April 23, 2018
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Waldo divorces, 2011

The following divorces were filed this fall with Waldo County District Court in Belfast on grounds of irreconcilable differences:

Joseph Anton Wickham, Monroe, and Bethany Ann Wickham, Winterport; married at Monroe, May 19, 2010.

Steven Ray Mathis, Brewer, and Bethany Elizabeth Mathis, Morrill; married at Belfast, Oct. 25, 2008; shared parental rights of one child.

Jason A. Littlefield, Warren, and Serena Lee Littlefield, Swanville; married at Windham, Oct. 15, 2009; parental rights of one child granted to the mother.

David Webb, Belfast, and Dagny Webb, Unity; married at Belfast, Oct. 6, 2007; parental rights of one child granted to the mother.

William A. Murbach, Jr., Palm Bay, Fla., Kristen M. Murbach, Montville; married at Searsport, June 10, 1989; shared parental rights of one child.

Michael Paquin, Belfast, and Candy Paquin, Belfast; married at Northport, Jan. 8, 2005; shared parental rights of one child.

Justin A. Fickett, Randolph, N.J., and Sonja R. Fickett, Belfast; married at Ellsworth, July 28, 2007.

Michael H. Hustus, Prospect, and Mary J. Hustus, Fredericksburg, Va.; married at Belfast, Dec. 20, 1998.

Malcolm Lane, Winterport, and Mary Beth Young, Bangor; married at Brewer, June 21, 2003.

Kenneth Wing, Northport, and Kimberly Wing, Belfast; married at Belfast, Sept. 16, 1995; shared parental rights of one child.

Robert H. Walker and Natalie R. Walker, both of Stockton Springs; married at Stockton Springs, July 23, 1994; shared parental rights of three children.

Richard D. Palmer, Sr., and Lorraine Palmer, both of Winterport; married at Oakland, Dec. 31, 1990; shared parental rights of one child.

Todd McLeod, Searsport, and Crystal Gail McLeod, Northport; married at Belfast, no date given; shared parental rights of two children.

Norman P. Jollife, Searsmont, and Catherine Robbins Jolliffe, Searsmont; married at Belfast, July 24, 1999; shared parental rights of two children.

Eugene W. Littlefield, Belfast, and Maryann Littlefield, Belfast; married at Belfast, Sept. 11, 1982.

Jason D. Rhodes, Wiscasset, and Dawn K. Rhodes, South China; married at Palermo, June 12, 2004; shared parental rights of two children.

Harland Gamble, Jr., Prospect, and Tara Gamble, Winterport; married at Stockton Springs, June 11, 2005; parental rights of two children granted to the mother.

Steve Allen Pomery, Searsport, and Wanda Jean Pomery, Belfast; married at Searsport, Sept. 24, 1998.

Patrick W. Berry, Belfast, and Bonnie L. Berry, Belfast; married at Belfast, Jan. 22, 1974; shared parental rights of two children.

Terry Branch, Echo, Ore., and Jane Branch, Brooks; married at Belfast, May 6, 1995; shared parental rights of two children.

Timothy Hathaway, Winterport, and Jillanne Hathaway, Winterport; married at Newburgh, Aug. 30, 1996; shared parental rights of two children.

Matthew D. Freeman, Freedom, and Laura L. Freeman, Freedom; married at Belfast, Jan. 1, 2006.

Benjamin J. Greenleaf, Searsport, and Judith A. Greenleaf, Searsport; married at Searsport, Dec. 31, 2006.

James M. Robertson, Prospect, Laurie L. Robertson, Chelsea; married at Bucksport, Aug. 23, 1991.

Gregory S. Ciraldo, Lincolnville, and Virginia L. Ciraldo, Lincolnville; married at Montague, N.J., May 25, 1985.

James J. Campbell, Searsport, and Lauren A. Murray, Belfast; married at Bucksport, Sept. 11, 1997.

Harold V. Shute, Brooks, and Trudi J. Shute, Montville; married at Ellsworth, July 16, 1986.

Brett Armstrong, Swanville, and Mary Armstrong, Belfast; married at Belfast, Oct. 28, 1983.

Robert Glen Hannan, Palermo, Nancy Lorraine Hannan, Palermo; married at Palermo, Oct. 19, 1999.

Gregory C. Winston, Troy, and Kathryn E. Miles, Belfast; married at Troy, July 31, 2004.

Duane H. Haight Jr., Troy, and Lynn Marie Haight, Troy; married at Troy, April 19, 1996; shared parental custody of three children.

Richard Barnard III, Montville, and Marie Barnard, Brooks; married at Searsport, Sept. 6, 2003.

Pasco R. Grove, Searsport, and Vicky Grove, Monroe; married at Searsport, Nov. 29, 2002; shared parental rights of two children.

Travis S. Johnson, Thorndike, and Patricia A. Johnson, Tenants Harbor; married at Tenants Harbor, Oct. 8, 2005; shared parental rights of one child.

Laurence Dyer, Monroe, and Elizabeth Dyer, Monroe; married at Montauk, N.Y., July 27, 1991; shared parental rights of three children.

Joseph Edward Robeau III, Port Townsend, Wash., and Melanie E. Mock, Belfast; married at Rockland, Aug. 4, 2001.

Robert F. Young, Troy, and Wendy Jo Young, Troy; married at Swanville, Aug. 18, 2007.

Jeffrey Ray Redmond, Frankfort, and Michelle Lea Redmond, Stockton Springs; married at Frankfort, July 7, 1995; parental rights of one child granted to mother and parental rights of other child granted to father.

Alan Dale Bartlett, Searsmont, and Stephanie Sue Bartlett, Searsmont; married at Searsmont, Sept. 14, 2005; shared parental rights of one child.

David S. Leathers, Swanville, and Rena Leathers, Swanville; married at Waldoboro, Oct. 9, 2004.

Manley Hozen Huff, Burnham, and Kelly Ann Huff, Burnham; married at Burnham, no date given.

Earlier in the spring:

Joel J. Prescott, Swanville, and Sabrina M. Prescott, Morrill; married at Rockport, June 26, 2006.

Matthew Stetson, Winterport, and Amy Stetson, Winterport; married at Winterport, Aug. 8, 1998; shared parental rights of two children.

Henry H. Leathers, Brooks, and Teresa C. Leathers, Brooks; married at Unity, June 14, 1997.

Robert L. Johnson, Jr., Rockland, and Sandra M. Johnson, Belfast; married at Pembroke Pines, Fla., June 6, 2004; shared parental rights of one child.

Donald L. Woodbury, Coopers Mills, and Joanne F. Woodbury, Palermo; married at Albion, Feb. 18, 1989.

Keith E. McPherson, Albion, and Trisha L. McPherson, Troy; married at Bangor, July 10, 1999; shared parental rights of two children.

Sanford A. Bush, Belfast, and Gina J. Sawyer, Belfast; married at Lincolnville, Aug. 13, 2000.

Joshua Bowden, Winterport, and Amy Bowden, Winterport; married at Florida, Oct. 15, 2004; shared parental rights of two children.

Corey Allen Field, Stockton Springs, and Jessamy Ruth Field, Belfast; married at Stockton Springs, April 3, 2003; shared parental rights of three children.

Jeffery S. Fuller, Montville, and Michele L. Fuller, Montville; married at Montville, Aug. 11, 1984.

James A. Banks, Jr., Waterville, and Wendy D. Hatch, Waterville; married at Waterville, April 4, 2008.

Jeffrey Louis Bruns, Troy, and Stephanie Ann Wooley, Troy; married at Troy, Oct. 3, 2009.

Aaron Kinsey, Harrisonburg, Va., and Rebecca Simpson Kinsey, Swanville; married at Port Republic, Va., Oct. 20, 2007.

Kenneth R. Curtis, Searsport, and Lorri J. Curtis, Searsmont; married at Montville, Nov. 27, 1987.

Edward Ronnie Dumond, Fort Kent, and Jennifer Lynn Dumond, Stockton Springs; married at Orland, Aug. 2, 2008.

Travis A. Ashey, Searsport, and Kimberly Ashey, Searsport; married at Frankfort, Oct. 22, 1999.

Douglas Gary McAllister, Belfast, and Cheryl Ann McAllister, Belfast; married at Searsport, Aug. 8, 2003.

Michael Chasse, Freedom, and Elizabeth Dodge, Freedom; married at Rangely, Jan. 3, 2009.

Jon Allen Johnson, Winterport, and Tracey Ann Despres-Johnson, Winterport; married at Freeport, Oct. 12, 2007.

Terry W. Later, Prospect, and Sandra L. Later, Prospect; married at Prospect, July 4, 2004.

Paul Taliaferro, Jr., Troy, and Heather A. Taliaferro, Morrill; married at Unity, Oct. 5, 2006; shared parental rights of two children.

Benjamin Stockwell, Swanville, and Meg Stockwell, Swanville; married at Belfast, Sept. 1, 2001.

Kenneth A. Peach, Winterhaven, Fla., and Robin J. Peach, Searsport; married at Wallingford, Conn., June 20, 1987.

Everett W. Hutchinson, Frankfort, and Rosalyn Hutchinson, Morrill; married at Perry, April 18, 2004.

Earl W. Leathers, Belfast, and Heidi L. Leathers, Belfast; married at Waldo, Dec. 12, 2009.

Paul B. Pyle, Searsport, and Shana L. Pyle, Montville; married at Thorndike, April 2, 2007; parental rights of one child granted to the mother.

Joseph Edward Dulude, Swanville, and Rebecca Jo Sprague, Swanville; married at Swanville, July 23, 2005.

Benjamin R. Kennedy, Belfast, and Valerie Mank Kennedy, Searsmont; married at Warren, Aug. 13, 2005.

Terry L. Thayer, Unity, and Tara M. Thayer, Monroe; married at Rockport, Oct. 22, 2005.

Charles Whitehouse, Islesboro, and Anne Whitehouse, Islesboro; married at Islesboro, Oct. 16, 1999.

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