Twins mark birthday in Old Town

Posted Nov. 01, 2011, at 6:15 p.m.

Twins Bernice and Beatrice were born on Oct. 28, 1921, to Rae and Lewis Littlefield. After Bunny and Bea graduated from Old Town High School, Bunny went on to nursing school and Bea joined the Armed Forces.

Bunny married to the late Richard Cousins Sr. and has four children: Arline Seavey, who lives in South Addison,; Richard B. Cousins Jr., who lives in Milford; Robert Cousins, who lives in Bass Harbor; and John Cousins III, who lives in Brewer.

Bea married the late Carol Hackamack and has two children, Susan Dugan, who lives in Kenosha, Wis.; and David Hackamack, who lives in Charlotte, N.C. After Hackamack passed away, Bea married the late Jim McCleary. Bea now lives in Charlotte, N.C.

Friends and relatives, including their two younger sisters, Gertrude KirkPatrick and Lois Gile, gathered Oct. 29 at the Old Town Methodist Church in Old Town to celebrate their birthday. printed on August 23, 2017