May 23, 2018
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Saturday, June 25, 2011: Bail, smoking and the Bangor Humane Society

No bail

The best way to have avoided the killing of Amy Lake and her two children would have been to deny bail to the man who threatened to kill them last year.

Why did she have to live in terror for a whole year, only to be gunned down in her home, while supposedly being “protected” by the police occasionally checking on her? This is not protection, it is enabling the perpetrator.

Very simply, anyone who threatens another with a weapon should not be out on bail. Let’s please enact a new law to the effect and enforce it!

Gillyin Gatto

Wrong question

There have been a lot of letters since the tragic three murders and one suicide in Dexter last week. One letter in particular stays in my mind.

Donna and Craig Archer wrote on June 17 that if Officer Wintle heard gunshots when he arrived at the home of Amy lake, why did it take so long for the tactical team to arrive? According to the Bangor Daily News, there were many, many officers of the law arriving at the scene, and many, many things had to be taken into account.

Lois M. Farr

The patriotic thing

The new warning labels are out for cigarette packs. Here’s one they missed: Use of this product costs the U.S. $200 billion every year in completely avoidable health care and property damage expenses.

If you love your country and want it to survive, and care about your children’s and grandchildren’s future in America, you’ll quit smoking now. It’s a tiny sacrifice that will help save $1 trillion over five years.

Quitting smoking is a patriotic thing to do.

Joe Anderson

Paid in wagging tails

June 22 was an emotional day for me as it marked the end of 15 memorable, challenging and rewarding years serving as one of several volunteer directors on the board of the Bangor Humane Society.

In that time I’ve had the privilege of serving on the BHS board, the organization has opened a marvelous new facility, initiated several new programs and most importantly has saved and found “forever homes” for thousands of dogs, cats, puppies, kittens and the occasional rabbit, guinea pig, mouse, hamster, gerbil and yes even an iguana and a parrot.

None of this would have been possible without the commitment and dedication of several executive directors, a large cast of compassionate employees, the many directors who have served on the board, the countless volunteers who do everything from walking dogs to cleaning up poop and you — the community that supports their efforts with your donations. It has truly been an honor and a privilege to serve with all of you in doing good work for our animal friends.

While that may have been a sad day for me, my sadness pales in comparison to the joy experienced by an adoptive pet, its new family and the staff and volunteers of the Bangor Humane Society every time a pet is adopted and joins its new family in a “forever home.”

Keep up the good work!

Don Hanson

No fan of Milbank

On Monday, June 20, the Bangor Daily News printed a disgusting article by Dana Milbank, a columnist for the Washington Post. It was nothing more than a smear tactic against those he disagrees with. It was an extremely dishonest article.

The Kennebec Journal is a very liberal biased newspaper, I didn’t realize the Bangor Daily News was leaning that way. Very disappointing! Sad to see that journalism is just about dead.

Sheila Gibbs

Seems like a freeze-out

Any effort to decrease voter participation, on either side of the party system, has to generate questions about the motivation of the party that encourages that decrease. This move in and of itself should generate outrage by all voters, Republican or Democrat, as it goes against the basic foundation of the democratic process, which is the voice of the people being expressed through the voting process.

This process should remain as simple and as available as possible, which would obviously include registering the same day as one votes. Any effort to constrict or otherwise make it more difficult to vote, as opposed to simpler, smacks of anti-democratic thinking, disrespect for those voters who typically register the day of voting, and is reflective of those who are in power to enforce their own minority point of view down the road. (Let’s not forget that this governor was elected by a minority vote of 38 percent.)

“I got in here, now let’s keep the others out! Just take away their vote,” seems to be his attitude.

This effort to disenfranchise is a classic first step by intolerant and autocratic regimes. The ruse that it was intended to reduce the workload on town clerks won’t float — they themselves insist that same-day registration it is not a problem for them. I am appalled that any thinking Republican would even consider going along with this tea party initiative.

Nancy Nadzo

Say no to pot shops

It wasn’t too many years ago when law enforcement told people that smoking pot led to using other drugs. What has changed? Nothing, except the fact that they cannot prevent it, so they look the other way.

No one knows how to win the drug war, so the answer is to just let drug use happen. The powers that be vote against people that smoke, yet they will open a business that encourages it.

It used to be said that smoking one marijuana joint, was equal to smoking 10 cigarettes. Now they want to promote it. We do not want people to suffer, but we do not need a pot shop either. Druggies will develop all sorts of medical, pain-related problems to get some pot.

Once again Social Security and social services will take a hit from these people who have used drugs for so long that they now rely on Social Security disability, which means they will need food stamps and MaineCare. Our problems are bad enough without adding a pot shop to them.

I do not want to see people with terminal illnesses suffer, or people with other painful diseases, such as MS or Parkinson’s. Dispense pot to them through the hospitals, but only to people who have specific diseases, and not to people with invented diseases for the sole purpose of getting access to pot shops.

Carol Harris

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