Newport man faces more charges after violating bail conditions, police say

By Ryan McLaughlin, BDN Staff
Posted Aug. 10, 2011, at 5:11 p.m.

NEWPORT, Maine — A Newport man who was arrested on July 29 for allegedly assaulting his girlfriend is facing a list of new charges after violating his bail conditions, police said Wednesday.

Philip Dumont, 30, who was taken to jail late last month after allegedly throwing the woman out of a mobile home door at the Gilman Trailer Park, was arrested Aug. 5 and charged with violating conditions of release, trafficking in dangerous knives and refusing to submit to arrest, all misdemeanors, Newport Police Chief Leonard Macdaid said in an interview at his office Wednesday.

Macdaid said that Lt. Randy Wing got a call from a concerned friend of the woman who was worried about her safety, and when Wing and Officer Dana Gatcomb went to Dumont’s trailer, they found the woman inside.

Dumont’s bail conditions from the domestic assault charge on July 29 prohibited him from having any contact with the victim, Macdaid said.

When the officers tried to arrest Dumont, he resisted, resulting in the refusing to submit to arrest charge, but the suspect was eventually subdued and taken to jail.

“He tried to assault [Wing],” Macdaid said.

A search of the suspect revealed he had a spring-assisted knife in his possession, resulting in the dangerous knives charge, Macdaid said. printed on April 24, 2017