June 20, 2018
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Monday, August 1, 2011: Terrorism, Obama and jobs

Cut and raise revenue

It seems clear that the American people understand and desire a long-term solution to our present debt crisis regardless of how we got to this point. Blaming is not a productive action.

Cutting spending is essential, however, continuing to generate revenue is necessary. If we only cut spending without generating revenue, long-term resolution of our debt crisis will not be achieved. It is analogous to balancing a household budget. If you only cut spending without generating revenue you may cut down on bills you already have but there will be no money to pay for the ongoing necessities of daily living.

It is not unreasonable to ask the wealthiest Americans and corporations to increase the taxes they pay to help shoulder the burden of our national debt. If these Americans and corporations are not made to contribute in this way, the ongoing costs will continue to burden the middle and lower class citizens of our country.

We need to make our voices heard and write to your senators and representatives in support of a plan that will including cutting spending but also increasing taxes for the wealthiest Americans and corporations.

Mary Tedesco-Schneck


It’s all terrorism

Last week there were two identical incidents involving buildings being blown up and mass killings. In one case, some media described it as “terrorism.” The other was described as the actions of a crazy person, a lone wolf. Why the difference?

In the first case, the perpetrator was assumed to be Islamic. In the second, the killer was described as a “Christian” who said he hated Muslims.

There are people who commit terrorist acts in the name of Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism and many other religions or beliefs.

Any act of intimidation and killing of innocent people for political purposes is terrorism, whether it’s done by an individual, a group or a government.

Larry Dansinger


Obama the hero

After Reagan’s and Bush’s recessions, history and economists must conclude trickle down theory is a failed experiment that resulted in increased U.S. debt and severe recessions as U.S. corporations and the rich used their tax breaks to waste money on junk bonds and overseas investments.

Rather than admit to any fault for these recessions, Republicans and Fox News have opted to exaggerate the debt crisis to defeat Obama even though their actions will probably create a U.S. depression. Terrorists must be overjoyed as they watch the right wing continue to do more damage to the U.S. than they could ever imagine.

Obama is a U.S. hero. He prevented a Bush depression, reformed Wall Street and health care and got bin Laden. We should follow his plan for handling the debt.

David Labrecque


Reluctant emigre

I am a recent college graduate who has moved back to Maine for the summer while I conduct a search for a full-time job. I want to vent a small amount of respectful frustration, however, with Maine leaders, leaders I respect, who repeatedly call for young Mainers to stay in state as they being their careers.

My reply to them is this: “Stay in state and do what?” While the national economic situation is far from hopeful, even before the economic downturn, I was doubtful of my chances in my own home state. While I would love the opportunity to stay here in Maine, and while I am open to a variety of possible career-starting jobs, there just aren’t any appealing opportunities.

How long will it be, I wonder, until Maine has the necessary visionary leadership to re-invent its economy? Up here, we do a lot of things right. We’re pretty independent; we do our own thing regardless of national mood swings. We take good care of our surroundings, without being obnoxious about it. We’re resourceful and thrifty and we stick together.

But we’re saddled to a state economy that is outdated and weak. We’re one of the most rapidly graying states in the nation, due to the drain of young people and the influx of retirees.

The problems have been clear for awhile.

I personally wish I could stay and contribute. But until someone suggests a viable way to do that, I have to seek a living elsewhere.

Sam Inman


Narrow religious movement

You “bring a state together,” as a recent letter writer noted about Gov. LePage’s national day of prayer proclamation, by asking all to do the best they can to help one another.

By joining Gov. Rick Perry of Texas in his National Day of Prayer, Maine, led by its governor, sets itself apart by joining a narrow religious movement with blatant political motives. The National Day of Prayer pushed by Gov. Perry and accepted by Gov. LePage is promoted by The American Family Association, a Mississippi-based conservative Christian group.

Gov. LePage himself cites Jesus and quotes the Bible in his proclamation. Contrary to the letter in the July 26 edition, it is more than obvious that the evangelical wing of the Republican party has pushed this day of prayer.

America is a nation founded on diverse beliefs, religious and otherwise. We are all free to think and pray as we wish. We do not need the state to tell us when to pray, how to pray or even how to think. When the state tells you how to think, pray or act, it is not called democracy.

Robert Tuminski


Defense blames wrong man

I am appalled to see the BDN’s coverage of the Garrett Cheney trial (“Defense eyes boyfriend in hit and run trial,” July 28). Does the BDN have to resort to hurtful and inflammatory stories? The BDN is not supposed to be a tabloid; it is a town paper and it is seen by the grieving family and friends of Jordyn Bakley.

Everyone was shocked and saddened when the defense not-so-subtly implied that Chester, Jordyn’s long-time boyfriend and high school sweetheart, was at fault for Jordyn’s being killed by a drunk driver. Defense attorney Bly, in trying to divert attention from Cheney, has caused Chester irreparable grief.

The content in the front page story is absolutely devastating and unfair. I was best friends with Jordyn and know Chester well. They were steadfastly in love and had been since high school.

I will never respect the BDN again.

Jackie McLean


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