June 23, 2018
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Thursday, Jan. 19, 2012: National parks, consumer protection and USPS consolidation

Wary of park plan

I fail to understand how landowners in Maine can be so willing to give up their land to the federal government. Everywhere I look, I hear talk or see articles about how folks should consider their land for some type of conservation, preservation, protected zone, easement or federal park. Do you really think your land is safer “for future generations” under the care of the federal government than by private citizens?

In other parts of the country, some national parks are in financial distress and are closing many roads, cutting off access to the public. Other national parks (Yosemite, Yellowstone, Grand Canyon, Olympic, etc.) are now UN World Heritage Sites.

Additionally, our government is currently burdened under horrible debt. We have already been “downgraded” once and may be again in the near future. Remember that in Greece, assets of natural resources, national parks, beaches, ports, etc. were, and are, being sold (privatized), by order of the IMF to help pay their debt. That may never happen here in the U.S., but should we take that chance?

Perhaps we don’t need a national park feasibility study after all.

Marcia Jacobs


Autocratic Obama

I most vehemently object to President Obama’s recent appointment of Richard Cordray to lead the new bureau he has invented, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

This appointment was made without any discussion with Congress, as is required by our Constitution.

In addition to Cordray’s appointment, Obama also made three other appointments to the National Labor Relations Board, without so much as a nod to Congress. Congress was not in recess, even though Obama called them “recess appointments.”

Who are these people, and what qualifies them to serve in these important roles? The American people have never had the opportunity to “vet” them through our representatives in elected office. The NLRB appointments were clearly an example of thinly veiled pandering to Obama’s base. But this will not stand.

President Obama needs to be reminded that the U.S. is our country, and was founded upon the principle that our leader serves at the will of the people, not in spite of us. We will remember in November.

Lisa Davis


Truth, sex and brainwashing

Regarding the BDN’s Jan. 14-15 editorial, “What is Truth in 2012?” one can’t help but wonder where the recent government teaching advisory for sex education (BDN story, “New sex education standards released”) fits into the discussion.

Teaching the proper names for body parts is one thing, but making sure students “know” that sexual orientation is the “romantic attraction of individuals (whether same gender or not)” is Orwellian in its attempt to make vague and tangential any notion that strong mating and reproductive urges are involved that correspond to purpose-built body parts.

Are testes and ovaries to be mentioned in the discussion as organs of romance? In health teaching, is “appetite” defined in terms of the attraction to eat nonfood or food items? Of course this dichotomy exists in nature, if one wants to stretch the envelope of “truth.”

It’s good the BDN sees the responsibility to weigh in on truth. Our children are born to seek truth, and to serve them anything else is to promote profound disorder. What is next? Will it be teaching a definition of marriage to children that has nothing in it referring to one man and one woman? Is the anticipated “Truth in 2012” coming in this form of brainwashing?

Don Mendell


Stop postal consolidation

I am a USPS employee who works at the Hampden processing facility.

The public is being misinformed regarding the closing or consolidation of this facility.

The delivery of mail will definitely be adversely impacted and may even be disrupted. Does it really make sense to transport and process the mail in Scarborough? As far as financial savings, I haven’t heard or read about any specifics. Where and what are they?

Most postal workers are decent, hardworking people trying to make a living like everyone else. Think of the detrimental impact on them — mortgages, having to move, etc.

I encourage the public to call, write or email their representatives and tell them to stop this closing or consolidation.

Donald G. Donovan


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