June 22, 2018
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Thursday, Feb. 2, 2012: Democratic claims, tobacco taxes and proposed propane tank


Democratic playbook

I’m amused with the media’s reporting that Republicans have set out on a national agenda with a secret strategy to suppress the votes of Democrats, especially minorities and the disadvantaged.

These claims have no basis in fact, but like most accusations made by Democrats, and then echoed by the liberal main stream media, facts don’t matter. Democrats believe that just saying something makes it so. And then, by endlessly repeating the fabrication it some how makes it true. Not so!

Democrats and liberals follow a playbook of denial when faced with undeniable facts.

For example, Acorn, the liberal “community organizing” group that has had any number of workers convicted of voter fraud in election all across this country. Where is the outcry from the media?

Yet when the Republicans, here in Maine, suggest using some form of voter ID, we’re told, “Please shut up and sit down. There is no such thing as voter fraud! Thanks you very much.”

Well, if you’re not looking for it, you won’t find it! The decision to create a study to look at the election process as a whole is just another example of Republicans working to address serious problems in a comprehensive way.

First we were told, “There’s no problem with the Maine Turnpike Authority.” Then, “Don’t worry about the Maine Housing Authority.” Now it’s, “Voter fraud, what voter fraud?”

A comprehensive examination of Maine’s electoral system is exactly what’s needed.

Jim Carlton


Tank moratorium needed

Based on the Jan. 26 meeting with DCP Midstream officials in Searsport, I believe we must garner as much support as possible for a yes vote on the proposed moratorium on March 10.

DCP officials promised to answer all of our questions; they did not and numerous town folk were not able to speak. DCP asked to collect email addresses to respond to unanswered questions. Not everyone wants to share their personal information.

DCP brought in a number of our town supporters and union members. We were standing near some who told us not very nicely that if we did not like the project to “get out of town” and they would move in (perhaps an insinuation that they plan to vote at our town meeting?).

DCP did not speak adequately to the exact location of the LP tank flare and the size of its flame. DCP has gone on record as criticizing the Thanks But No Tank’s scale model of the tank, yet has not produced one, something that is common for such a massive project. The pictures they display of how the tank will be viewed are clearly inadequate if not deceptive.

Lastly, DCP failed to adequately address the lighting and decibel levels surrounding the tank.

Jeannie Lucas


I’ll roll my own

In reply to “Gimmick,” the Letter to the Editor by Edward Miller of the American Lung Association (Jan. 16), the smokers of Maine are getting tired of paying the bills.

It seems like every time someone is spending too much money they say all they have to do is tax tobacco another $10 per carton. How much are we paying now, $20 to $30?

Do you think we are paying tax on tax when we buy tobacco? Sounds like we are being singled out.

To be fair, let’s raise the sales tax so we all pay. We could put a tax on liquor, or charge $100 for every new car sold. That would raise some money!

Mr. Miller said we do not go to New Hampshire, we quit. How wrong. We go to New Hampshire, we order by phone from other states, we roll our own, etc.

I roll my own. I’m paying one-third of the taxes I used to.

Jerry Smith


Needed heat, jobs

As a retired person, I am concerned about heating bills. We have a chance right now to bring in another heating supply with the proposed propane tank in Searsport. This is good news.

Common sense tells you another heating supply will mean lower prices, competition drives prices down no matter what.

Propane is a good heating source and there is no reason it can’t be here in my hometown instead of having to rely on oil from overseas. We have struggled during this recession to pay our bills, just like most people in Searsport. We need this heating source and the jobs that will come with it.

Ronald Moulton


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