June 18, 2018
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Tuesday, Jan. 24, 2012: Rev. Carlson, health insurance costs and home insulation

Disillusioned in man

Sadly, I agree with the final comment in the BDN’s Jan. 17 Editorial, “The Rev. Robert Carlson” that those who who revered him will be “devastatingly disillusioned.”

Unfortunately, some will be disillusioned with God and that is the real shame that comes from the life of one who takes on the claim of being a religious leader. It should be a reminder to all who profess to be believers to put their faith in God, not man or institutions.

Glennice Cline


Why stay Maine resident?

As the health insurance issue in Maine continues to get worse, my question to Gov. LePage and the Legislature is why should I continue to be a Maine resident? I have been visiting Arizona for a few years now and I am finding reasons to consider using this as my residence.

1. In Maine, for Anthem Blue Cross with a $15,000 deductible ($30,000 family), the cost is $592.

2. In Arizona, for Anthem Blue Cross the deductible is $2,000 ($4000 Family) with $3,000 maximum out of pocket per member. The cost is approximately $662.

3. A plan in Maine comparable to No. 2 would cost me approximately $1750 a month.

You do the math. I am fortunate that I have a choice, but not all Mainers do, and for them my heart breaks as they have tougher choices to make. Let’s quit regulating Maine to death.

Fred Gagne

Old Town

Say no to DCP tank

I am writing to encourage all registered Searsport voters to support the DCP tank moratorium by voting March 10. Like it or not, towns such as Searsport are dependent upon tourists who visit, buy summer homes or move here to live their dream of growing a business in our great state.

The visual blight, safety issues, increased traffic and property devaluation that this 138-foot tank will cause will forever impact our dependence upon tourism, the money spent at our B&Bs, motels, restaurants, gas stations, fish sellers, gift shops, landscapers, etc. This loss in revenue and jobs will continue long after DCP’s claim that for every $1 million it contributes toward this project it will generate $3 million in revenue, just a temporary influx. Searsport, Belfast, Northport, the islands, Bucksport and Stockton Springs will be stuck with the long term loss of jobs and revenue.

DCP and Searsport officials have woefully neglected to address the safety and evacuation issues with regard to this tank and increased traffic. In Florida where a similar tank was built there is a two-mile buffer; Searsport has none proposed.

The divisiveness this issue is causing is not dissimilar the LNG debate in Wiscasset and Searsport a few years ago. This is not a Democrat versus Republican issue. It is much larger than that. Companies such as DCP and a few shortsighted town officials don’t care about small towns. We are seen as expendable and without the muscle to fight back.

Jeannie Lucas


Silent red carpet

I have just finished watching the red carpet introductory show of the Golden Globes awards and I feel like I have watched a silent movie with music (and not very good music, at that).

It’s not fair to those who sit at home trying to enjoy this (or any) show. We, too, are interested in what the stars have to say, as well as the dialogue the screenwriters work to produce, but because of all the background noise from spectators and shows that want to be “real” (don’t we have enough reality in our lives?), we lose what is said or written.

The exception to this are the commercials. They come on loud and clear — so much so they make the hard of hearing cringe.

Why must we be subjected to this when we are supposed to be entertained? Why can’t the producers look at the old time shows — for which people had to use their imaginations and actors and emcees could be heard — and replicate them?

Elizabeth VanDyke


Bang for buck in basement

I compliment those who raise money to pay for heating oil for the less fortunate. Unfortunately it is not the best solution. It is far better to raise money for permanent reductions in the use of heating oil.

That is, with one exception: the cost of upgrading the insulation in a house is expensive and can take years and years to break even. One upgrade, which has a one-year payback, is insulating basement walls.

In my case, I spent $500 and saved 300 gallons of heating oil a year. I did my basement five years ago and have saved 1,500 gallons. Insulating an unfinished basement, which is not living space, costs about $600 and will save a minimum of 200 gallons. At current oil prices, the savings in one year will be $750 and thus the homeowner will save a net $150 in the first year.

Wet and rubble stone basements will cost more because the methods to do them are more expensive, but the bonus is that the basement will be dry and mold free.

The most important thing that BDN can do is inform the people of Maine that insulating basement walls is the absolute biggest bang for the buck.

David Chotkowski

Southwest Harbor

Ross crossed line

I do hope that Penobscot County Sheriff Glen Ross was misquoted on the front page of the Jan. 19 Bangor Daily News. Otherwise, every defense lawyer has been handed a new defense plea: “Judge, if my client had not robbed that bank, somebody would have robbed it next week.”

Sheriff Glen Ross states he had not crossed any “ethical” lines since police officers tell “suspects” they are under investigation all the time. Really? If that is true, it seems to me to be a very counterproductive practice.

Suppose a quarterback told the defense what play was going to be run. Make sense? No, Sheriff Glen Ross crossed a line and if not legal surely an ethical one.

I wonder if he lets everyone know when they are under investigation or just his friends? Unfortunately for everybody, Mr. Carlson took a tragic way out. But what if he had simply left the country? I wonder how many other investigations has Sheriff Ross compromised?

I have one more question. Where is his letter of resignation?

Jim Miller


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