September 26, 2017
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I’m the boss of this turf


On the way to Kokadjo, perhaps on Tussle Brook, photographer Dave Small captured several juvenile American black ducks with his lens. He emailed the image to the Maine-birds google list, and one woman responded, “It looks like it just got out of the dryer!” What a perfect description.

A bit beyond Kokadjo, photographer Dave Small was struck by the awesome beauty of Lazy Tom Stream with Spencer Mountain framing the background.

Lily, the free roaming farm pig seemed quite photogenic and seemed to be

saying, “Huh, I’m boss of this turf.”

The northern pearly eye butterfly and blue darner dragonfly were captured on a hike to Schoodic Head on Saturday, Aug. 13.

The white-tailed deer mother and two yearlings were caught in the camera’s view while hesitating to cross the freshly paved bicycle path at the University of Maine.

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