May 23, 2018
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Monday, June 6, 2011: Milo prison meeting, a way to help veterans

Milo prison meeting

A communitywide discussion session will be held 6 p.m. Thursday, June 9 at the Milo Town Hall regarding a proposed private prison in Milo.

We hope all area residents and business people will attend to talk about pros and cons of a private prison in the Milo Industrial Park. Town tax relief and local job opportunities versus increases in town services, and the importation of “away” staff, family and friends of prisoners moving to the Milo area are major issues of debate. Please hear the issues and voice your


David Ziemer

Orneville Township


Disappointed in photo

I was extremely disappointed in the photo taken by Gabor Degre that was chosen by the BDN and published on Page A4 on Tuesday, May 31.

Of all the photos that must have been taken of people enjoying themselves and honoring our veterans at the Searsmont parade, why did a photo of a woman who appears to be disgusted and flinching, along with her daughter who had a shocked expression, have to be the one to depict what was a wonderful parade?

I want to thank all the veterans that participated in the parade and those that were unable to. It is an honor to applaud you for your service to our great country.

Carolyn Preece



A way to help veterans

Most of us will rarely meet the wounded or widows of our armed forces from Iraq and Afghanistan, but if we do we most likely feel we should do something other than just saying thank you.

There is an outstanding nonprofit foundation, rated as one of America’s Best Charities, where 98.7 percent of the donated funds go to provide education scholarships to every child of a U.S. Marine or federal law enforcement officer killed on active duty. The foundation also assists those wounded with medical and other costs not covered by government or the V.A.

These scholarships were also given to every child of a member of our armed forces killed in the Iraq invasion. Tens of millions of dollars have been raised from Americans across our country to show our appreciation for service to our nation.

Every penny donated to the foundation (formed in 1995) is accounted for by a dedicated and unpaid board of directors with only one part-time employee. The foundation is the United States Marine Corps Law Enforcement Foundation. All donations are tax deductible, and can be made online by visiting

Please join in showing your appreciation to the families of those who have paid such a heavy price to protect our families.

Carl Freeman



Democrats will be back

I am very concerned about the direction newly elected Republicans in Congress and the State House are taking.

Since January, Congress and the Legislature have considered or passed legislation that is solely designed to reverse or fracture laws that have been on the books for a long time. Laws such as Medicare, Social Security, the right to have an abortion, child labor laws, environmental laws and the “right to work ” issue.

I have worked both in organized labor and in management and I believe that I understand the specific issue of “right to work.” Unions bargain for all workers, both unionized and nonunionized. Nonunionized workers have benefited for years because of the collective bargaining. In one of my unions it was made simple: “No card, no favors.”

The Republicans better wreak their havoc while they can, as it is my opinion that the Democrats are coming back to control soon.

John Owens



Embarrassing sign

The disappearance of the “Open for Business” sign on I-95 is wonderful. “The way life should be” is the Maine state motto and Gov. LePage’s sign did nothing but represent a partisan smudge on our fine state.

The $1,300 spent by LePage’s supporters on the sign could have been sent to a local homeless shelter, or some other charity where the money could have actually helped someone instead of embarrassing the state.

Ryan Asalone


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