June 17, 2018
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Thursday, June 30, 2011: Crime, patriotism and religion

All the crime that fits

Here’s an idea. Why doesn’t the BDN take all its articles about crime, violence and mayhem and group them in the State section of the paper, but renamed as the Crime section. This might even increase the likelihood that the BDN will be recognized for excellence in reporting about Maine culture. The paper’s readership will benefit as well, not being distracted by actual news articles of lesser interest.

Bruce Brown


America first

As we approach this Fourth of July, maybe it’s time we all reflect on just how far our country has progressed since its founding and separation from an empire that at one time boasted, “the sun never sets on the British Empire.” Perhaps others also boasted years ago, such as the Ottomans and Romans.

Now, sorry to say, it appears our leaders are hellbent on becoming one of those former empires, only using the euphemism “nation building.” On its face, it looks like America is overflowing with altruism but when seen through foreign eyes, we appear as invaders and occupiers and, sadly to say, much of the world wonders how we as Americans say little or look the other way.

Don’t misunderstand, but it is time we as Americans took our leaders to task and concentrated on saving our country instead of every third-world country with oil and other minerals.

As a descendant of Nathan Hale, a true patriot and a decorated veteran, I will close with his sage words: “I only regret that I have but one life to give for my country.” His words “my country” sums it up for this veteran!

Frank D. Slason


A fallen, cursed nation

As I write this letter I do not excuse myself from responsibility or blame for the current conditions of America. With Christian leadership all but gone, America has little chance.

We can no longer look to most pastors for leadership. Fear of offending members or loss of tax-exempt status has kept important political and social issues out of the pulpit.

Our congregations are filled with individuals who each Sunday just want to hear a heartwarming story. We don’t want to hear about the negative issues facing our nation — just keep it short and send us home with warm fuzzies.

We want to hear only about the love of God and nothing about his judgement. We are told often about heaven but rarely about hell.

Far too many preachers have fallen into the rut of preaching monthlong series of sermons and ignoring the current condition of America. Current social and political events that effect us and our nation are rarely mentioned from the pulpit.

As a result of feel-good, prosperity preaching, our church leadership has failed us, and as a result we are seeing with great intensity God’s judgement upon our land. In Job 37 God’s word tells us that he causes the weather to come for correction or for mercy. We should consider the worsening weather trend as a warning from God. We should recognize this spring and early summer as being a curse and a warning to a fallen nation.

Joe Clement

Van Buren

Cynical, not patriotic

For years, we have all heard about the evils of tobacco. Stop for your health, stop for you kids’ sake, stop because it hurts other people, and on and on. All are valid points. But suggesting it is the patriotic thing to do (June 25 letter to the editor) is a bit much.

For years I have asked myself, “Why doesn’t the government just ban tobacco manufacturing?” Why don’t the states stop the sale of tobacco in the state?

Well, here is a pretty good guess: money. The feds and state get a lot of tax revenue from the sale of cigarettes, not to mention what our representatives get from big tobacco for voting the right way. Patriotic? Come off it.

Dick Wands

Old Town

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