June 18, 2018
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Thursday, Sept. 22, 2011: Bangor’s bandstand, Sister Mary Norberta

Bandstand bad news

Several weeks ago, I traveled down Main Street to see the progress on the new Bangor arena. Noticing everything was leveled in preparation for building, I wondered what had become of the lovely white bandstand, host to many wonderful concerts by the Bangor Band and others.

Now, my curiosity was aroused, so I asked an official of Hollywood Slots and was told “they moved it to Cascade Park.” The hunt began, and I checked Cascade, as well as Chapin, Broadway, Williams and Coe parks; no bandstand.

As a soon to be Medicare-eligible Bangor native, this journey aroused many nostalgic memories of my youth in the beautiful parks of this city, especially what I considered my park, Chapin. How fortunate we are to have all this “green space” in our city.

Today, I bit the bullet, and called the Bangor Parks and Recreation Department and heard what I feared: “It was torn down.” With today’s technology, when houses and wind turbines are moved along our highways, pre-fab modules by Cianbro moved on waterways from Brewer to Texas, and apple trees for the wealthy move along Route 1A from Ellsworth to MDI, how sad the fate of our bandstand.

Waterfront concerts are great, but a good old-fashioned band concert on a summer night in one of Bangor’s beautiful parks, free concerts by the way, are a treasure beyond measure. Let us hope other arena decisions have more positive outcomes. I am disappointed.

Mary C. Golden


An example to follow

Last Friday, an incredible woman moved onto a new stage in her already remarkable life. Sister Mary Norberta passed the reins of St. Joseph Healthcare over to Mary Prybylo.

Much has been written and said about Sister Norberta’s contributions to our community, especially her leadership in health care in Eastern Maine. I would like to add my voice to the chorus of praise and speak of the equally important contributions Sister Norberta has made over the past 30-plus years.

She has been an inspiring example of someone who lives her faith. Sister Norberta has served as a wonderful role model for all, especially women aspiring to positions of leadership. St. Joseph’s, modeling Sister Norberta’s compassionate nature, has provided clean linens daily to the least among us at the Bangor Area Homeless Shelter since the shelter opened more than 20 years ago.

Leadership, commitment, compassion and faith — these are just some of the many qualities that are Sister Mary Norberta, and that we all would do well to strive to have. Thank you, Sister Norberta for your many contributions to our region and for your wonderful example you have provided to all of us.

Shawn Yardley


BDN reviewed

I am a BDN subscriber who loves going out on my porch every morning to pick up the paper. I even welcome hearing the thump as it lands, as early at 4:30 a.m. I tremendously enjoy the wide range of subjects covered, such as the recent articles about transgender, the story of the police officer taking in the elderly couple and Camp Wigwam reuniting siblings.

I always read articles about the areas outside of Greater Bangor. I read the editorials and like the mix of opinion and love the arts and entertainment sections. I greatly enjoy the (too infrequent) food, cooking and gardening articles. I think Renee Ordway is terrific and I far prefer Marguerite Kelly’s advice column to the snarky and caustic Jeanne Phillips.

My only complaint is in the redundancy of some stories. As much as I admire the wonderfully talented and informed Emily Burnham, had I seen one more headline about KahBang or the Folk Festival, I think my head would have exploded.

And now it’s bath salts. I know more about what makes up bath salts than I do the medication I take!

And a slap on the hand to Nok-Noi Ricker whose article on Brewer and its dog feces ordinance used the word “puke.” What a vulgar term! Not regurgitate or vomit, but “puke”?

All in all, the BDN is a wonderful wake-up treat for me and I look forward to holding a real piece of paper in my hands and savoring all the day has to offer.

Aynne Ames



A Sept. 20 letter listing the results of a penny poll at the Orono Festival included a typographical error: 88 pennies were devoted to transportation spending, not 898.

Editor’s Note

Longtime columnist Erik Steele will now appear on the BDN’s Health page on Fridays in both print and online.

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