June 24, 2018
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Monday, June 13: Drugs Down East, inmates’ education opportunities

Parasites ruining Down East

The story about arrests in Baileyville, “Two men arrested for drugs Down East” (BDN, June 3) does not get at the root of the problem here in Washington County.

The real deal is that what we have here are nothing more than byproducts of an environment that has been festering, like a cancer, not only in Baileyville, but in all of Washington County for years, seemingly ignored by law enforcement and town officials.

These boys, whether guilty or not, are just small potatoes, and seem to be nothing more than scapegoats for the real problem. The “big fish” are the real dealers and pushers. These parasites are the real problem in Down East Maine. They are still allowed to crawl amongst us selling their wares and creating still more criminal addicts who, for the price of a pill, will rob, cheat and steal so that they may feed the fire that’s burning a hole in their soul. Some of these addicts will eventually become middlemen and runners, the go-betweens for junkies and dealers.

No, we haven’t gotten to the root of any problems here in Down East Maine, and you can bet there will be more.

David Brown

No free ride, please

Does anyone else find it disturbing that a teenager who robs a gun store, steals a car and a motorcycle, and admits to being an illegal drug user will be sent to a facility where he will learn the trade of plumbing while incarcerated? Free schooling?

Sure, let’s give him a break. If we pay for his vocational training while in prison he won’t rob us when he is released, right?

I have a child who attended college for one semester and now is working three jobs to go back to school because he has to pay for his first semester before he will be allowed to continue. What are we telling our young people; break the law and go to prison and you will have the ability to further your education without having to pay for it and have three square meals made for you and a place to sleep?

Why is it that criminals get so many perks and our hard working college kids are struggling just to get by so they can be productive citizens when they graduate? Anyone can say their child is a “good kid” or “hardworking” but it shouldn’t matter if they broke the law. Send them to prison and make them work for the state, cleaning the highways and rest areas, make them do things that will encourage them to not want to return to prison. Why should they be able to better themselves with taxpayers money when they can’t even abide by the laws?

Jennifer Barker

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