared the actions taken today
            to curtail threats from Muslim extremists to the actions taken by
            President Lincoln during the civil war.

            If you read your history you’ll find that Lincoln centralized government, dissolved the free press, killed thousands of civilians, started taxation, enabled a new standing army, enriched his railroad cronies (he was a railroad lawyer from Illinois) and massacred the population of the west in America’s genocide.

            These are Santorum’s credentials? that he wants more authority? like Lincoln?

            You can’t look the other way anymore, there’s no more time for it –America is under attack from all the unelected federal bureaucrats and secret dealings of the federal reserve and CIA.

            Please stop pretending Santorum is some “super-moral” candidate, he wants the authority to kill and maim just like Obama, Romney, and Gingrich.

          • Anonymous

            Please take into account the totality of a person, the circumstances into account before criticizing President Lincoln. He remains one of he most admired presidents of the USA. His resolve and success to unite USA is to be admired. Some of the steps he took could be easily misunderstood if you do not take into account the civil wars and what were at stake then. The circumstances we are facing internally and external now is quite different than Lincoln time. And Santorum does not need to take all the steps taken by L. Your statements about Lincoln and Santorum are very much biased and unreasonable. I have not seen Santorum attacking Ron Paul as Ron Paul’s supporters attack him based on lies. As so many people come to know what RP’s spporters and RP have been doing to Santorum, it will backfire and hurt Ron Paul’s candidacy. Please try to have your facts right before making vicious attacks against Santorum and other candidates.

          • Each of the candidates represent a message, and if you
            think Santorum carries your message then that’s your choice. If you think my response was a “vicious attack” then you’re not prepared to dispute arguments against your candidate’s message.

            Thus, I question whether you’ve thought out your own reason for choosing Santorum’s message as your own –the good news is, it’s not too late to change your mind! :)

            I prefer Paul’s message: no more undeclared wars, liberty through limited government, and sound money.

            Regarding Lincoln, there was no need for the “war of aggression” that destroyed America –that is a fact documented in the historical literature and newspapers of the time. The Lincoln MYTH is taught to school children in government schools so that the necessity for big centralized government and taxation is never questioned.

            But let’s leave that for another time, you can read Tom DiLorenzo for a better background.

            Cheers! If you’re in Maine, and voting, try to stay warm today.

  • bretosw

    I sure hope all these people posting actually spent alteast 30 mins doing phone from home for Maine.. Ron Paul can’t elect himself and we know well and good that it is an uphill climb. Just make 3 calls.

  • Anonymous

    “most of the GOP establishment in the state is behind him. ”  Is that a polite way to say he who counts the votes wins?

  • NadePaulKuciGravMcKi

    History will be made soon
    Will Maine lead the way ?

  • “man of the moment”  LOL!  If there is anything that Ron Paul is NOT, it is that.  Ron Paul’s consistent message and gradually growing popularity is precisely the opposite of what the GOP has been experiencing during this election cycle:  a constant rotation of flavor of the week.

    It is ALL about getting the truth out about how the establishment political machine (both D & R) are tearing down the middle class, and about fighting against the military industrial complex that Eisenhower warned us about which supports much of the network news media,  fighting against the crony capitalism that scratches the back of the establishment in exchange for corrupt favoritism.

     Such a fight can never be a quick and easy victory.  Instead, it is a long, hard, slog to weather against a cold wind, fighting for every single vote.

    • Obviously the alliteration was tongue and cheek, but that particular phrase was meant more as “the guy people are talking about and paying attention to in the moment”, rather than how you took it, which was “the man who is swept up in fads”.

  • When can we the people get someone who is not bought and paid for. Vote for a chance to change the world! Vote Ron Paul and give us a chance. Dave

  • “They think Ron Paul might win the Maine caucus. And, it is true, he might. If he does, they’ll have a political story to really spill some ink on.”

    Yup the MSM will be all over it with a big fat roller of blackout ink. Half the country probably still won’t know who Ron Paul is, or still think he’s a “kook, racist, dangerous isolationist, grandpa”. 

    I think he’ll win by a wide margin in Maine, and Romney thinks so too, which is why is campaign and the mainstream news has only wasted hot air downplaying Maine. They have hit pieces about racist newsletters,  conspiracy theorist backers, white supremacist emails and neo-nazi campaign donations to write. Oh yeah, and double reimbursed plane tickets that amount to a micro particle compared to our national debt, which is relatively the size of jupiter at this point…

    So, I do imagine Paul winning, in fact I can almost guarantee it based on his concerted effort and my faith in the people of Maine to do the right thing. However, I don’t picture him riding a tidal wave of positive MSM coverage that comes from it. 

    He doesn’t need the coverage that is the only thing keeping the other candidates and their bankrupt campaigns afloat. He’s got supporters who will get him delegates. Romney will all but crap his pants when he gets to the convention and doesn’t have all the delegates he thinks he does.

    So “win” or “lose” in Maine, I would bet that Ron Paul will pull all the delegates he needs. But I hope he does win, so I don’t have to hear some walking toupee or grinning facelift news anchor ask him when he’s going to “win one”. 

    RON PAUL 2012!

    • Ron Paul will win all the delegates in Maine, this is all that counts, it’s all that matters.

    • Silky Johnson

      “Yup the MSM will be all over it with a big fat roller of blackout ink.”

      I expect all the MSM to report: “Romney places second in Maine. Santorum and Gingrich ready for next battle.”

  • Ron Paul is the answer.  Too bad following the Constitution has to be so revolutionary.
    More here:

  • Ron Paul is the only GOP candidate that can get the Independent, Moderate and Liberal support needed to beat Obama.

    Honesty and integrity trump ideology.

  • Let me preface by saying that I don’t actually think Paul will win…
    I am gone. Your more interested in influencing than reporting.

    • I’m a columnist.  I would think that it was my JOB to influence, rather than report.

      That said, the article wasn’t pushing any one candidate, just commenting on the whirlwind… as a political analyst, I still think Romney muscles out a win… I’m sorry if that point of view offends you, but that isn’t my problem…

      *EDIT AFTER ELECTION RESULTS* Care to say anything now? Romney won, just like I said he probably would. Still think I’m spinning, hoping to influence the results? Stop letting your fandom of a candidate interfere with legitimate political analysis.

  • Anonymous

    Matthew have you been reading too many Dr. Suess books aloud to your children? Really, Paul is poised to possiby prevail and “man Mitt may meander mindlessly amid a monsoon of momentum for the magnanimous and methodical man of the moment, Ron Paul.” ?
    Come back from the edge of Never Never Land….

  • Anonymous

    Ron Paul can and will win Maine…I told him so. (Decent article Matt)

  • John Demers

    If you want Romney as Vp, we might as well have a Paul/Pelosi ticket, your statement doesn’t make sense.  Paul will get the GOP voters, the independents, and 15-20% of the democrat vote. He would win by a landslide against Obama.

  • If the good Dr. Paul wins, the media has marching orders to ignore, belittle, or silence Dr. Paul.  They’ll spin it that Maine doesn’t matter.  Gingrich or Santorum ran a close third to Mittens.   The media is consistently pathetic.  Slick Rick, Mittens, and the Newster are the Three Stooges for big government.  Ron Paul 2012

  • Anonymous

    Vote Ron Paul 2012
    Win A Free Country!

  • “This is, after all, a state that just loves authentic, anti-establishment, independent-minded, against the grain, nontraditional candidates. Maine likes independent candidates who reject party politics, and they also like party politicians who thumb their nose at their own kind.”

    Yes, that’s Romney alright.  I can see why you think he will win.  He must have had a character transplant though.

    RON PAUL 2012

  • If the GOP wants this independent vote, the nomination must go to Ron Paul, otherwise
    I see no candidate that will bring me to the polls.  

  • Harry H Snyder III

    I will trudge off to The Whiting Caucus which interestingly will be held in East Machias on Saturday.  Ron Paul is the only candidate in the field (both parties) for whom I can vote without having to take a shower afterward.

  • Anonymous

    Living in Ma. I can tell you that Mitt is not popular with the small business owner.  Furthermore, having campaigned in Maine, New Hampshire, and MA. for Ron Paul I hear the same story over and over, Mr. Romney buys his endorsements.  I hope the good people of Maine will vote Ron Paul.
    Thank you.

  • Anonymous

    Living in MA., I can tell you that Mr. Romney is very unpopular with business owners-Romneycare and Bain Capital.  Campaigning for Ron Paul in Maine, New Hampshire, and MA. I hear the same accusation, Mr. Romney buys his endorsements.
    I hope the voters of Maine give Ron Paul his first state win for 2012.

    • I grew up in MA, and decided to leave the state during Romney’s time as Governor. I got hit with the individual mandate twice during 2 different tax seasons and wasn’t pleased. Everyone I knew wasn’t happy with the guy at all. He was too liberal for one of the most liberal states in the country. 

      But you watch, they will all go to the polls like zombies and vote for him and not know why. Talk some sense in to them Ron Paul supporters from NH & ME. I am way down in NC now, but would like to move back (to NH, not MA), and a strong showing from New England voters for Ron Paul will make me proud to do so!

      RON PAUL 2012!

  • Anonymous

    Having campaigned for Ron Paul in Maine, N.H, and MA. I hear the same accussation that Mr. Romney buys his endorsements.  Several times on primary day in N.H. people holding Romney signs told me they were voting for Ron Paul.
    I hope the voters in Maine give Ron Paul his first primary win.

    • Politicians don’t literally need to buy their endorsements with their own money. They basically have an endorsement/election buying credit card that is filled with potential taxpayer money. Corporations and greedy individuals will accept this method of payment, which is a guarantee that once in office, the politician will pull for them and make sure they get taxpayer money in the form of bailouts, subsidies or regulations in their favor, like ones that make it easy for them to crush and buy out their competitors so they can be “too big to fail” too. 
      So Romney doesn’t pull a roll of 100s out of his sock and hand it to each of endorsements, its worse than that. Obama was the same way, had the most money of any candidate ever, and stories floated around about corporations funneling money to him through “small donations” by “different individuals”. You can easily eliminate candidates as deserving of your vote by looking at how many corporations have an interest in them becoming president. If its even ONE like Goldman Sachs, you’re not getting a president that has your interests at heart, you’re getting an Obamney.

      Ron Paul gets all of his money from individuals, mostly small donors. His SuperPAC is even the recipient of smaller donations from individuals who have invested in gold and things like that, because they too see that the dollar is on the decline. 

      We don’t need a lobbyist in the white house. We need an honest president who will look out for OUR interests again. 

      RON PAUL 2012!

  • Election fraud will be very hard to pull off this time.  Too many eyes and ears on the ground.  Lawyers need to descend on the GOP with criminal probes nation wide. 

  • Anonymous

    A vote for Dr. Paul is a vote for Peace, Liberty and Prosperity.

  • Anonymous

    I can honestly say that not since my first time voting have I ever actually voted for a candidate. I have always had to use my votes to vote against someone, the choice of lesser evils. Yet term after term we get the same rollercoaster ride whether Rep. or Dem.. While I do not agree with every Paul position he is the only candidate who is consistant and dosen’t leave me feeling sold something I may regret later. A President can only be as effective as the other branches of government allow him/her to be. I hope people can see when it is time to leave behind bad habits and give something new a chance. Paul winning would and could be a first step, but our its not just the executive branch that needs fixing.

  • He is the only good candidate this year…

  • Anonymous

    Romney is absolutely, positively unelectable in the general election.  Southern evangelicals will not “hold their noses” and vote for him.  They are ideologues and will not pull that lever.  The evidence of this phenomena grows increasingly clear as we see the primary results trickling in.  Turnout is low.  There is no decisive winner when there almost always is by now.  Romney wins races but never gets 50% of GOP votes.  He does not pass the straight face test as a conservative for many voters.  He lacks conviction on any principle except making Mitt rich.  It becomes clearer every day that Mitt is the ultimate opportunist.  This may be a politically attractive quality once in power, but it does not translate to conservative voters.

    When Romney secures his primary win, he guarantees a third party entrant into the race.  There needs to be someone who looks the part for southern evangelicals.  This means someone who has always been anti-abortion, unwaveringly challenged progressive policies and someone that talks and acts like they have attended christian church all of their life.  There is no way Romney can be any of that.

    Romney’s win invites an evangelical challenger.  Ron Paul, if he can actually win a few small states, will rest his legacy on even a failed third party run to add legitimacy to the libertarian cause.  If he wins a few races, he will run in the general.  He wants to be the father of the libertarian America he dreams of.  This is his last chance to leave a lasting legacy.

    The GOP establishment is working hard to try to convince ideologues that Romney is really something he is not and doesn’t even play well on TV.  In the past it was effective to run on issues that were merely distractions (abortion, gay marriage, and guns).  It is his positions on those very issues that condemns Romney.  The GOP electorate, especially in the south, is well trained to vote “values”.  There is no easy way to train them to forget everything they have been taught for decades just to fall in line behind the party.  After living a decade in Texas, I am certain he will not attract these voters.  They will protest.

  • Anonymous

    Personally I would love it if Paul wounded Romney here in Maine. Makes a brokered convention more likely.

  • Anonymous

    All I can say is that the caucus I attended had about 50 people.  One person got up and spoke for Gingrich.  No one spoke for Romney or Santorum.  Two people spoke for Ron Paul.  Those two got loud applause, and one of them got a standing ovation.  The enthusiasm was definitely for Ron Paul.   My husband and I signed up as delegates for Ron Paul as well.

  • Please Good Folks Of Maine Vote Dr. Paul!!!!
    All these other Politicians are bought and paid for!! Will keep us in WARS forever and print money that will inflate our money to almost nothing!!
     Our SS checks will be useless.
    Only Dr.Paul will stop the WARS & use that money to help save SS.
     Thank you for your time!!
    Freedom In  America! God Bless

  • Respectfully, Ron Paul is a simplistic, eccentric.  His answers to what ails our Nation are open, honest and, unfortunately impractical to implement in the manner he proposes.
    He is also a “Senator.” Does this not make him an “insider” as well?
    The most conservative, honest, practical approach, candidate is Rick Santorum.

    • Ron Paul is a member of the House of Representatives.  He is not a Senator.  His son, Rand Paul, is.

      And no, physically residing in Washington, DC does not make one an insider.  He is not a member of his party’s establishment, thus he is very much an outsider… very much anti-establishment.

    • Dave, you failed the civics test on this one buddy

  • Ron Paul must not be taken seriously.  His approach to our Nation’s problems may sound worthy and “ring true,” they are not realistic and impractical to implement.
    Mitt Romney resembles a “Ken Doll.” His positions are manipulated and he has flipped more than a flapjack.
    We need a maverick insider, who is a true conservative.  A candidate who supports the foundation of our Nation, the morality of our laws, our Judeo-Christian  genesis, that freedom demands individual responsibility, and that our Republic must maintain its sovereignty that too many of our men and women made the ultimate sacrifice for.
    I believe this candidate is RICK SANTORUM.

    • Anonymous

      Following the Constitution of the United States of America is “not realistic and impractical to implement?”

      A foreign policy of peace is the same?

      And you’re a “true conservative?”

    •  Sorry Dave,

      I don’t share your values and “morality of laws” to go kill and maim in Iran, Syria, and Pakistan so that central bankers and big war contractors have a market to sell their goods, not me babe.

      Ron Paul is the real deal — for the rest, sovereignty is just a convenient idea.

  • Anonymous

    Admitedly, you used to be a Mainer, but as a Metro DC resident, you’re getting calls about Maine?

    • Boy, you’re really hung up on that, aren’t you?  Just can’t let it go…

      Yeah, I’ve been a source for national reporters on Maine politics ever since I started writing Pine Tree Politics four years ago… since I became a columnist, the number of inquiries I field has only increased… reporters, unlike you, don’t care at all about where I sleep at night, they want information… they call people who are plugged into networks that can help them.  

      But, by all means, continue your nativist foolishness if it makes you feel better…

  • Les

    Oh, I hope it happens here,the first win. Maine will be known as the place the dam broke.

  • Anonymous

    Ron Paul is often interesting to listen to, but is in no way going to become President of this country.  Many of his proposed solutions would never work, much less get through Congress.  I would support his son Rand much more than I would Ron, since Rand would be far more electable in the general.

  • I hope your newspaper will inform Maine voters of the following.
    1. Rick Santorum is corrupt. Santorum enrolled five of his children in an online “‘cyber-school”
    line “cyber school” in
    Pennsylvania, for which the Penn Hills school district was
    billed $73,000, despite the fact that all the children lived in Virginia.

    2. Rick Santorum is not a conservative.
    a.  He
    voted to double the size of the Department of Education.
    b. He voted to expand
    Medicare and add free drugs for senior citizens. 
    c. He has always voted for foreign
    aid, even though seventy-seven percent of the
    American people are opposed to it.

    3. Like Romney and Gingrich, Santorum serves Wall Street rather than Main Street.  The following is a list of some of his largest corporate contributors and the amounts they  have donated to him:   

    1) AT&T – at least $98,603;                           2) Altria – at least $96,500   
    3) Bank of America – at least $92,250;     4) PNC – at least $87,805;   
    5) JPMorgan Chase – at least $76,000;    6) Verizon – at least $75,165;  
    7) Wells Fargo – at least $73,050;              8) Bank of New York Mellon – at least $69,374  
    9) GlaxoSmithKline – at least $68,305;    10) Exelon – at least $67,589

    4. Santorum is not electable. As an incumbent Senator in 2006, he lost his re-election bid by 19 points.  If he loses by a landslide in his own state, he will surely lose by a landslide nation-wide, as recent polls pitting him against Obama have shown.  He will never attract the independent voters the GOP needs to win against Obama.   


  • Dear people of Maine,

    I know it’s going to be cold there on Saturday, and there’s a 100% chance of snow, but Ron Paul could really use your support right now –we all want limited government and low taxes. Romney is guaranteed to give us more of the same big government as Obama.

    So please drive carefully and get the vote out for Ron Paul.

    Take care.

  • We can elect Ron, or we can elect one of the same establishment Demopublicans who have sold us out to their corporate masters. How have they been working out for ya?

  • Guest

    ABO Anybody But Obama
    ABR Anybody But Romney

    Anybody that dosent openly oppose (press release needed) the Obama supported Quimby National Park

    And so far,,,, Ron Paul seems to be “afraid” of Quimby

    Man-Up Ron, stop looking like Frank Perdue, put out a press release opposing the Obama-Quimby Park

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