Senate supports end to Election Day voter registration

The Associated Press
Posted June 09, 2011, at 10:54 a.m.

AUGUSTA, Maine — After extensive debate, the Maine Senate has voted to join the House to eliminate Election Day voter registration.

Senators voted 18-17 Wednesday in favor of the bill. Supporters, including Maine election officials, say the demands of same-day registration flood them with paperwork.

But opponents say the bill would disenfranchise thousands of Maine residents. Democrats said that during the 2010 election, 60,000 people registered on Election Day.

The bill says the deadline for mailed registration applications or by a third person is on the 21st day before Election Day. The deadline for in-person registration is the third business day before Election Day. It also sets up a provisional ballot system for those who are eligible to vote but whose names are not on the voting list. printed on April 30, 2017