Atlas 9 Series snowshoes

By Shelby Sheehan-Bernard, McClatchy-Tribune
Posted Jan. 27, 2012, at 8:38 p.m.

Looking for a way to revive your tired exercise routine? Go old school with snowshoeing, a vintage sport that’s easy to learn and different from the standard winter fare. Whether you’re just starting or are a veteran, the 9 Series Snowshoe Kit by Atlas has everything you’ll need (minus the snow): two 9 Series Snowshoes, two poles and a zippered carrying case.

The shoes are ideal for trail walking and feature Atlas’ free-rotating suspension, which is a patented system that suspends your feet and allows them to move freely with minimal resistance. It also absorbs impact and helps enhance traction on uneven surfaces. Flexible binding keeps feet secure in the shoes. Their lightweight aluminum V-frames help maintain a natural stride, even in deep snow. Poles have two parts for easy storage and are also made from lightweight aluminum.

Shoes are available in two adjustable unisex models, the 925 and 930. The 925 is 25 inches, with a surface area of 176 square inches and weight capacity of 120 to 200 pounds. The 930 is 30 inches, with a surface area of 222 square inches and weight capacity of 150 to 250-plus pounds.

Available online at Also check website for other retailers. Price is $199.95. printed on August 19, 2017