Sleeping bag protects you even when it’s below freezing

Posted Nov. 16, 2011, at 5:33 p.m.

A mummy wrap might not produce thoughts of warmth and comfort, but Mountain Hardwear’s UltraLamina 15 sleeping bag does just that. And once you’re in, you may not want to get out. The design can keep you protected in temperatures down to 19 degrees Fahrenheit, with a snug fit for maximum heat and a foot box to allow your feet to rest naturally.

Its fully welded seams, dense synthetic insulation and nylon shell resist moisture. The shell also resists wind. The bag includes a face protector to block drafts. And being in the bag doesn’t necessarily mean lights out. A zipper on both sides lets you sit up — even cook — while still inside. Zippers also allow for ventilation and the bag’s soft lining increases comfort. The bag includes an interior zippered pocket for storage.

The UltraLamina compresses easily to about 7 inches and comes with a storage sack for easy transport. Weight is 2 pounds, 14 ounces. Inside length is 78 inches. Shoulder width is 60 inches. Foot box width is 38 inches. Hip width is 56 inches. Also available in a women’s style with a more snug fit for additional warmth, as well as other length and temperature versions.

Price for the UltraLamina 15 (regular length) is $205. Purchase online at