Sanford adds shotgun-style Tasers to arsenal

The Associated Press
Posted Jan. 14, 2012, at 12:15 p.m.

SANFORD, Maine — Police in a southern Maine town are adding a new shotgun-style stun gun to their selection of weapons to subdue unruly individuals.

Sanford’s 41-member police force is being trained in the use of the new stun guns, which can be effective at 100 feet, much farther than the 20-foot range of hand Tasers used by many police departments.

The Journal Tribune of Biddeford says the shotgun-style stun gun delivers a 20-second charge, in contrast to pistol-style stun guns that have a five-second charge.

Stun guns are used to control people who are armed, in crisis, suicidal or suffering from mental illness without causing serious injury or deadly force.

Information from: Journal Tribune, printed on July 21, 2017