April 22, 2018
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Comments for: Democrats allege Treasurer Poliquin’s beach club dealings are unconstitutional

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  • Anonymous

    IF I understand the statue correctly then I think Poloquin is in violation of it and either must turn over 100% of his duties and involvement in the business to someone else. Or he needs to resign as treasurer.

    By the way, I voted for LePage and have met and spoken with Poloquin. Rules are rules however and they need to be followed.

    • Anonymous

      I agree with you if you meant “statute”, although if there are any missing “statues”, they are probably hidden with the artwork from the Department of Labor.

      • J

        Yes, where are our Murals King LePage:)

      • Anonymous

        I admit I make spelling errors from time to time, quite like anyone else I imagine. I have always found it rather odd that some people feel the need to correct others spelling in this forum. What is that makes a person like you feel the need to point out spelling errors others have made? Do you think that you are providing some benefit or service to the person who has made a spelling mistake?

        • Anonymous

          No, it was not my intention to provide any benefit or service. My point was that if you change the spelling of a word, it changes the meaning. Please accept my apology.

          • Anonymous

            I jumped down your throat so to speak and I should not have done it. I apologize to you.

  • Anonymous

    Another of Lepage’s “right” hand men! It is all about the power then the money for themselves!!!

  • StillRelaxin

    Great, now we can seriously consider getting rid of both Poliquin and Mary Mayhew!  The rest can wait until next November to be judged.

    • J

      Laws don’t apply to Poliquin, laws are for the poor only, remember the large circus animal need a chain to the foot or else they will run off etc. No laws for these animals – make sense:)

      • More like circus “birds”

        Birds of a Feather Flock Together!
        We got the Penguin and now the Peliquin

  • Anonymous

    “According to a column by Bill Nemitz of the Portland Press Herald, Poliquin had inquired about his business dealings before he was officially named treasurer.

    Former Attorney General Janet Mills, now vice chairman of the Maine
    Democratic Party, told Nemitz that she could not give Poliquin legal
    advice until he actually took over as treasurer.”
     It sounds like this “commerce”  was in the works  before he took the
    S.T’s position, that The Dem’s Knew about it and now they want to make
    News out of it. Grasping at straws they are and you shill’s are playing right along in hopes that they can lead their herd to this “story”.

  • Anonymous

    “All animals are equal, but some are more equal than others….” Animal Farm.

  • Guest

    Poliquin engaged in commerce in violation of the Maine Constitution while he was State Treasurer. He went to the Phippsburg Board Planning Board last December (2011) to expand his business at the Popham Beach Club, so said expansion would increase “cash flow”. In his own words, motivation and intent are clear.

    Here is the text of his application for an additional new business permit:

    “To improve the Beach Club’s cash flow during this difficult economy, I respectfully request an additional new business permit allowing year-round catered functions including but not limited to corporate meetings, family-church-civic gatherings and health retreats,” wrote Poliquin in his one-page application, which was filed on Nov. 8. “Excluding the above, all conditions and other provisions of the original new business permits approved on April 19, 2006 shall apply.”

    Here is the story in the BDN dated Dec. 06, 2011:

  • Anonymous

    If we are lucky maybe there were some lies told under oath by this guy and big paul, then we can send them both packing.

  • Anonymous

    People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. Wise advise. Mr. Poliquin has had no trouble throwing stones in the direction of the Maine State Housing Authority as the front man for Paul Richard LePage in his attempt to take over the Authority. He had no trouble casting aspersions on the sitting Director. It might be a good idea for Mr. Poliquin to lay off the rocks. Something tells me a few are about to be coming in his direction.

  • How many more Conflicts of Interest  can Lepage round up?

  • Tyke

    Newest news articles are quoting Republican legislative leaders saying Poliquin never informed them of his business interests and that he was staying active in them.

    It appears that Brucie is being thrown under the bus by his own party.

    Apparently he annoys EVERYONE.

  • Anonymous

    Mark Dion can’t be in the medical marijuana business so no one should make money…

    • Tyke

      … and your whining childish  dislike of Dion has what exactly with the State Treasurer violating Maine’s constitution?

  • Just more trickery by the Democrats.

    • Rules are rules, whether you like them or not, you cannot pick whcih ones you follow.

  • Anonymous

    Give me a break. Poliquin rattles Dale McCormick’s cage,  turning up millions in wasted state money, Democrats respond with this kind of poop. The Maine Turnpike Authority was a crime shop  for decades under Democrats. Nobody in the party saw any problems with that. 

  • The point is this.  The democrats have no credibility and no point in bringing suit against Poliquin other than they don’t like him.

    And where are the stories about Obama not allowing the Canadian pipeline to happen which would create thousands of jobs and stabilize oil prices here in the USA. The BDN will not print any of that stupidity because it may have an impact on the man’s re-election campaign.

    • Anonymous

      Here we go again with the dodge the issue fallacy.  The Democrats don’t need credibility with the issue of Poliquin violating the Maine Constitution.  It’s in black and white on paper; and, any fifth-grader who can read and understand a complex sentence and understand the difference between right and wrong, can determine that what Poliquin did is wrong.  This is a no brainer.

  • Guest

    Poliquin’s activities have been in clear violation of the Constitution and he must resign.  Is anyone in Augusta reading the Constitution?  

    The Maine Housing Authority  list of vendors is shameful and an investigation will determine if Ms. McCormick must resign and be charged with a crime.

    It’s disgraceful for both parties.

  • cougar 64

    democrats are the scum of the state.  if anyone should be brought up on ethics charges it’s none other then ms mills.  everyone that is trying to fix this state and you want their heads, but nothing is said about the crime and corruption caused by the head of the mta.  now look at the fraud, waste and abuse with the msha.  

    birds of a feather do flock together and they are called democraps.

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