Compressible pillow means you can get a good night’s sleep in your tent

By Shelby Sheehan-Bernard, McClatchy-Tribune
Posted Nov. 04, 2011, at 6:31 p.m.

Just because you’re roughing it in the wilderness doesn’t mean you have to wake up with a stiff neck. Sure, you could drag a standard feather pillow along, but storage would be an issue. Or you could pack a mini inflatable pillow, but it might only accommodate half of your head. Hummingbird’s Compressible Pillow offers the best of both worlds.

It’s made from foam that offers full-size comfort while you sleep. And when you’re done, it compresses to about a quarter of its size for ideal portability. It rolls into a built-in sleeve that fits into a backpack while camping, on the road, on the trail or even in the air.

Soft, compressible materials provide sleep-worthy comfort. Cover is microfiber polyester and pillow is urethane foam. A little dirt and grime won’t hurt them either; both are fully machine washable. Pillow measures 12 x 16 inches when expanded and approximately 12 x 5 inches when rolled. It’s also lightweight at only 7 ounces and made in the USA.

Offered in three colors/patterns: denim (blue), vermillion (red) and geometric (multicolor). Available online at and Also offered through Distant Lands and ExOfficio. Price is $17.95. printed on March 29, 2017