May 21, 2018
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Thursday, July 7, 2011: Wealth, benefits and Paul Bunyan

Of, by, for wealthy

Republicans are proposing to not only make the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy permanent, but to reduce their taxes even more. They plan to pay for this entirely by taking a machete to programs that benefit the poor, elderly and otherwise vulnerable.

I consider the actions and viewpoints of this group evil. What they are planning and doing flies in the face of the Judeo-Christian heritage that has supposedly shaped modern America and its mores.

To go forth into the battle and triumph is laudable, whether that battle be in defense of your homeland or on the floor of the world’s stock exchanges. But as King David reminded his soldiers, “As the share is of him who goes down to the battle, so is the share of him who stays with the baggage.” (I Samuel 30:24, Jerusalem Bible)

Maine GOP Chairman Charlie Webster, seeking to twist the truth stated, “The Democrats want to tax the working class and distribute it to those who don’t work.” Is he saying that hard-working employed Maine people should be classified as “those who don’t work” and only those in the upper echelons of income could be considered “the working class”?

Government of the wealthy, by the wealthy and for the wealthy is plutocracy and must be avoided by those who believe in freedom, liberty and justice for all. Why, then, are sane persons, in the name of American virtue, so ardently advocating it?

Guy Bourrie

Make Democrats pay

Ben Grant, chairman of the Maine Democratic Party, listed a number of deficiencies he has found with the six-month Republican majority in the governorship and Legislature. One is his claim of “crippling the state employee’s union.” Of course he blithely overlooks the inconvenient fact that the Democratic Party, over the last 40 years, is responsible for promising the state employee union the conditions and retirement benefits.

My question to Mr. Grant is, “What happened to the money that was supposed to be set aside to pay for it all?”

As a state we find ourselves in dire straits as a direct result of Democratic stewardship to the point of being forced to scale back promised benefits that were bargained for in good faith on the part of the public employee unions. The Democrats give away the candy store with little regard for fiscal sanity and the Republicans are forced to rectify the situation or watch the state go down the tubes.

In my opinion, the Democratic Party and the individual members responsible for getting us into this mess should be forced to part with their own personal resources to supply the union with the monies that were promised. In other words, the members of the Legislature consider tax revenue as “monopoly money” and bear no actual responsibility for mishandling it except for fear of not being re-elected. I say it’s time to make them pay for their incompetence with their own personal resources.

Jerry Bono

Safety first, Paul

In recognition of worker safety during the building of the new Bangor arena, Paul Bunyan should be provided with a hard hat.

David Hastings


Thank you to Mr. Ray Perkins, Jr. of Waldoboro for his well written letter on July 4th, “Keep fireworks out.” I could not agree any more with his statements. Furthermore, I would like to add that it is irresponsible for the Maine Legislature, the governor and any citizen to present and pass this piece of legislation.

The reasons for the fireworks law in the first place several years ago were for the same reasons that Mr. Perkins, Jr. pointed out in his letter. Are we going forward or backward?

It has been said that accidents have been worse since they were outlawed in our state than other states where they were legal. I find that hard to believe.

I was at a very crowded legal public display at Morgan’s beach in Enfield once and “nitwits” threw large firecrackers among us and it was very frightening as well as disgusting while watching the controlled fireworks overhead.

Is the increase in business and sales taxes worth the doctor bills, emergency room visits, firefighters and even health of our pets?

Norman Philbrick

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