Pet Food Pantry having trouble keeping up with demand

Posted Sept. 26, 2011, at 9:49 a.m.

FAIRFIELD CENTER, Maine — People who run a group that helps Mainers feed their pets while they’re going through tough times say more people need their services and they’re being stretched thin.

Every month volunteers with the Pet Food Pantry in Fairfield Center raise money and buy about $1,200 worth of food for dogs, cats, rabbits, birds and fish, then distribute it at Victor Grange. The pantry has also paid for pets to be neutered.

The pantry is open for two hours the fourth Friday of every month. Pantry volunteer Alice Pincoske said it’s common for people to begin lining up two hours before the pantry opens.

The Morning Sentinel said that on Friday volunteers had to ration cat food so there would be enough to make it until closing time.