June 24, 2018
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Thursday, Aug. 25, 2011: Scapegoating, Waterfront concerts and bottled water

Don’t blame GOP

In response to David Crane’s letter of Aug. 19: Blaming the Republican Party for all the country’s woes is getting a little old. He wants the readers to be informed; it would be nice if he followed his own wishes and was informed before writing to the editor.

The Democratic Party has been in control of two or three branches of the government since at least 2006. Democrats controlled the House and Senate from 2006 to 2010. They controlled all three branches from 2008 to 2010.

So please explain to us how the Republican Congress has thwarted Obama when his own party controls two-thirds of the legislature. In the entire two years the Democrats controlled all three branches, they never submitted a single budget or addressed the debt ceiling or immigration reform, all important items to any party.

The Republicans still only control one house of Congress, the Democrats control the Senate and the White House. Maybe all our problems should be squarely put where they belong, at the feet of the party that did nothing for years.

Rosemarie Roberts

Ebeemee Township

Why God is angry

The United States has a long history of discrimination. We seem to have lost sight of what our real issues are: drugs, greed, obesity, sloth. Yet we get stuck on prayer in schools, the words in the pledge and whose religion is right.

In the 1960s, prayer became outlawed in the public school system. When prayer was legal in the school system blacks were being lynched, segregated and discriminated against. Hitler had killed six million Jews and people thought the country was going straight to hell.

The United States loves to blame small groups of people for big problems. In Salem, Mass., it was witches. The Native Americans were blamed, the Jews, the blacks and now the homosexuals are being blamed for the moral decay of America.

Twenty-one countries allow same-sex marriage. Ninety percent of them live in peace and don’t have half the issues we do. Maybe God isn’t angry because of homosexuals. Maybe he is angry because of the hatred of them.

Homosexual families have been together for centuries. Now they want to make it official. They are not asking for anyone to go against their own belief systems.

America is falling fast and what is the platform of the Republican Party? Not drugs, not cleaning up the welfare garbage, not education, but stopping loving people from getting married. That’s so dumb.

Nancy Rotkowitz


Be tolerant of wall sitters

I would first like to thank Mr. Bob Quirk for his noble cause in charging $20 to park in his parking lot on Summer Street during the Bob Dylan concert. He had about 20 cars and the proceeds went to the Collins Center for the Arts.

However, some people choose not to buy tickets to the concert. Maybe it is due to their financial situation. Or maybe they cannot tolerate the crowds. Or maybe they just cannot stay until the end of the concert. In any case, these individuals, totaling about 25, choose to sit or stand on his property at all the concerts. It in no way interferes with the parking spots because most of these individuals sit on the wall.

Mr. Quirk decided that he did not want that. So he kicked many of these individuals off his property.

I own property on Main Street in Orono and when there is a parade I do not kick people off of my property. In fact, I allow anybody to sit in the gazebo at any time of the day or night.

Mr. Quirk, let’s be tolerant of people that may not be as fortunate as we are.

Rick Pare


Problem solved

The solution to the problem of SNAP recipients dumping bottled water to get the redemption money is very simple. Let people purchase the drinks with their SNAP card but make them pay for the bottle deposit with cash. This would eliminate the whole problem.

Clifton P. Cyr


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