Waldo County Sheriff’s Office moving to new building down the street

Posted Jan. 13, 2012, at 5:37 p.m.

BELFAST, Maine — The Waldo County Sheriff’s Office is closed until Tuesday while the department moves into its new facility.

The office will still have deputies answering emergency calls, but — as on every weekend and holiday — the doors to the actual offices will be locked, according to Chief Deputy Jeff Trafton.

The sheriff’s office and the local emergency management agency are moving administrative offices to a new building on the same piece of land as the old building on Miller Street. The new building is much bigger than the old sheriff’s office and is “beautiful,” Trafton said Friday. The sheriff’s office now operates out of a house built in the mid-1800s. The old jail, which is now a 72-hour holding facility and a re-entry center will stay put in a brick building near the old sheriff’s office, Trafton said.

Anyone with an emergency can call 911 or 338-2040 and the dispatchers will send out a law enforcement officer.