Favorite places in Maine: Wyman Lake

Posted June 15, 2011, at 6:39 p.m.
Last modified June 16, 2011, at 11:04 a.m.

Getting there

Take Route 201 or Route 16 to Bingham. If you come in from the south, turn left onto Route 16 after you pass the old Meeting House. If you come in from the north, go through town and turn right onto Route 16 a bit beyond Jimmy’s Market. Cross the bridge, turn right and drive approximately two and a half miles. You will know you are almost there when you come to a series of “S” curves and can see the back of Wyman Dam.

If spending time at a Maine lake is what floats your boat on a high summer day, point your vehicle toward Somerset County and head for Wyman Lake Recreational Area in Pleasant Ridge. The 13-mile-long lake was formed in 1929 when Central Maine Power Co. dammed the  Kennebec River between Moscow and Pleasant Ridge.

The lake is rimmed by rounded ridges reflected in the surface of the lake, creating a scenic beauty that inspires serenity and a sense of the continuity of time.

The recreational area doesn’t offer many amenities, but  that’s precisely why it’s an appealing place. However, there is a ramp for launching motorboats. Canoeists and kayakers will find the lake a pleasant place to paddle.

The area is forested, making it a grand place for bird habitat, so bring binoculars. Those with a yen to wet a line will want to bring fishing gear.

Swimmers will find the lake bottom pebbly, but the water is clear and clean. The area is filled with shade, appealing to those who prefer not to fry in the sun.

And there are bathroom facilities.

In Bingham, it’s worth a stop at the Old Canada Road Historical Society Museum on Sidney Street to learn about the history of the pulpwood drives on the Kennebec, the building of Wyman Dam and the settlement of the towns in the region — Bingham, Concord, Pleasant Ridge, Moscow, Caratunk, The Forks, West Forks and Parlin Pond.