Drivers OK after scary crash at Speedway 95

Posted Sept. 04, 2011, at 11:40 p.m.
Last modified Sept. 05, 2011, at 5:06 a.m.

HERMON — Drivers Ren Dorr of Addison and Cody Brassbridge walked away from a scary crash in the Strictly Street race at Speedway 95 Saturday night.

The drivers’ cars collided, with Brassbridge’s car going over Dorr’s car, which was rolling underneath Brassbridge’s car.

Brassbridge’s car went down the front-stretch bank, but stayed on its wheels. Andrew McLaughlin of Harrington went on to win the race.

In other action, Dale Swoboda of Hermon survived a caution-ridden Late Model feature race to post his third victory of the season.

Winterport’s Shane Clark used the final lap to earn a second-place finish, passing Duane Seekins of Stockton Springs who finished third. Deane Smart of Bradley finished in fourth place, followed by Donny Blanchard of Bangor.


SPORTSMAN: 1. Steve Moulton (Holden), 2. Deane Smart (Bradley), 3. D.J. Moody (Prospect), 4. Gene Wasson (Greenbush), 5. Mike Overlock (Franklin); STRICTLY STREET: 1. Andrew McLaughlin (Harrington), 2. Jim Carr Jr. (Clifton), 3. Ryan Beale (Cherryfield), 4. Shawn Hamel II (Bangor), 5. Al Libby (Belfast); SPORT-FOUR: 1. Steve Heath (Milo), 2. Becky Elston (Carmel), 3. Keith Ogden (Dedham), 4. Chelsea Young (Winterport), 5. Bradley Norris (Ellsworth); BOMBER: 1. Emma Libby (Glenburn), 2. Ted Ryder (Carmel), 3. Darren Durrell (Newburgh), 4. Ryan Modery (Hermon), 5. Jeremy Scott (Carmel)

Unity Raceway

At Unity, Jeff Burgess of East Madison outdueled Will Collins of Waldoboro to pick up his fifth Late Model feature race win of the season Saturday at Unity Raceway.

Collins earned a second place finish while Washington’s John Rideout claimed a season-best third-place finish. Deuce Folsom and Ben Clark of Clinton rounded out the top five, respectively.


WILDCAT: 1. Maurice Young (Chelsea), 2. Carl McAlpine (Burnham), 3. Chris King (Burnham), 4. Kris Matchett (Skowhegan), 5. Ed Sleeper (Vassalboro); PRO FOUR: 1. Steve Rackliff (Starks), 2. Norm Cummings Jr. (Augusta), 3. Lance Chapman (Benton), 4. Tim Robinson (Clinton), 5. Bill Ellis (Parkman); MONSTER MINI: 1. Zach Audet (Skowhegan), 2. Greg Cummings (Augusta), 3. Richard Jackson (Charlestown), 4. Brad Bosworth (Cornville), 5. Matt Shaw (Burnham); FLYIN’ 4: 1. Brad Bosworth (Cornville), 2. Jayson Bosworth (Cornville), 3. Nate Tribbett (Pittston), 4. Kyle Robinson (Clinton), 5. Bruce Nickerson (Noridgewock); CHALLENGER: 1. Eric Peavey (Clinton), 2. Chad Folsom (Skowhegan), 3. Nate Tribbett (Pittston), 4. Kyle Robinson (Clinton), 5. Bruce Nickerson (Noridgewock); CHALLENGER: 1. Eric Peavey (Clinton), 2. Chad Folsom (Skowhegan), 3. Ken Lord (Waterville), 4. Bill Sodulsky (Fairfield), 5. Louie Stillman (Clinton); TEEN THUNDER: 1. Austin Clemons (Norridgewock), 2. Emily McAlpine (Burnham), 3. Kyle Jackson (Fairfield), 4. Derek Pariseau (Brooks), 5. Cody Robbins (Montville); ENDURO: 1. John McCarron (Newport), 2. Paul Jackson (Augusta), 3. Kersley Santos (Waterville), 4. Mika Wilson (Chelsea), 5. Mike Stowe (Waterville)


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