Police investigate delayed response to Winslow murder-suicide

Posted June 14, 2011, at 9:21 a.m.

WINSLOW, Maine — Police in Maine say they don’t know if a six-minute delay in responding to a plea for help from a threatened Winslow woman contributed to her death.

Police say the dispatcher who answered the 911 call on June 6 from 30-year-old Sarah Gordon mistook “Marie Street” for “Murray Street” and sent officers to the wrong address.

Soon after the call Nathaniel Gordon killed his wife outside their Winslow home. He later killed himself while being pursued by police.

When officers arrived on Murray Street and found no disturbance they realized the mistake and went to Marie Street. The Morning Sentinel of Waterville says it took officers 10 minutes to reach Marie Street.

Winslow Police Chief Jeffrey Fenlason says officials are working to ensure such a mix-up never happens again.