Robbery, suspicious package reported at Waterville bank

The Associated Press
Posted Nov. 07, 2011, at 5:58 p.m.

WATERVILLE, Maine — A local man has been charged with robbery, theft and terrorizing after police say he robbed a bank and said he was armed with a bomb.

Forty-eight-year-old William Adamchak was arrested Monday on unrelated charges. He reportedly was wanted on a warrant.

Police said a witness called to report a suspicious man had entered the Bank of America branch and made a comment about a bomb.

Police then received an alarm from the bank and a report that a man had robbed it while saying he was armed with a bomb.

Police said the suspect left a backpack in the bank.

Adamchak was arrested on a nearby street after the caller followed him and reported where he was to police.

Police said they recovered the amount of money stolen from the bank on Adamchak. printed on August 23, 2017