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Posted Jan. 07, 2012, at 1:56 p.m.
Last modified Jan. 08, 2012, at 6:30 p.m.

BREWER | Officials in charge of opening a medical marijuana dispensary in the Bangor region have signed a lease for a location on Dirigo Drive, but have decided they need another month before going in front of the planning board. “On Monday, we’ll be submitting our site plan and …

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  • They were going to submit it in January, but could not finish their paperwork on time because they kept stopping to go get munchies.

    I bet their “full range of options” does not include Marinol, which is a pill form of Cannabis with the THC side-effects that get you high…cause you know darn well that if it doesn’t get you high, 80% of their customers would not want it.

    • Anonymous

      Your comment is full of prejudice, illogical thoughts, and down right ignorance.
      You need to walk a mile in the shoes of a true sufferer of a debilitating condition, climb down from your high horse and find some compassion because when God calls you to him, I’m certain he will not be impressed.

    • Anonymous

      I have got to say that knowledge is a powerful thing my friend.  Why in this day and age anyone would be able to spend five minutes and be able to determine what they would rather put into their bodies…Oh Brave New World.

      According to the FDA Marinol has been known to produce the following side effects:

      Seizure and seizure-like activity
      can exacerbate mania, depression, and schizophrenia
      can cause nervous system depression
      and more….check it out

      The National Institute on Drug Abuse….people whose bias is opposed to drug abuse have the following side effects listed.

      For up to 3 hours marijuana may cause an increased heart rate.
      NIDA mentions that smoking marijuana produces carcinogens (however a recent study proves that this is not the case, also if you follow the link and read what they wrote NIDA also mentions that users have no negative effects from the affor mentioned carcinogens.)

      NIDA also adds this 
      “Research clearly demonstrates that marijuana has the potential to cause problems in daily life or make a person’s existing problems worse. In one study, heavy marijuana abusers reported that the drug impaired several important measures of life achievement, including physical and mental health, cognitive abilities, social life, and career status.9 Several studies associate workers’ marijuana smoking with increased absences, tardiness, accidents, workers’ compensation claims, and job turnover.”
      This is only due to prohibition however.

      So what would I choose….?

      • Anonymous

        Now list the side affects of the other pain pills out there…oxycodone, hydrocodone just 2 that I took for a long time and they ruined my liver. If you are so informed and feel the need to ” educate ” others on what they should use for their problems I suggest you talk with someone who uses marijuana on a daily basis like I do. You really shouldn’t believe everything you read because alot of it is not true. It irritates me when people want to tell me what I should do for my problems….worry about yourself and leave us alone !!

        • Anonymous

          Maybe I wasn’t terribly clear.  I happen to fully agree with you PI_Guy.  I wrote this as a response to Batsu.  The reason only Marinol is discussed is because Batsu only mentioned Marinol.  You might also notice that Marinol has worse side effects, which is the point I was making.  I do not care to make an exhaustive list, as far as it is concerned Nutmeg has more harmful side effects than Marijuana.

    • Anonymous

      Marinol is not an effective treatment for many, many cancer patients. Marinol does not increase appetite. Marinol didn’t work at all for my husband, plus it made him sleepy.

      There will be thousands of human beings whose suffering will be lessened. Those who are recreational users will use marijuana whether or not there are these dispensaries. Now there will be many who are suffering who will have access to this valuable medication without being treated like a criminal.

    • daniel cole

      studies are showing that it is also a combination of THC CBD and other elements in the plant that helps in the way it does. Patent or synthesize one, and it wont have the same affect.  And if your worried about taking the fun affects out of pot. then i guess your gonna start pushing the pharmaceutical company’s to make all their drug concoctions not get you high, Cause we don’t want all those darned pill headed house moms or prescription users enjoy getting high off their meds. And if you really are concerned about people getting a little high off the safest drug in the world. You need to look deep inside yourself , and assess your priorities in life.  The only type of person i could imagine that would vote against the rights, freedoms, or liberties of other legal citizens is a complete scumbag.

    • Anonymous

      Why pay big pharma to use a medicine that needs no chemical alterations to be used straight from the good earth? That’s just silly. It’s like considering the chicken mcnugget to be a wholesome food replacement for roasted chicken.

  • Anonymous

    Marinol is a prescription medication, and their for cannot be sold in dispensaries.

    Also getting high is the point. Its NOT getting AS high as you would of say.. Vicodin, oxy cotten, and the many other forms of prescription pill’s that Cancer patients normally would receive. It also has the added benefit of anti-nausua and “the munchies” which is great for people who are everyday in so much pain that they can’t keep anything down. Considering that the munchies is one of the most severe side effects in marijuana and most prescription pills worst is DEATH. I think I know the path that I would choose.

    Think for yourself, question authority. We were given brains for a reason, now lets put them to good use! :)

  • Anonymous

    Wow, what in heck are all the legal potheads gonna due, another delay?… Send the to Ellsworth, we have a nice big beautiful pot clinic for all you legal dope heads……..just dont light up outside, cops will be waiting for you…..

    • Anonymous

      You are being disrespectful to the men and women with physical illnesses whose suffering is lessened through the use of this valuable medicine. You are perpetuating unfair stereotypes. You are misinformed and misinforming.

      While there will be those who will seek out marijuana for recreational reasons, there will be thousands of human beings who will have legitimate reasons to use this medication to relieve their suffering who will no longer be treated like criminals.

      Heart a heart of compassion, not a belly full of prejudice.

    • Anonymous

      I don’t like being called a dope head. I use marijuana for chronic pain and it helps far better than any pills I have taken and I have NO side effects. YOU are a JACKWAGON for disrespecting people !!

    • Anonymous

      Your ignorance is blinding you.  I hope that you don’t find yourself with a painful cancer diagnosis at some point in this life time, lest you need medication to ease the pain and keep you from vomiting long enough to digest some food.

      • Anonymous

        For all the ignorant replies above…I say whatever…………….keep smokin your dope, keep burning out those brain cells and you’ll sound even more ignorant that you do now!

        • Anonymous

          You are the one who sounds ignorant. This is in the top ten moronic posts of the day.

        • Anonymous

          Well, at least they can spell properly, diminished brain cells or not.

        • Anonymous

          You are actually the only one whose comments seem ignorant, and that perhaps some of your brain cells are burned out. 

          Please educate yourself so you don’t appear so ignorant in your comments.

  • Anonymous

    Well, heeeeeeyyyyyyyyyyyyy, maaaannnnn, what seems to be the delay, dude?

  • Anonymous

    There is an unbelievable resistance to something that the PEOPLE overwhelmingly voted for .

    This is shameful.  

  • Anonymous

    It needs to be located next to the “Public Service Building”…

  • Anonymous

    and can cause lung cancer just like cigs……

    • Anonymous
      Read the article, you clearly are incorrect.  Do some research next time.

      • Anonymous

        Also tinctures, edibles, vaporizors, fish oil infusions, lozenges, etc are available so marijuana does not necessarily have to be smoked.

    • Anonymous

      There is more and more evidence that it does not cause lung cancer just like cigs. It actually has cancer fighting agents and decreases the inflammation caused by cancer. There are many, many ways to deliver this medication. It does not have to be smoked.

  • Joe

    I plan to open a Doritos Store at 222 Dirigo Drive in Brewer in the near future. 

    • Anonymous

      When the people who use this medication to improve their quality of life, particularly appetite, they generally try to eat foods that are filled with nutrients. When you can barely eat and you are slowly dying, you focus more on those foods that would give energy so that you might be able to move about and interact with your family. 

      Doritos was the last thing on my husband’s mind when he was dying. He would instead eat strawberries, oranges, yogurt or other healthy foods after smoking to help give him strength. Doritos would have made him nauseous again. 

      I pray that you or someone you love doesn’t have to suffer and die as my husband did. It will not be all laughs and jokes. It is serious. Time for you to grow up.

  • Guest

    Why did we let this group from California operate HALF. of the dispensaries ?


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