June 22, 2018
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Comments for: Rick Perry drops out of presidential race, endorses Gingrich

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  • Anonymous

    If we goof this one up and dont remove Obama and replace him with Newt…..It will be just as bad as electing Lepage over Cutler……

    • Ronald Reagan’s corpse has a better chance of getting elected President then Newt does… Come to think of it, Reagan’s corpse could enter the primaries today and prob take the nomination.

  • Briney

    One less ranting radical to listen to.   With Newt’s ex’ wife exposing Newt’s non-conservative wishes for an open marriage, he should also be waving bye-bye shortly. Perry lost it when he couldn’t remember what agency he wanted to erase on becoming president.  Newt also forgot that hell hath no fury as a woman scorned.

  • Darn, just when the circus was getting good!

    • Guest

      fear not there will be many gags and bizzar twists of logic yet to come.

  • Guest

    I must admit that I haven’t enjoyed TV so in years outside of sports events, but these Republican primaries continue to provide entertainment of the highest order. Better than any circus I’ve ever been to with nonstop excitement. I was impressed with the Republican’s cowboy this go-round. Though forgetful at times his message rang loud and clear, pointing to a twenty year old conservative experiment ….Texas, yikes! But alas the cowboy is gone and now there are four.

    Newt news today as well, ex-wife speaks out, rut-row. Apparently conservative Newt wanted an open marriage with his ex and Callista. That changes my opinion of conservatives, making them more hip than I would have ever given them credit for.

    I love Newts rant on school janitors and how they can be replaced by kids because they’re paid so much money. Didn’t Newt tell us he made 60K for a half hour speech, it’s so funny Newt makes more in a half hour than a janitor does in a year and Newt begrudges the janitor’s income.  

    Word is Mitt will be releasing his tax returns and it will be very exciting to hear Mitt tell us of his offshore accounts and how much money he makes from them. I can certainly understand why anyone in the 1% would be rooting for Mitt, he’s a job creator, sort of, it’s Creative Destruction, and someone always gets hurt. It’s the way the games played and best part is it’s someone else’s money he’s playing with.

    Thank you Republican Party for the wonderful entertainment and surreal look into an epic clown show.

    • StillRelaxin

      The stress on the Clown Car springs is growing lighter and lighter. Still it’s looking pretty sad. Soon it will be time to haul it to the scrap yard under the power of a single strong donkey.

  • Anonymous

    This guy was the epitome of bobble-head politician.  Good riddance.  Gingrich won’t be too far behind him.

    • This whole process is great, they spend months telling America how awful the other candidates are, and then leave saying vote for the guy i told you was an awful candidate.

  • Anonymous

    Tells us interesting things about *Perry’s* ethics . . .

  • Rgiff

    Its a good thing he is out. He couldnt give the right date of the election when he was talking about it.

  • They can start a new TV show, “Will the Dumbest Politician Please Stand Up”. You have random guest politicians each week and have to figure out which one is the dumbest, imagine how hard and challenging that would be.

  • Anonymous

    I’m in North Charleston, South Carolina at this very moment and I can tell you first hand that the tide here really seems to be turning towards Newt Gingrich (which is unfortunate; my personal opinion).  Even Ron Paul seems to be making more headlines right now than Romney.  It’ll be an interesting debate tonight.

    • Anonymous

      Ron Paul makes more sense than any of the other candidates, if someone is truly for a free America, not a huge government that wants to micro manage our lives like we are all too stupid to make our own choices. 

      • Anonymous

        More non-sense, maybe.

      • Guest

        Ron Paul “has” been quoted as saying that he wants to faze out, and ultimately get rid of social security and that he has no problem in letting Iran build WMDs

  • Guest

    Down to The Wire-
    Romney is as bad or worse as Obama,,, Anti 2md Amendment & pro forced government healthcare
    Newt is too much as politics as usual
    Ron Paul is a weak on foreign policy-

    Rick Santorum is the candidate that best represents the people and will get my vote

    • Anonymous

      Lots of luck and that one.

  • Anonymous

    “.. but who is perfect?”  All of the R candidates, past and present are sure a long way from perfect.

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