April 24, 2018
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Thursday, June 9, 2011: Memorial Day, ‘Open for Business’ and Planned Parenthood

Moving Memorial Day

I’d like to thank Lubec’s American Legion Stuart Green Post 65 for a moving Memorial Day service. It was satisfyingly moving intellectually, emotionally and physically.

Bernard Ross’s speech at the Lubec School beautifully covered the wars we have been involved in and Lubec’s contribution. Pastor Gary Look paid tribute to his father, a veteran, by song.

As opposed to many memorial programs, in which you sit and listen and sit and listen, in this one we traveled. Starting with the program at the school, continuing to the Village Cemetery and the Civil War Memorial Cemetery, and then culminating on the International Bridge, with flags carried by the Legion and Boy Scout Honor Guard, wreaths laid by the Boy Scouts, rifles fired by the Legion’s Rifle Squad, and then Taps played by Hovey Hall, it was a thoroughly moving Memorial Day.

Ruta Jordans



Sign is needed

Mr. Asalone’s June 6 letter to the editor (“Embarrassing sign”) expressing his grievance with the governor’s “Open for Business” sign is rather petty.

Maybe his life in Maine is what it should be. But what about the thousands of Mainers on food stamps and MaineCare who are without a good-paying job?

The people holding up cardboard signs saying “Homeless, will work for food,” had to let their pride go for their family. The statement that money for the sign could have been sent to a shelter? His let-them-eat-cake attitude is insulting. Mainers want to work eight hours a day. There is nothing wrong in attracting the attention of wealthy tourists who visit here every season.

The sign should have stayed where it was. When all Mainers can hold their heads high and buy their children food and clothes, then take the sign down. Then life in Maine will be what it should. The only thing Mainers should be embarrassed by is allowing partisanship to be more important than the good of the people.

Kimberly A. Mitchell



Collamore cares

I am running for a seat on the Waldoboro Board of Selectmen. Please vote for me on Tuesday, June 14.

I have the experience. I have been involved in my community for nearly 20 years. I have lived here my entire life and I know the people and their issues. Finally, I truly care about my community and all of the residents.

Thank you in advance for your support and enjoy the summer.

Clinton Collamore Sr.



Wright is right choice

On Tuesday, Hampden faces an important election for a vacant seat on town council. Having spoken with the candidates, both of whom came up my driveway to discuss their viewpoints, I encourage my fellow citizens to vote for Shelby Wright.

It is well known that the last few months in Hampden have seen considerable friction, angst and frustration over the way with which the 2010 Comprehensive Plan was vetted and rolled out. The process had flaws, and a small but (recently) vocal minority got involved and changed the course of implementation. In short, the town council is revisiting the plan to ensure broader participation in the process. This was a good decision, and the revised plan will more fully reflect the views of all constituents.

Shelby Wright offers the most balanced, rational and thoughtful approach to sensible and prudent town government. She has a proven track record of listening to multiple viewpoints, building consensus and gathering facts before making decisions. This is the type of civic leader we need at the table to move Hampden forward with a new comprehensive plan.

While her opponent is using marginalizing language, divisive tone and fringe politics, Shelby is working to build bridges. And while her opponent seems to be planning for the End Times, Shelby seeks to plan for a bright and secure future in the “community of choice in central Maine.”

Shelby Wright will be the right choice for Hampden Town Council.

Jonathan Henry



Grim Reaper reaction

So it’s OK for editorial cartoonist George Danby to draw the Grim Reaper with the late Dr. Kevorkian telling him, “I love your work” (BDN, June 7), but he doesn’t dare take the same position when Planned Parenthood receives millions of dollars for the abortion of babies.

I’m not advocating the death of anyone, but there’s a difference between someone who suffers in their life and those who have yet to live and have not been given the right to fight to live. What would the Grim Reaper’s statement be about Planned Parenthood?

Ray Bryant


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