June 24, 2018
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Monday, Aug. 29, 2011: Religion in schools, marriage rights

God out of biology class

Mr. Charles Sykes believes that evolution denigrates God by never mentioning him (“Deleting God,” BDN Letters, Aug. 18). I wonder if he feels the same way about the U.S. Constitution, since this great document never mentions God either.

I appreciate that Mr. Sykes is concerned about what might happen to nonbelievers, such as myself, at the time of death. He need not be concerned because nothing is going to happen. When you’re dead, you’re dead: I don’t believe in fairy tales, mythology or books of fiction.

With regard to evolution, Michael Shermer sums up my attitude completely. He said: “Darwin matters because evolution matters. Evolution matters because science matters. Science matters because it is the preeminent story of our age, an epic saga about who we are, where we came from and where we are going.”

That is a good enough reason why I want my children to study evolution because they live in the space age not the dark ages.

If you want to study God, then go to church. But keep him out of biology class.

Paul Monroe

Ebeemee Township

Marriage and rutabagas

I have a few questions for Lawrence E. Merrill after reading his Letter to the Editor (“False premises,” BDN, Aug. 24).

Does he understand that regardless of whose marriages the state chooses to recognize, incest, bigamy, and bestiality will still be prohibited for reasons beyond marriage equality?

Does he understand that marriage is a contract entered into by consenting adults? (Human adults, so enough with the sheep.)

Did the women’s suffrage movement not have equality as its goal because it did not champion voting rights for rutabagas?

Was Martin Luther King’s goal other than equality because this “I have a dream” speech made no mention of the rights of rhododendrons?

Mr. Merrill writes that the constitution does not contain a right to same-sex marriage. I suggest he read Article 14 of the Bill of Rights and then ponder whether he is willing to give up his marriage rights and benefits in order to maintain equal protection of the laws.

Richard D. Simpson


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