Nature photographer works on ‘explore list’

By Dave Small, Special to the BDN
Posted Sept. 27, 2011, at 12:51 p.m.

Sandy Point Beach, Park and Trails in Stockton Springs has been on my “to explore list” for a while now. The beach area is very walkable and the wharf remnants offered a great perch for this double-crested cormorant. I like these birds, although some don’t. Hiking South around French’s Point towards the Amazon Stream an osprey in flight caught some nice light. Near the outlet of the stream I was able to get onto a great trail system, which looped back to the parking lot. I caught this chipmunk munching on some red berries near a beaver pond. Woodland mushrooms which seem to catch just a beam of light through the canopy always attract my attention.


A visit with my canoe to the Mud Pond inlet produced an opportunity to capture, my far, image of a belted kingfisher. These guys are quite visible and easily seen, just not close! No matter how many times I photograph the female common yellowthroat, I always have difficulty identifying it. printed on July 21, 2017