May 22, 2018
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Monday, October 31, 2011: Deer-hunting season, Election Day registration and Occupy Bangor

No mistakes, please

The first day of Maine’s regular deer-hunting season opens today, on Halloween.

I urge hunters to be especially careful late in the day when many children and others may be out walking between houses for trick-or-treat wearing white ghost costumes.

Let’s hope no hunter mistakes a 6-year-old under a white sheet for a white-tailed deer. Remember the tragedy of the woman in her own backyard wearing white mittens.

Sharon Bray


Vachon explains position

Recently there has been a misunderstanding about my position on taxes for the city of Brewer. I am adamantly opposed to raising taxes for any purpose. I support all of our public employees but feel now is not the time for any type of increase.

Brewer and other areas are financially in dire straits. We need to control spending first. When the time comes, we will absolutely take care of our public employees. They make this city what it is with their tireless hard work.

Our economic development team is working with the governor’s office to bring a gas plant to the business park on the Wiswell Road. This is sure to bring us added tax revenue.

I am somewhat new to the political scene, though some may know me from my work with Freemasonry and as a Shriner. I just want to make myself perfectly clear. We have a good track record for not raising taxes in this city over the last 10 years. I intend to continue this trend. This city needs new blood this year. I am hoping this is the year the city decides to vote that way.

I have lived in Brewer my entire life and care deeply about its people and how local government operates. I plan on donating my council stipend to Brewer charities if elected. I look forward to meeting the voters of Brewer at the polls on Nov. 8.

I would be forever honored and humbled if elected.

Matt Vachon


No reason to change law

If there was a problem securing the vote in Maine, I could better understand the legislation to repeal Election Day voter registration. However, a recent investigation revealed that there was no fraud and it seems that votes cast in Maine are remarkably secure.

If town clerks complained that Election Day registration was a troublesome burden, I could again better understand the legislation. That’s not the case, either, and, in fact, the clerks across Maine stand in support of Election Day registration.

It makes you wonder why those in Augusta think it’s necessary to expend time and energy putting an end to this time-honored, important Maine tradition, especially when there are so many real problems that need to be addressed.

Let’s tell government to keep their hands off this just and right law that has benefited Mainers for almost 40 years. Vote yes on Question 1 to to keep Election Day registration.

Cindy Todd


Solidarity with occupiers

I stand in solidarity with the Occupy movement. I have traveled to the occupations in Washington D.C., New York and Augusta and been impressed with the heartfelt passion and determination to stand up and fight for democracy and for a future for America, whose sacred principles and political process have arguably been hijacked.

Their stand is for you and me and America, and as far as I’m concerned, their need to express their freedom of speech and peaceable assembly has the moral high ground and trumps the standard park rules.

Go listen to their general assemblies and see for yourself. Aside from expressing their discontent and creative alternatives to the documented economic disparity we 99 percent suffer from, they also model a higher form of inclusive democracy that crafts a way forward without sowing the seeds of division that lead to the gridlock that majority rule fosters and that we often sadly see in Washington.

To the city of Bangor which, as of Friday morning, intends to remove the occupation at a 10 p.m. curfew: beating occupiers down with a stick like the English tried to do with Gandhi will empower and prove the occupiers’ point.

Peter Baldwin


Great story, well told

I want to send my gratitude for and recognition of Seth Koenig’s story about our program for homeless veterans in Saco. It is the best article that I have seen in my 40-plus years of public relations and marketing experience. The incredible placement and size of the photographs gave it that much more impact.

He really tells a powerful story that needs to be told and and brought tears to the eyes of everyone that contacted me about his work (including myself). It also was such a wonderful recognition of our staff and their work and the courage of our veterans in the field and in the most important fight of their lives — to make it all the way home. Joel Page’s photographs were the finishing touch.

A quote about the article from one of your readers says it better than I ever could:

“Hands down, the best story that I have read in a long time! Thank you to all of those who have made this place a reality for our beloved veterans. Mr. Hilbert: We have not all forgotten the 17 fallen in Yemen that day. Keep sharing your story, as you will find those who do recall and will never forget.”

Thank you for your great work and service to the community and our state.

Glenn Michaels

Volunteers of America Northern New England

Snowe was right

Maine is blessed to have Sen. Olympia Snowe as she is truly working to do the right things for Maine and the country. I was disturbed to see her criticized for voting against President Obama’s so-called “jobs bill.”

As someone who employs nearly 400 people, mostly in Maine, I can say with certainty that the president does not understand job creation. It is very clear to most people that this bill was a very cynical political attempt to create a campaign issue. It was also clear that opposition to this poorly conceived “stimulus II” was bipartisan.

Support for this bill was partisan and Reid/Obama wanted it that way. If Obama really wanted jobs, he would do well to listen to Sen. Snowe and others who are truly interested in making the economic climate better. That is not what the president is doing and the economic results are speaking to that.

Keith Van Scotter


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