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Warren Smith is the best guy for QB job — for now

Posted Aug. 29, 2011, at 3:51 p.m.
Last modified Aug. 29, 2011, at 5:21 p.m.

When I started in the media business four decades ago, my words were recorded on 16mm film. After the film got souped in a chemical processing machine for a half hour, I could finally put those words into a story.

What a difference today! The wild, wild west, aka the Internet, changes everything! I type words on my computer screen and with a push of a button they almost instantly appear on your computer screen!

As I begin this blog partnership with the BDN, I will balance my thoughts, opinions and discussion ideas with that need for speed… while always remembering a few minutes of chemical souping words before transmitting can be a good thing too.


— As high school football continues to grow in Maine, Black Bear boss Jack Cosgrove could have named former Portland QB Chris Treister the starter. Just think, a Maine grown kid, in his senior year, leading the state’s Division I program every Saturday afternoon. What a storyline! But, coach Cos has been around long enough to know that ain’t how you win in the CAA. The best guy for the job is Warren Smith…for now!

— Fascinating to see the former Belichick players work in the media…Bruschi, Harrison, DeOssie, Brown…Coach Bill would barely let them speak as players but most of them are very good on air. I would love to get them in one room and tell the real story of what life with Bill Belichick is like!

— It’s about time the Webster dictionary folks added the words “walk-off” and “fist bump.” What other sports terms do you think should be added?

— David Ortiz and Ted Williams. The only Sox players to have eight seasons of at least 25 home runs. Think about that!

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Dale Duff is a sportscaster and program director at WZON radio station in Bangor and is also a former news reporter and sports director of WLBZ-TV of Bangor.


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