June 19, 2018
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Tuesday, Sept. 6, 2011: Keystone XLpipeline, voter registration

Saving the planet

With statistics from climate experts available for some time now, climate change deniers such as Alan W. Boone (BDN OpEd, Aug. 30) are really tiresome.

The Keystone XLpipeline is an environmental disaster in and of itself. I wish the government would lower the speed limit to 50 mph. Think how much gas that would save! And save lives, too.

More alternative energy and more conservation could save the planet.

Jane Sanford

Fix the error

It’s really a sad day when strong heads think disenfranchising voters is a good idea.

Please stand up against those who want to prevent people from voting by ending the voter registration at the polls. Join the People’s Veto and fix the error of the party in charge.

Bryan Wells
Old Town

Snowe right on amendment

Believing Congress, when members say they don’t need the restraints of a balanced budget amendment, reminds me of watching Charlie Brown stepping back to kick the football Lucy is holding. He trusts her, makes a run at the ball, she pulls it away and he lands flat on his back — again!

America’s national debt is about to pass our gross domestic product, and the Obama administration plans on adding another $1.5 trillion to the debt every year for at least the next decade.

He doesn’t want to cut spending, so the alternative is to raise another $1.5 trillion in taxes every year.

Something tells me that unless spending is controlled by a balanced budget amendment, everybody will be paying more in taxes — not just the fabled “millionaires and billionaires” the president keeps talking about.

I support Sen. Snowe and her leadership on the proposed balanced budget amendment issue. Fifty state governors are required to operate on balanced budgets, why not require the same of our national government?

H. Allen Fernald

Don’t call us

Has everyone noticed how all the countries that we sent aid to (Haiti, Chile, etc.) have helped us so much in the aftermath of Hurricane Irene? Of course I am being sarcastic, so I have a suggestion for all when the next disaster hits that is not on our shores — don’t call us, we’ll call you!

It is time that we took care of our own. We have fires and floods and the rest of the world says. “Oh, too bad.” Get smart, America.

John L. Clark

A healthy proposal

It pleases me that AARP has endorsed legislation introduced by Sens. Olympia Snowe of Maine and John Kerry of Massachusetts. If it is passed, the Medicare Home Infusion Therapy Coverage Act of 2011 will provide coverage for infusion therapy services, supplies and equipment under Medicare Part B performed in the patient’s home.

By allowing the patients to remain in their own homes for treatment, this bill could help reduce the risk of secondary infections. It is also expected to generate savings to the Medicare program, because the cost of providing care in an individual’s home is often less expensive than care provided in an institutional setting.

Many patients in the United States rely upon what is called “infusion” or “intravenous therapy” for their medication. Certain medications, including blood transfusions, can only be administered intravenously. Right now, Medicare only covers infusion therapy services when they are performed in hospitals, physicians’ offices or other institutional settings.

For patients who are physically challenged or who do not have transportation, just getting to such a facility can be difficult.

AARP looks forward to working with Sens. Snowe and Kerry to enact this important bipartisan legislation.

Carol Mower
AARP Maine Ambassador

Thank you, Charlies

The voters of Maine owe their thanks to Charlie Webster and Charlie Summers.

Charlie Webster has uncovered what he perceives are illegally registered voters and the misuse of state-owned vehicles by young Republicans at UMaine Farmington. He has reported these activities to Charlie Summers, the secretary of state.

This is good news. With the results of his investigation, Charlie Summers will be able to tidy up the voter registration process so that when the voters return the right to register to the voters in the referendum, we will have a much cleaner process.

Thank you, Charlies!

Ken Huhn

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