June 18, 2018
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Portable toolbox from SOG

Courtesy of SOG-knives.net
Courtesy of SOG-knives.net
SOG’s Contractor FF-01 2x4
By Jeff Strout, Special to the BDN

Awhile back we looked at the SOG S67 Power Assist EOD multitool with the compound leverage, gear-driven pliers, a serrated and straight blade, cutters, crimpers, flat-blade screwdriver, file and C-4 punch/glass breaker.

This wonderful tool has been a constant sidekick and traveler with me for months. I can’t begin to tell you how many times it has been used for cutting, tightening, loosening and bending. It’s practically a pocket tool kit all by itself.

Want more versatility to do more chores around the home? Add SOG’s Contractor FF-01 2×4, one of the company’s new themed tools. This one has a few visuals to give it the carpenter’s theme — such as the hammer-shaped blade release, the putty knife-shaped pocket clip, the circular-saw-like blade assist wheel and the decorative embossing on the case that looks like house framing.

But that’s where the theme ends and the practicality begins on this $41.50 tool. For one there’s a nice, sharp straight-edged knife — no frills, just 3¼ inches of useful sharpness. Push down on the hammer-shaped release on the spine to fold the blade out of sight and it’s ready for its second job — skinning wire.

There are three holes in the side of the case into which you insert an insulated strand of wire. Put a little pressure on the back of the knife blade, turn the wire and the case at the same time and pull off the insulation in one quick motion. Combine this with the power assist multitool’s cutter, and crimper wiring jobs become a snap.

Another feature is the pencil sharpener built into the handle. It’s your typical twist-the-pencil-in-the-hole sharpener, but so handy when you need to put a point on your pencil.

And finally, there’s a level in the handle that will come in handy when you’re checking on that picture you just wired and hung.

And in the event you went to hang that picture and didn’t have a nail? There’s one of those in the handle — 1½ inches, galvanized.

I chose a couple of other accessories from SOG’s line to complete my pocket tool box.

The first is the $20 hex-bit kit. It has 12 bits (Phillips, flathead and Torx) and a quarter-inch hex driver that fits most fasteners. You can turn it with the quarter-inch flathead screwdriver on your multitool. (I have an adapter for my Leatherman that accepts quarter-inch hex bits as well.)

And the second is the SH03 fire starter-sharpener available this month for about $20. This little beauty is 3½ by ¾ inches and has a flat diamond sharpening pad, cylindrical ceramic sharpener (think serrated blades) and a fire starting steel that tips the scale at 16 grams or 0.56 ounces.

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