February 21, 2018
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Maine Korean War Memorial Inscriptions


Maine Korean War personnel killed or MIA, recorded by Roxanne Moore Saucier from the Maine Korean War Memorial in Mount Hope Cemetery, Bangor.
http://bangordailynews.com/browse/family-ties/BANGOR — The Korean War Memorial was erected in 1995 at Mount Hope Cemetery in Bangor, in an effort spearheaded by Burton-Goode-Sargent Chapter 1, Maine Korean War Veterans. The names of 233 Mainers killed in the war were engraved on the pagoda-style monument. A dozen more names were added later, bringing the total listed to 245. They are:

Pfc. Carleton V. Agrell, Army; Pvt. Joseph R. Albert, Army; Pfc. David F. Allen, USMC; Pvt. John A. Allen Jr., Army; Capt. Laurence E. Anctil, USAF; Cpl. Leon E. Andrews, Army.

Pfc. Philip A. Babine, Army; Pfc. Ralph V. Baker, Army; Cpl. Arthur L. Barlow, Army; Cpl. James H. Belcher Jr., Army; Pfc. Edgar L. Bellefleur, USMC; Pfc. Russell M. Bennett, Army; Pfc. Paul Bergeron, Army; Cpl. Wilfred J. Bernier, USMC; Cpl. Fred C. Berry Jr., Army; Pvt. Joseph P. Berube, Army; Cpl. Robert E. Bienz, Army; Pfc. Theodore F. Binette, USMC; Pfc. Jacques Boissonneault, Army; Pfc. Eugene R. Boisvert, Army; Sgt. Roger R. Bonin, USMC; Pfc. Lucien J. Bouchard, Army; Cpl. Ernest H. Bourassa, Army; Pfc. Edwin A. Bowden, Army; Pvt. Kenneth E. Bradley, Army; Capt. Tauno O. Brooks, USAF; Pvt. Earl W. Brown, Army; 1st Lt. Dexter W. Browne, Army; 1st Lt. Oliver E. Buckley Jr., USAF; Capt. John L. Buckner, USAF; Pfc. Edgar A. Bunker, Army; Pfc. Earl J. Burgess, Army; Cpl. Ermon R. Burke, USMC; Pfc. George R. Burton, Army.

Cpl. James E. Campbell, Army; Sgt. Robert D. Campbell, Army; Cpl. David B. Champagne, Medal of Honor, USMC; Pfc. Clayton W. Caron, USMC; Cpl. Clifton M. Carr Jr., Army; Pfc. Kenneth C. Casey, Army; Master Sgt. Romeo J. Castonguay, Army; Cpl. Charles F. Chaplin, Army; 1st. Lt. Neil A. Chapman, USAF; Sgt. William C. Clark, USMC; Pfc. Robert J. Clarke, Army; Pfc. Robert J. Clukey, Army; 2nd Lt. Joseph A. Cochran, Army; Pfc. Walter E. Cole, Army; Pvt. Wilbur B. Colford, Army; 2nd Lt. Joseph R. Collette, Army; Master Sgt. Thomas J. Connors, Army; Pfc. Herbert L. Corrigan, USMC; Sgt. Joseph M. Coulombe, Army; Pfc. Vernon J. Crawford, USMC; Cpl. Ronald D. Cushing, Army; Pfc. Donald A. Cushman, USMC.

Cpl. Joseph R. Daigle, Army; Pfc. Louis J. Dana, USMC; Pfc. Hayden H. Davenport, Army; Pfc. Edward S. Davey Jr., Army; Pfc. Byron S. Davis, Army; Capt. George A. Davis Jr., USAF; Sgt. 1st Class John G. Davis, Army; Cpl. Nicholas Davis, Army; Cpl. Jean A. Desroberts, Army; Pfc. Roger J. E. Dixon, Army; Pfc. Vernon J. Doucette, USMC; Sgt. William H. Doughty, Army; Pfc. William E. Douglass, Army; Pvt. Arthur E. Drouin, Army; Pfc. Gilman Dumond, Army; Pfc. James W. Dunham, Army; Pfc. John G. Dunlap, Army; Cpl. Edward D. Dunphy, Army; Pvt. Alfred A. Duplissis, Army; Pfc. Raymond J. Dupuis, Army; Sgt. Arthur Dussault, Army; Pvt. Marlan A. Dyment, Army.

Cpl. Harry F. Eldredge, Army; Pvt. George I. Elsworth, Army; Pvt. Stowell Eustis, Army.

Pfc. William E. Fortin, USMC; Cpl. Beverley H. Foss, Army; Cpl. George H. Foss, Army; Pvt. Colby G. Fox, Army.

Pfc. Morris L. Gallant, USMC; Cpl. John S. Gay, Army; Cpl. Reginald E. Gervais, USA; Pfc. Maurice S. Getchell, Army; Pfc. Clarence J. Gilbert, Army; 1st. Lt. Donald E. Glidden, USAF; Sgt. 1st Class Carl L. Goding, Army; Pfc. Richard M. Golden, USMC; Cpl. Clair Goodblood, Medal of Honor, Army; Pfc. Allen R. Goode, Army; Sgt. Albion J. Gorris, Army; 1st Lt. Charles W. Graham, Army; Capt. Kenneth J. Granberg, USAF; Sgt. 1st Class Earlon V. Grant, Army; Cpl. Wendell H. Green, Army; Pfc. Harry E. Griswold, USMC; Pvt. Howarth I. Guilford, Army.

Pfc. Leo J. Hadley, USMC; 2nd Lt. Roscoe E. Halliday, Army; Pfc. Robert E. Hallowell, Army; Pfc. Philippe E. Hamann, USMC; Pvt. William R. Hardy, Army; Pvt. Sylvio L. Hebert, Army; Cpl. John F. Henry, Army; Pfc. Ronald A. Herson, USMC; Airman 1st Class John M. Hickey, USAF; Pfc. Robert W. Hilton, USMC; Pfc. Weston Hinkley, Army.

Pvt. Robert E. Jackson, Army; Pfc. Ronald R. Jacques, Army; Sgt. 1st Class Roy F. James, Army; Cpl. Donald R. Johnson, Army; Pvt. Donald R. Johnson, Army; Pfc. John H. Johnson, Army; Pfc. Walter C. Johnson, Army.

Pfc. Leslie L. Kelley, Army; Cpl. Elmer B. Kendall, USMC; Pvt. Llewellyn Kenneson, Army; 2nd Lt. Frank W. Kilgore, Army; Hn. Marlon L. Killan, Navy; Pfc. James V. King, USMC; Pfc. Walter E. Knight, Army.

Pvt. William H. Ladd, Army; Cpl. John G. Lakin, Army; Pfc. George R. LaPlante, Army; Pfc. David A. Larrabee, Army; Pvt. Stanley S. Larson, Army; Pfc. Carlton Leadbetter, Army; Sgt. Adrien Lebel, Army; Pfc. Edmond D. Levasseur, Army; Sgt. George D. Libby, Medal of Honor, Army; 2nd Lt. Donald A. Little, Army; Cpl. Clifford A. Loftis, Army; Maj. Charles J. Loring Jr., Medal of Honor, USAF; Cpl. David C. Lorrey, Army; 2nd Lt. Richard F. Lucas, Army; Pfc. Earland L. Luce, USMC.

Cpl. Anthony J. Makosky, Army; 1st Lt. Dominique K. Martin, USAF; Cpl. Warren E. Mayberry, Army; Sgt. Robert H. McIntyre, Army; Cpl. Gilbert W. McKenna, Army; Pvt. Frank H. McLeod, Army; Airman 1st Class John G. McMann, USAF; Pfc. Kenneth W. Merrill, Army; Pvt. Clarence T. Meuse, Army; Pfc. Joseph E. G. Michaud, Army; Cpl. Wilfred S. Michaud, Army; Pfc. Robert W. Milton, USMC; Sgt. Victor Misekow, Army; Pfc. Horace A. Moody; Army; Major Gen. Bryant E. Moore, Army; Pfc. Philip T. Moore, USMC; 1st. Lt. Cyrus L. Morgan, Army; Airman 1st Class Joseph R. Morin, USAF; 2nd Lt. Rolland P. Morneault, Army; Cpl. James D. Mulloy, Army; Cpl. Neil A. Murray Jr., Army.

Sgt. 1st Class Richard L. Nash, Army; Sgt. 1st Class Irvine M. Nason; Army; Pvt. Rex E. Nason, Army; Pfc. Philip Norseworthy, Army; Cpl. Harold V. Norton, USMC; 1st Lt. Robert L. Norton, Army; Capt. John M. Nutting, USAF; Pfc. Alan R. Nye, USMC.

Pvt. Sigurd C. Olson, Army; Cpl. Joseph G. Ouellette, Army; Pfc. Paul C. Owen, Army.

Pfc. Robert H. Parker, Army; Cpl. Leighton Patriquen, Army; Pfc. Reginald Patterson, Army; Pfc. Claude Pelletier, Army; Pvt. Malcolm D. Perkins, Army; Master Sgt. Clarence Peterson, Army; Sgt. 1st Class Edward J. Peterson, Army; Cpl. Glendon Philbrick, Army; Cpl. Harry R. Plummer, Army; Pvt. Gerard J. Poirier, Army; Cpl. Shirley, M. Poland, Army; 1st Lt. Warren F. Polk, USAF; Sgt. William J. Poole, Army.

Pvt. Earlan V. Randall, Army; Pfc. Gerard J. Raymond, Army; Sgt. 1st Class Louis A. Raymond, Army; Cpl. Mahlon L. Raymond, USMC; 2nd Lt. Granville E. Reed, Army; Pfc. Richard E. Reed, Army; Cpl. Laurence A. Reed, USA; Cpl. Clifton L. Rice, Army; Sgt. Sumner E. Richards, USMC; Cpl. Robert J. Roberge, Army; Cpl. Kenneth C. Robinson, Army; Pfc. Reginald E. Romeo, Army; Cpl. Normand Rossignol, Army; Pvt. Harold M. Rowell, Army; Capt. Earl O. Ruhlin, USAF.

Pfc. Albert R. Sampson, USMC; Cpl. James E. Sanborn, Army; Pfc. Linwood B. Sanborn, Army; Pfc. Harry L. Sargent Jr., Army; Staff Sgt. Eugene E. Sherwood, USAF; Pvt. William H. Sherwood, Army; Pvt. Joseph A. F. Simard, Army; Pfc. Joseph H. Simoneau, Army; Pfc. Reno G. Sirois, Army; Pfc. Gerald L. Smith, USMC; Cpl. William E. Southard, Army; Pvt. Lee F. Spoffard, Army; Pfc. Oscar L. Sprague, Army; Cpl. Warren E. Stewart, Army; Pfc. Earl A. Sweatt, USMC.

Pfc. Robert J. Tait, Army; Pfc. Philip P. Tarr, Army; Cpl. Conrad W. Theriault, USMC; 2nd Lt. John E. Thompson, USAF; Pvt. Charles O. Tibbetts, Army; Pfc. Stanley P. Tobias, Army; Pfc. David K. Trembley, Army; Cpl. Richard G. Trembley, Army; Pfc. Roy F. Turner, USMC; Pfc. William H. Turner, Army.

Pvt. Donald Vashon, Army; Cpl. Joseph C. Violette, Army; Cpl. Robert J. Violette, USMC; Cpl. Richard Voisine, Army.

Cpl. Cecil A. Waddell, USMC; Sgt. Robert P. Warren, Army; 2nd Lt. Robert D. Welch, Army; Pfc. Harlan A. White, Army; Cpl. Stanley H. White, Army; Pfc. Harland N. Wilcox, Army; Pfc. Ralph S. Wilcox, Army; Cpl. Donald W. Wilson Jr., Army; Pfc. Elmer V. Wing Jr., Army; 1st Lt. Fred W. Wood, Army; Pfc. Russell H. Woodman, Army; Pfc. Richard C. Wormwood, Army; Pfc. Vance O. Worster, USMC; Pfc. Warren W. Worster, Army.

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