May 26, 2018
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Comments for: Bangor International Airport welcomes new security scanner

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  • Anonymous

    These generic machines should have been the norm, not the replacement. This should speed up the security process and create less passenger stress.

    • Anonymous

      Nah. Just shackle everyone before they get on the plane and unshackle ’em when they get off. Simple, quick, and democratic.

      • Anonymous

         I’ve worked that flight before – McChord AFB to Havana.  All passengers wore orange jumpsuits and ankle chains.  Not a pleasant flight.

        • Lisa Sprague


          • Anonymous

             Nope – DOJ charter. I think even ConAir was a little afraid of this group – I know I was…..

        • Joseph Willingham

          Reminds me of a USAir flight from Philadelphia to the west coast last month.  The pilot was on the PA, issuing orders to us like a warden.  The attendants were mostly rude and rather sloppy looking. 

          Oh, and that reminds me.  If they’re going to make us go through all this nonsense before we get on a 6-hour flight, the least the airlines could do is have the crew dress, look, and act professionally.  I’m tired of attendants wearing aprons and lanyards who look like they’re working on Dress Down Friday with the attitude to match that of a surly teenager.

    • These machines should be used as secondary scanners as they were promoted as. NOT as a primary scanning solution. 

  • Tom

    Even with the addition of the machine, a white 91 year old grandmother will be targeted for a cavity search while some 24 year old dude with a turban sails on through.

    • Anonymous

      yes, thanks to  liberals in charge. makes alot of sense.

      • Joseph Willingham

        Is it really the liberals who have us so terrified?  Who is the one who is telling us that THE TERRORISTS will stop at nothing and will even plant bombs on little children and old people?  

        It’s the government in general that’s doing this.  It’s not dems or repubs at that point-they are all the same when it comes to this charade.

      • The TSA was developed during the Bush administration and thust has received the majority of its funding from a conservative government. 

  • I don’t like these machines at all and don’t believe what they tell us about the radiation. If you go through twice a day could that cause you harm? I think I’ll drive instead.
    Daniel .. Toronto, Canada

    • Anonymous

      Or Dan you can request a pat down.

      • Joseph Willingham

        Three times now I have.  Twice at SFO and once at LAX.  One man even said he doesn’t blame me for choosing to opt out of the scanner. 

        Now I’ll do it at BGR too, I guess.

    • Anonymous

      Thank you for staying home dandmb50.  with an attitude like yours, we don’t want you on a plane!

      • Joseph Willingham

        Is it really wrong to question the safety of these devices?  

        It’s not as if the government has NEVER been wrong with regards to the safety of something.

  • Anonymous

     If Regan had been in office in 2001 maybe we wouldn’t even be talking about security and crazy Terrorists. The giant sand box would be a glass factory like it needs to be. 

  • Anonymous

    I welcome the improved efficiency.

    If it means the plane I’m on wont blow up, I am just fine with scanners, searches, pat downs, whatever. I have nothing to hide.

    • They are slower to go through, and do not detect explosives. The TSA had machines that were quick, and did detect explosives, however, they choose to not deploy them. 

      • Anonymous

        It takes 3 seconds to go through, if you have a belt buckle it will detect it, rather than make you go back through the walk through detector again and again. You can see what they see on the screen. 

        • It takes 1 second to go through a magnetometer. If you fail a scanner scan, you get a pat down.

    • Joseph Willingham

      As long as they keep us terrified, they’ll keep chipping away at our rights.

    • Guest

      This doesn’t mean your plane won’t blow up.  TSA and the Feds have been one step behind on every attempt ever made in the world and no matter how much money we throw at the problem or how many of our freedoms we give up, that is where we will stay.

      • Anonymous

        Well aren’t you a ray of sunshine?  Ha ha

        • Guest

          The facts aren’t always pretty.  I’ll bet money with anyone willing to take the bet that the next successful attack will be one they never saw coming and will result in another multi-billion dollar fix that won’t be ready for the attack after that.
          We’ve gotten too civilized to handle this issue in the ways we we used to handle things.

  • The new scanners actually take longer to go through than what a metal detector does. How long does it take to walk through the machine vs waiting for the machine to do its thing and analise the results. 

    The scanners do nothing to improve safety. They do everything to remove privacy, and the constitutional rights of innocent citizens. 

    • Anonymous

      There is no privacy invasion.  Have you seen the diagrams (male and female).  You can’t tell if the woman is 99 or 15..same for the man.   What are you talking about…have you been through one yet?

      • You know. I have never been through one of the scanners. In last year’s travels (about 70k flown miles, and 95 total flights) I always opted out. In 2010’s travels (about 60k flown miles and 60 total flights) I also never went through one. I, again, always opted out.

        The images outline images are the user interface that a screener sees. The original image of a fairly detailed nude persona still exist. Just because you don’t see it doesn’t mean that it isn’t there. 

        Keep in mind, that the scanners were installed as a knee jerk reaction to the attempted bombing of Northwest Airlines flight 253. The flight originated in Amsterdam, and the passenger originated in Nigeria. The TSA aren’t in either of those countries. 

        • wirunner, you are correct.   There is a detailed image and although the screener can’t immediately see it, it is still in the system.  

      • Joseph Willingham

        No privacy invasion?  Just because my junk doesn’t show does not mean my privacy isn’t being invaded.  

        I am being searched by a representative of the government even though I have not been accused of a crime.  If it’s okay to do this in the interest of the safety of the society in general, then what’s to stop the government from searching us at any point under the guise of “public safety”?

        And how do we really know what the scanners are doing?  Sure, we see the “humanoid” figure for ourselves, apparently, but what else is happening with that scanner?

    • There is an easy way to not have to wait and protect your privacy — Don’t fly

      • The TSA has been doing private vehicle searches on the roads, as well as searches at bus stations, train stations, and sporting venues. So, not sure what modes of transportation

        Not flying is not an option, i frequently need to be in Maine one day, and the next be in WI.  Not going through the scanners IS an option. Having illegal searches ceased is also an option. But it seems that the constitution is optional for parts of the government. 

      • Guest

        Not flying doesn’t fix anything.  They have this authority over all forms of transportation and are just getting started.

  • Joseph Willingham

    As long as I have a choice, I’ll ALWAYS opt for seeing the face of the person searching me.  I don’t care if the one who’s viewing the scanner can’t see who I am.  

    Maybe I’m fighting a losing battle, but until the day comes when we’re monitored 24-hours by cameras and scanners to ensure that we don’t commit a crime, I will always opt out.

  • Susan Westfall

    Wonder how much Chertoff and buddies make on the sale of just one of these radiation emitting monstrosities?

  • Joseph Willingham

    Another reason why this is a charade-if someone DID have explosives and is caught by a detector or scanner, what would happen then?  Does a magic bomb-proof capsule come from the ceiling like Maxwell Smart’s Cone of Silence and seal the bomber off from the hundred to thousands of people surrounding him?  I would bet that more terror would be caused by someone doing that than by blowing up one plane.

    The ONLY way to ensure safety for everyone is to scan EVERYONE 100% of the time in an isolated bomb-proof room. 

    But, I guess if it makes YOU feel safe, then MY civil rights should go in the toilet along with yours, huh?

  • Anonymous

    All of these scanners are millimeter wave, none are x-ray. If the x-ray units being used at most of the largest airports are so safe why did they stop installing them?

    TSA hasn’t allowed independent testing of either system but expects us to believe them when they tell us that the scanners are safe, our naked image is deleted and these things really work.

    This agency has a well-documented history of lying and cannot be trusted.

    TSA is a colossal failure and their lack of accountability and responsible management permits these abuses to persist. TSA is far too broken to be reformed and must be replaced with something that actually works.

    TSA Crimes & Abuses

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